Gary, Keith and Ron: Mets Broadcast Team Ranks No. 4

Awful Announcing ranked all 30 major league baseball broadcasting teams and the San Francisco Giants took the top spot.  

1) San Francisco Giants – 3.46
Duane Kuiper (play by play)
-Jon Miller (play by play)
-Dave Flemming (play by play)
Mike Krukow (analyst)

Most popular grade: A (74% of voters)

Vin Scully and the Los Angeles Dodgers came in second, while the Baltimore Orioles, featuring Gary Thorne and Jim Palmer, finished third.

The Mets broadcast team had a solid showing, coming in at No. 4. Here is what they wrote:

gary keith ron sny

4) New York Mets – 2.99
-Gary Cohen (play by play)
Keith Hernandez (analyst)
Ron Darling (analyst)
-Kevin Burkhardt (play by play – select)

Most popular grade: A (57% of voters)

Analysis: The Mets had the second-most first place votes in the rankings, but also had more last place votes than any team in the top ten. Burkhardt will be heading towards greener pastures following this season, but the Cohen/Hernandez/Darling trio still was extremely well-liked without him in the fold.

By the way, Kevin Burkhardt announced that he will not return to SNY after this season. The very popular field reporter agreed to a three-year contract with FOX Sports that begins in 2015.

Kevin will serve in various roles for FOX who intend to have him cover baseball, NFL football and college basketball.

“It’s pretty crazy,” Burkhardt said last Thursday at Citi Field. “Talking about it, I can’t even believe it. It’s totally nuts. I couldn’t have scripted it any better if I tried. It has been quite a couple of years.”

He will be missed.

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  • Big Daddy D

    Our broadcast team is awesome. Easy on the ears and dramatic at the right moments…now if we could only pull them out of the booth and have Gary as GM, Keith as manager and Ron as pitching coach this team would win the 90 games they have been deemed to win.

  • Xavier 22

    “The Mets had the second-most first place votes in the rankings, but also had more last place votes than any team in the top ten.”

    WTF? More last place votes? Sounds like a bunch of disgruntled Yankees and Phillies fans voted out of spite.

  • KennyandtheMets

    I don’t think Keith wants to work every game. Ron has other gigs and doesn’t go to certain cities.

  • MyasDaddy

    Gary Thorne is excellent. When he worked for us he was very solid…and did a great job doing the NHL for espn. A great talent.

  • Christopher Hoffa

    I love in the DC-Metro area and I have to agree that Gary, Keith, and Ron are significantly better than the Nationals’ announcers. I can’t stand listening to them, as they don’t really know what they’re talking about the majority of the time

  • Gregg_B

    Can’t stand John Miller, Vin Scully is overrated, and Gary Thorne is ok, but def not as good a Gary Cohen… And Ron and Keith are the best at what they do, period!

  • Alex68

    as fans, we should be THRILLED! i get the MLB Package to watch more baseball, and guys, some of these announcers are just AWFUL!
    others are soooooooooo boring it’s not even funny, it’s like they’re sleeping in the booth… i like Thom Brennaman doing the reds and fox’ game of the week, some here and there, but we have a very special group, specially with Ron Darling in there who knows his stuff and is very analytical etc…

  • skyking26

    Vin Scully is the best but there is no better than the team of Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling. You couldn’t ask for a better team to replace Kiner, Nelson and Murphy.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    I disagree. Thorn is much better than Cohen, But we agree on Ron and Keith.

    And I definitely wouldnt call Scully overrated

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    I think I heard that the Yankees were 24th or 25th…..I was shocked, they were ranked that high. I was expecting a last place finish for them. Their team is soooooooooooooooooooooo boring to the point I tune in to Yank games if I want to take a nap. Better than Nyquil.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    I Wish our actual baseball team was ranked this favorable in real life. :'(

  • MetsfanInParadise

    Gary Thorne’s stentorian delivery has bugged me ever since he was a Mets announcer int he 80s. No way he comes anywhere near Cohen. And I hate his HR call. Kiner had the best. “Outta here” is decent but not great.

  • Gregg_B

    I think Thorne and Cohen are on the same level, but my preference is Cohen. Thorne is def not much better!

    Ever since the ’86 playoffs/ world series, Scully just rubbbed me the wrong way…. I just can’t remember why!! Age catching up I guess! 😀

  • MetsfanInParadise

    The latest power rankings i saw had us up to 12, from 21 last week. But they’re ephemeral.

