Spring Training Recap: Marlins 11, Mets 1

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After the Mets put on a hitting clinic in Sunday’s game, when they scored seven runs in the bottom of the eighth inning to beat the Braves 8-2, they came out flat today and only managed one run on six hits.  The Miami Marlins (7-3) beat the Mets (4-6), 11 -1 at Tradition Field in Port St. Lucie.

In his first start of the spring, Bartolo Colon tossed four innings, giving up three runs on five hits and a walk, while striking out just one batter. I am sure it was not the start that Colon wanted, but he has just under three weeks to work through any kinks he may have.

Cory Mazzoni, who had a rough time on the mound in his previous game, where he allowed seven runs on five hits in just an inning of work, pitched one inning today, and allowed three hits, no runs and struck out a batter. A good outing to build up his confidence.

John Church followed and also tossed one inning, and allowed two hits and no runs, with one strike out.

In the surprise non-cut of the spring, Jack Leathersich pitched an inning, gave up one hit but it was a big one. Giancarlo Stanton crushed an absolute two-run bomb that landed in another field over the fence. Leather Rocket also walked a batter and had one strikeout.

Ryan Reid, who pitched only an inning, got raked for four runs on six hits, and one of the hits was a two-run home run by Derek Dietrich.

Scott Rice pitched the ninth inning and have up two unearned runs on two hits, with one strikeout and a walk.

In the lead-off spot today, Eric Young, Jr. was 1 for 3, and in 11 at bats so far, he has a .333 OBP. Not anything to write home about, but maybe it’s a sign that the number will continue to climb, especially since, he only had a .310 OBP last season.

The heart of the line-up today went hitless: David Wright (0 for 1, BB) Curtis Granderson (0 for 2, K, 3 LOB), Josh Satin (0 for 4, K, 6 LOB). Satin may also find himself getting a lot more playing time at first base, if Ike Davis ends up on the DL with his lingering leg issues. Travis d’Arnaud was 0 for 4, with 3 Ks.

Ruben Tejada, after being hitless in his first seven at bats, went 1 for 2, with a double and a walk. However he made another error and flubbed an easy doubleplay.

The only run for the Mets came on a sac fly off the bat of Zach Lutz to score Eric Campbell, who pinch ran for Tejada, earlier in the inning.

Coming up: The Mets are on the road on Tuesday and will travel to Jupiter to play the St. Louis Cardinals at Roger Dean Stadium, with the first pitch at 1:05 pm.

*** One of our readers informs us that this game will be shown live on MLB Network.

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  • Randolph Scott

    Just like the 3 strikeouts w/bases loaded and the kid on the runaway wagon, I knew this game was going south after the first inning …..

  • Randolph Scott

    I heard Matt Harvey yelled at Curtis Granderson today because Grandy took one of Harvey’s Wendy’s natural cut french fries without permission

  • Randolph Scott

    OK, sorry, please remove this double post, as I thought my first didn’t go thru ….. sorry, my bad.

  • Saratoga_Jon

    At this point, replace Tejada with whatever. Just whatever. Didn’t the Giants take an old prospect out of the stands for a spring training game? They could try that as long as the name penciled in to the lineup doesn’t start with Ruben and end with Tejada.

    His ceiling was scary at best and any chance of him reaching that ceiling has been crushed by the front office, fan base, and most importantly, his actions.

    Time to turn this page…

  • CJM

    You can edit it to make it say something else. I suggest: “I heard Matt Harvey yelled at Curtis Granderson today because Grandy took one of Harvey’s Wendy’s natural cut french fries without permission.”

  • Sach

    So far this ST, the problem areas at SS, 1B and even C with Travis don’t seem to be resolving themselves.

  • CJM

    Huh? Catcher? Really? Before 4-14, 2 doubles and a walk. He’s been fine.

  • Saratoga_Jon

    c’mon man, Travis looks good so far…

  • Big Daddy D

    Daniel Bryan for SS. Yes, Yes, Yes.

  • CJM

    Ruben Tejada for WrestleMania. No! No! No!

  • Sach

    Travis to myself still has a lot to prove if he can handle major league quality pitching or not but I have to admit before today Travis has looked credible enough.

  • schadenfreudianslip

    Crap. With this loss the Mets record drops to 0-0. Very disappointing.

  • HarveyKsYou

    I was the reader in the game thread who mentioned the game would be shown live on MLB Network. Noticed it yesterday when watching the Reds Angels game.

  • RS

    I think TDA will do fine.
    Bullpen may be an issue though…

  • Peter S

    His swing looks very long so my guess is he is prone to long slumps.

  • Matt Mosher

    Oh my god…I guess maybe. Just cut this clown and be done with it already.

  • XtreemIcon

    Wasn’t Ruben spending the offseason accompanying Los Matadores to the ring?

  • Mets Fan in NC

    5 k’s in a row and 3 straight when the Mets had a chance to put up a big inning….sure it’s Grapefruit ball but….

  • tierlifer

    But it’s grapefruit league and nothing more. Hard to believe that people get so worked up over it. Actually its astonishing but then again it’s not. However it may only be March 10 but in July 10 form on here.

  • Mets Fan in NC

    Generally I don’t put a lot of stock in ST results for experienced winning teams but for teams that have been doormats or non-contenders for a period of time winning builds confidence and sets higher expectations in the club house. It is a bad sign to see the Mets not look real sharp on D and their offense is still making AA and AAA guys look like Kershaw

  • Anybody who’s watched the last two games sense more criticism of the team with Ojeda in the booth? I mean like a lot more.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I found the conversation from Ojeda and Burkhardt more interesting than the game the last two days. They’ve been tackling a lot of issues and I’ve enjoyed listening.

  • Matt Mosher

    Today was the first game I watched. I noticed it.

    It’s going to be ANOTHER losing season. Hopefully GKR and Bobby keep the criticism going into September. Look, this ownership is NOT MAKING THE COMMITMENT to win baseball games. They aren’t. And they need to be called on it. At least put it out there.

  • Matt Mosher

    It’s probably more that Mets fans know yet another losing season is on the way.

  • Matt, after I posted that comment, my girlfriend brought up an interesting point. This is Burkhardt’s last season with SNY. He may be more willing to call out ownership and management than before.

  • Matt Mosher

    Good….maybe we can get a real sound byte later on in the season!

  • IndianaMet

    Yesterday Ojeda told KB that sabermetrics have to be taken with a grain of salt. Then explained that the WHIP stat shouldn’t be accepted on its own merit because the stat doesn’t tell you when the strikeouts ???? actually occur in the game, as in a pressure situation or with nobody on base and the pitcher at bat. KB just let it go. I was embarrassed for him.

  • CJM

    GKR are with the team everyday during the season. Naturally, they will not be as critical. Otherwise you get shortstops challenging you to fights on the team’s charter flight.

  • dab394

    I’m not worried about d’Arnaud yet, but I have not seen much good contact this spring. It seems like he strikes out or grounds out every at bat. He doesn’t even foul the ball back hard. Obviously, we do not see all the games during Spring Training, and he could be working on certain things, but I have not seen much life on his bat (not last season or in spring training this year). I still expect (and more hope) for great things from him moving forward.

  • Giancarlo Cruz-Michael Stanton is really good at baseball. That’s what I got form today’s game. That guy is really good at hitting baseballs far.