Flores Day To Day, X-rays On Finger Negative

wilmer flores Photo by Anthony J. Causi

April 29

Wilmer Flores is listed as day to day after x-rays taken on Monday afternoon came back negative. He should be back in a couple of days.

April 28

Wilmer Flores was pulled from Sunday’s game after the shortstop jammed his finger on Sunday. He was 1-for-2 with a run scored, but looked uncomfortable at the plate and had trouble throwing. He was replaced by Daniel Muno who picked up a pair of hits.

Adam Rubin looked into it and reports that the injury is not believed to be serious, however he is expected to undergo precautionary X-rays on Monday.

After a slow start, Flores has been very hot at the plate lately for Las Vegas, hitting in nine of his last ten games with a .286 batting average, a .388 on-base, and 12 runs scored in that span.

Overall, he has his average up to .250 with one homer and 11 RBIs in 20 games.

His defense at shortstop remains a work in progress and he has six errors already. A scout said that the errors were reaction errors that should get better the more he plays, sort of like we saw from Daniel Murphy when he first started playing second base.

The good news is that he has improved his range and is getting to balls he never could before, and that his arm remains as strong as ever.

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  • Deia

    You know a name that is interesting to keep an eye on, Matt Reynolds. He was 2012’s second round draft pick. Playing SS in Double A, and doing very well. Hopefully there something there.

  • Helloboy

    He looked like a player in ST. Thought he had potential with the eye test.

  • RyanF55

    Just have to be patient with this project, because that’s what it is, a project. Murphy was horrible when he took on 2nd base defensively, but he’s turned into not only serviceable, but pretty decent. Hopefully Flores can show similar defensive improvement and get comfortable. I think his offensive struggles are because he’s so focused with his defense. Get comfortable in the field, and he’ll get comfortable at the plate again. I like that the Mets are trying him out there and seeing what we have.

  • Taskmaster4450

    I hope this doesnt derail Flores for more than a couple of days. I feel that once his bat comes back, he will be moved to Flushing to replace Tejada.

  • Dave_in_Spain

    In that picture above from ST he looks a lot slimmer than in previous years. With luck his reactions will catch up to his increased agility and he´ll be serviceable at SS.

  • Deia

    Good to hear. He has also always hit in college and in prep, and plays an above average SS. This is a big year for him. I really like his chances.

  • These little injuries can easily turn into nagging injuries that drag along all year. Hopefully he’s ok, heals up, and gets back on the field. Tejada is proving to be a nice backup infielder at best. Flores could be an answer at SS. Well, we hope anyway.

  • 3doza33

    Reese McGuire was playing dh a few games before he went on to the DL for an unknown injury. They later said it was a groin bruise….. Think this is a way to keep him from getting injured before he comes to the mets? Read this on a pirates blog. This mystery is killing me! Feels like x mas eve when I was a kid.

  • 3doza33

    I wouldn’t be surprised at all if sandy pried McGuire from Pitt. He is stock piling pitchers and up the middle position players. He thinks he can turn anyone into a corner outfield, 2nd and 1st baseman… Hopefully sandy gave Pitt’s gm some of his special reserve scotchy scotch scotch like he did to the last two GM’s he dealt with!

  • Alex68

    I am sorry, McGuire?? base on what?? The trade for IKE?? Wow, just wow… again, lower your expectations… we’ll get some guy who nobody ever heard of, get lost in the minors, never make it and that’s the end of it…
    McGuire, please…. i want him too, but the mets DUMPED ike davis, they weren’t looking to get some prospects, trust me..

  • skiplockweird

    Here, have a glass of this, see the nice blue label. When you’re done, we’ll talk about players.

  • SchadenfreudianSlip

    He’s always hit. He can hit. He will hit again. The kid can hit.

  • Another full month at SS, and he will get more comfortable there, the bat will wake up, and he will earn being New York Mets starting SS going forward.

  • geecee8


    Mets will get a PLAYER when all is said and done. Thornton was theafterthought. The player to be named layer is the real cookie in all this.

  • geecee8

    Reynolds was a high drfat pick. Of course Mets are giving hima full shot

  • 3doza33

    Fingers crossed buddy. Might be a dream but I’m dreaming big!