  • rexmack

    It’s the one thing we’re better at then the Yankees. And let’s not even discuss those two clowns they have on the radio

  • skyking26

    Vin Scully overrated. Vin Scully has been the best there is for many years. Gary Thorne has been the voice of radio with Bob Murphy. If these guys are overrated and just ok. I hate to see how you rate Steve Zabriskie and Fran Healy.

  • FrankieMulberry

    Gary Cohen was so good for more than 20 years. He is truly a Pro. Ron and Keith brings so much experience from the field to the booth, making them as good as Tim McCarver in terms of play analysis. Kevin Burkhardt also did an excellent job on the field.

  • seldomused

    Anyone who votes Keith, Gary, and Ron in last place is clearly basing their decision on the team and not the announcers. Maybe they should restrict the voting to people who have actually listened to the broadcasting teams.

  • seldomused

    John Miller is awful. He’s no better than Francessa, and just like to hear himself speak.

  • Alex68

    Leroy, i can’t remember last time we disagree on something… Thorn is not much better than cohen. Cohen is really good, problem with Cohen, specially the last couple of years is that he too has fallen trap of this FO and has become an all time shill.
    I mean, he was really good, homerish but not as much, but then he changed a lot when this FO came on board as well. sometimes he’s just insufferable. But i really like Cohen and i think he’s really good, Thorn is better but not that much better..

  • Matt Mosher

    GKR are by far the best team.

  • Alex68

    Lol, fair enough… Matt, haven’t seen you much around here, hope all is well.
    Every time one of the real mets fan is missing i worry, you know how we got a short leash in here for speaking the truth about sandy and co…

  • Shea2citi

    Do the San Francisco fans have to spam the vote in everything?!

  • Taskmaster4450

    Vin Scully is way overrated and drones on about garbage. I havent listened much to SF announcers so I cant comment. The Baltimore team is good so I have no arguments with them. I think Enberg is good on SD games (home) although I dont like the rest of the people on there. One team I do like is the CWS of Hawk and Stone although Hawk is a total homer. What I find unique with them is there is actually silence. They limit the chattering.

    As for the Mets team, I dont like how Cohen always goes on with meaningless stats. Hernandez can also be trying constantly complaining about working. You announce baseball games for a living, stop bitching. That being said, Darling and Hernandez provide some of the best analysis out there.

    But the thrust of the ratings is correct….the Mets have a terrific broadcast team especially when compared to many others around the country. If you want bad listen to Wash/NYY/StL/Cle

  • Taskmaster4450

    Keith makes $400K and I presume Ron makes the same. Their pay is on an annual basis so it really doesnt save money for them to split their shifts up. It is more what they negotiated in their contracts and Keith was obviously able to negotiate a lot of time off.

  • Taskmaster4450

    I wonder how the radios teams would rank.

    Howie would put the Mets up there but I think Lowen would pull them down.

  • SinHalo27

    Gary, Keith & Ronnie going away- not even close.

  • NewYorkMammoths

    We can claim Gary Thorne as our own too–he was terrific teamed with Bob Murphy in the late 80s.

  • Taskmaster4450

    You mean you dont enjoy the Nationals broadcast team? Or how about StL?

  • Taskmaster4450

    Him and Palmer do a good job.

  • seldomused

    Love to see that the “Hawk” is in last place. The White Sox broadcasting team is so painful to have to sit through. Whenever I watch the White Sox feed on, it’s on mute.

  • NewYorkMammoths

    Last night, Jon Stewart was ripping on Donald Sterling and accidentally called him John Sterling.

  • So the people that voted GKR #1 have actually heard them and the ones voting them last are just doing a LOLMets. Scully #1, GKR #2 and all the rest can eff off.

  • Tim Donner

    Not to mention the fact that Buck Martinez and his sidekick on the Blue Jays TV team kept calling Mejia “Gen-ry.” Lost all respect for a team that can’t even pronounce the name of the opponent’s starting pitcher correctly.

  • You’ve heard the SF broadcaster Jon Miller on the ESPN plenty of times I’m sure. He has a nice delivery. Little too calm for my taste but he is a pro.

  • Brennaman is the best Fox national guy. The most part off of them are cookie cutters. Where we luck out with Howie and Gary is they grew up Mets fans and know so much mundane stuff about the team. Add in too former stars and they do nothing short but tell a history of the Mets and provide up to date analysis on current play. Just solid.

    Guys like Scully and Jon Miller have been around long enough that they know so much. They other announcers out there may have a nice voice but it’s obvious that their knowledge is very lacking.

  • Hotstreak

    Our broadcast team speaks for itself. How about that! 🙂 Oh wrong team wrong era.

  • Donal

    Fangraphs did this last year and GKR came in second to Vin Scully. They actually seperated the Dodger away team.

  • RyanF55

    I enjoy listening to these guys on TV, and Howie is tremendous on radio. Not so much a fan of Lewin, but he’s alright. I like what the three bring in Gary, Keith and Ron. Keith can make a 18-2 game interesting with some of the stuff he’ll say, Ron generally provides good insight and Gary is a walking baseball encyclopedia. I’m obviously biased, but listening to the Yankees broadcast with guys like fathead Kay is painful.

  • rubagreta

    That’s it? What a bargain, especially considering when a scrub major leaguer makes $500,000.

  • sarge69

    I like the fact that Keith will call whomever, Met player or not, plus some of the stuff he says you just have to laugh because you know who is saying it.

    The Nats TV crew is so bad that it hurts to have to listen to them during away games.

  • Donal

    “One guy wore a 3 piece pink metallic looking suit, seemingly more interested in how he looked than the game.”
    That is called the Don Cherry Effect. Its a Canadian thing.

  • Donal

    That and his appreciation of hot dogs.

  • Bill Buckner

    The fact that Vin Scully was not voted #1 speaks to the illegitimacy of this ranking.

  • Agee’s Catch

    They’re easily the best

  • kw_all

    The Mets broadcast team is very good, i live in Washington and cannot watch Nationals games with the sound up, the homer aspect of the broadcasters dont bother me as much as the complete lack of analysis and critical thinking. They fired Rob Dibble for questioning management decisions, the current team questions nothing and applauds everything .. it really insults the intelligence of the audience

  • Elcorazon86

    I live near San Francisco and watch the giants games regularly and listen to them on the radio. Kuiper and krukow are excellent. Even though I still think GKR are the best in the game, the giants announcers are great. The home run call of kuiper is fantastic.

  • Agee’s Catch

    You could add a guest analyst in the booth to cover the vacations these guys take. Bobby O for when Ron is away. I’d bring Rusty for when Keith is away. We could get a different perspective on food.

  • kw_all

    i like jon miller and the SF team, Vin Scully is an ALL TIME GREAT, i never listen to yankee games so i cannot speak on them.
    and hawk harrelson is funny as heck, you cannot take him seriously. thanks to god for MLB premium so i can listen to the met announcers all the time

  • Denelor

    “real Mets fans”.

    Give me a f***ing break. Who made you ultimate arbiter of what constitutes a real fan?

  • Denelor

    I’ve lived in some of these other cities with “top” teams. There’s no comparison. GKR are light years better than the others (at least the ones I’m familiar with at the top of the list).

  • piazza4aday

    it funny, I’m not crazy about Kay on the game broadcast but like him on ESPN Radio. Kay and Lagreca are better then Mike Fatcessa ever was without the Dog.

  • Denelor

    They are the worst. I can’t imagine a team worse.

    I lived in the area and I used to hate Mets/Nats games because it meant I couldn’t watch the MLB streaming version of the Met’s broadcast because any Nats/Orioles games were blacked out on the stream for the local area. I was stuck watching the MASN version. Awful. I’ve never appreciated the mute button more.

  • Denelor

    Still, it’s not like Dibble added anything to the broadcast. If I had to listen to that clown refer to the team as “we” any more, I’d have smashed things.

    “We’re playing well right now.” Blah blah. Your bad broadcasting butt is sitting in a booth. You’re not “we”. Grr. That always grated on me.

  • Alex68

    Didn’t you get the memo? It was passed around last year… I am judge and jury of real mets fans and who isn’t..

  • Metstheory22

    Big fan of Gary Thorne. Our team of announcers are very good on TV but still not sure of Josh Lewin on radio.

  • xknight

    Spamming the vote would account for the high negatives the Mets announcers received. Yanee fans cannot let the Mets be given any credit. Listen to so many of the Yankee callers to the FAN. Now Yankee haters are legion because of their success and perceptions of how they achieved it but why Yankee fans should deride the Mets is much less understandable.

  • MyasDaddy

    Lewin has grown on me. I like him a lot. At least he and Howie get along and it shows. Wayne Hagan was terrible.

  • MyasDaddy

    Agreed. Vin is an absolute treasure.

  • goorru

    What a shock there was a vote and somehow the SF Giants stuffed the ballots.

  • William Martin

    Apparently there are more than a few that do not watch this crew. All due respect to SF, LA and Balt; Gary Thorne definitely floats Baltimore up there, but these three are the best in the biz.

  • William Martin

    Much, much better chemistry with Howie than did Hagan.

  • Metstheory22

    Worst announcer Mets ever had was Lorne Brown, followed by Fran Healy.

  • Donal

    Dibble never played for the Expos. What was the “we” stuff?

  • john q

    Oh man, I forgot about “Lorne Brown”….

  • john q

    Darling is much better without Hernandez in the booth. He always comes across as very differential to Hernandez. He seems more quiet very reluctant to contradict Keith. I guess it’s partly due to the fact that he was a very young player on the Mets and Keith was a seasoned veteran back in the early 80’s.

    The give and take is much better when it’s just Darling and Cohen. Keith in Gary Cohen is a very good match up as well. Overall I prefer the 2 man booth. I’ve always thought 3 men in a booth is too much and the dynamic never works properly.

  • metsman

    Gary Cohen is the best; he ties the room together like the Dude’s rug. I like Darling but I disagree with him a lot of the time. Keith is just hilarious….I am laughing out loud *literally*(never thought I’d have to make that distinction) several times during the game when he is in th both.

  • SCarton12

    Heard them on a ST game, they are extreme homers, barely recognized the Met players.

  • Matlack

    I’m glad that I’m not the only person who felt this way. I love Keith for the player he was for us, but he doesn’t seem to take his craft seriously.

  • ArchieBellandTheDrells

    Aside from Scully not being number 1, how are the Marlins announcers not last?

  • Denelor

    Well, there goes the neighborhood.

  • Denelor

    During the broadcasts, while sitting in the booth calling the game, he’d always refer to the Nats as “We” as if he were on the team. “We’ve been playing well lately” “We need Strasburg to get an out here”. That sort of crap.

    It bothers me when people not on the team say “we” when talking about the team to begin with, even fans and on top of that the blatant homerism just ruins the call.

  • Metstheory22

    I still think Howie is better on TV than Cohen and he would bring the best from Keith than Cohen does. I enjoyed Cohen with Murphy once Murphy took to him.

  • WilponsNeed2Go

    Whoever ranked GKR last must not have ears.

  • Denelor

    Because the Washington Nationals are in the league and no crew should be considered worse than those guys. It’s mind boggling to me that they’re not last on the list.

    So mind boggling that I want to watch a broadcast of the guys that are listed lower. They must be murdering kittens on air or something. Because no group of human beings just sitting around talking about a baseball game can be worse than the Nats guys.

  • coyote521

    I live in la and have heard plenty of vin scully. He is a treasure, but he is not the top broadcast anymore. For one thing, he is the least spontaneous person alive. Every reaction is prepared and rehearsed. Okay i understand, he’s a hundred years old, cut him some slack, but it makes for a boring broadcast.
    His insistence at working alone contributes to the lack of spontanaity, and because vin does a simulcast, he has to fill the air waves with loads of silly garbage; usually drivel about players’ life stories. Whats more, he gets a lot of stuff wrong.

    Gary , keith and ron are far and away tge best.
    They combine good play by play with sharp and objective analysis, and just enough
    humor. They work well together, they are having a good time, and they make the game fun, but they alwAys keep the game in focus.

  • #4. The peoples are wrong. We’re clearly the best. 🙂

  • kw_all

    i enjoyed listening to him.

  • Denelor

    Fair enough. To each their own.

  • gameball

    Sorry—no broadcast team with Jon Miller in it rates ahead of GKR.

    Gary Thorne is a good BB voice and a great Hockey guy. I miss him on the radio for Met games.

  • gameball

    I hope for Gary’s sake the Chinaman doesn’t piss on him.

    Keith “I wasn’t talking about the hot-dog” Hernandez is always fun, even when he clearly wants to be somewhere else.

  • gameball


  • RyanF55

    Haha I agree…I listen to them over Fatcessa every day. I HATE Francessa and I can’t understand how anyone would subject themselves to hearing that loudmouth gasbag tell them that their wrong for 5 hours a day.

  • Joey D.

    I too cannot believe that a broadcast team with Jon Miller cracks the number one spot. Perhaps cracking it despite Jon Miller is a tribute to his three partners.
    When on ESPN, Miller came across a lot like John Sterling on Yankees radio, more concerned about being an entertainer doing his own shtick than calling a game seriously. Everybody has their own style with home run calls, etc., but there is a point to when the announcer tries to become bigger than the game itself.

  • SteveFromNorfolk

    Nats broadcasts have improved since last year. I live in Virginia, so when the Mets play the Nats, I’m forced to watch the Nats broadcast. Last year I would try to watch the game and listen to Howie, but the radio and TV were out of sync. This year, I have been able to watch and listen to the Nats broadcast without nausea or vertigo.

  • Denelor

    That’s good to hear. I haven’t watched them in about 2 years.

    No team, even a rival, should have to suffer what their broadcast used to be.

    Well, maybe Philly fans should..

  • SteveFromNorfolk

    I like the way Kevin calls a game, too. I’m going to miss him.

  • gameball

    Hi Joey D,

    Miller might be better without Joe Morgan, I don’t know. On ESPN he’s mostly stroking Joe Morgan’s enormous ego, which he must do because he’s not himself a HOF 2Bman. There’s really an ugly dynamic at work in those broadcasts—Morgan goes for entire innings sometimes contradicting everything Miller says.

  • SteveFromNorfolk

    That’s one of the main reasons they are so good.

  • ArchieBellandTheDrells

    yea they really are horrific too. As are the braves announcers.

  • Metropolitan

    I am not the biggest fan of Cohen but I am not saying he is the worst either ,but he is a bit of a drag here

  • metsman

    He’s good. He’s a grown man now, I remember thinking he looked like he was 16 when he started.

  • metsman

    …In the parlance of our times, that is not the preferred nomenclature.
    Keith “You know I love you ladies” Hernandez!

  • upandadam

    I like Gary, and I love Keith when he’s on (I wish he did more games), but Ronny can be a little too much of a homer sometimes.

  • gameball

    I love ya Keith, but I’m begging ya, STOP SIGHING INTO THE MIC !!!

  • john q

    Yeah, I agree with you that Howie was much better on t.v. and Gary Cohen was much better on radio. I actually like the 1-2 seasons Gary and Howie were both on the radio around 2004-2005. I guess they decided to put Howie on the radio because he looks like a fish face. And that really doesn’t on the t.v. broadcast because you never really see the announcers at all.

  • john q

    It depends with Keith, when he’s into it, he’s very good. I just don’t like the dynamic of a 3 man booth for baseball. And I think Darling loses a lot when he goes into a 3 man booth. Darling is much much better in a 2 man booth.

  • MetsFAN660

    More last place votes than any other team. No anti-NY sentiment there. What a joke.

  • Andrew Herbst

    How can any other announcer be ranked ahead of Vin Scully?

  • Duffystaub

    Another useless poll. If you don’t like NY (or any other city) in general then you will put their guys last. So who is watching all 30 TV and radio announcers enough times to have an opinion? No one. At least I hope not!

  • Duffystaub

    Fran hands down the worst. Every slumping player only needed “confidence” to get going again.

  • Duffystaub

    Sterling and Suzyn just by themselves drag the Yankees grade to F.

  • wwdwd

    Wait wat gary keith nd ron r awesome u got the number 1 fan in gary the intellgence of ronny nd the comedy of hernadez I don’t care wat any 1 says we have the best broad cast group nd kevin will be missed I love wen keith makes fun of him but in a loveable way

  • blaiseda

    I havent heard the giants broadcast team but the orioles team is great and the Mets trio is excellent. We are lucky to have them. Ive heard some other broadcast teams on and they are absolutley horriffic. you would think they were even at a baseball game the way they were jabbering on about insignificant things.
    glad to see someone actually rates broadcasters.

  • Eric Raffle

    I’d like Gary Cohen to Just Be Quiet every once in a while. He adds a good deal more than most pbp guys, but he could allow us to WATCH the game for 2 or 3 seconds at a time without talking constantly.

  • Tony

    I’m a Cardinals fan, and I think the Mets’ announcers are great. They know the game, they have interesting things to say, they don’t spout cliches, they appreciate the small details of things, they have good strong voices, and they get along. I can’t stand Suzy Yankee … Jon Miller and Vin Scully are also excellent. Nobody is a better “homer,” though, than my man Mike Shannon, on the radio! He is a throwback to the inimitable Bob Prince, of the Pirates. Prince: “You can kiss it goodbye!” Shannon: “Get up, get up, baby! Oh yeah!”