Proud To See How Far Dillon Gee Has Come

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Because the game wasn’t televised it looks like we all missed a great performance by Mets righthander Dillon Gee on Wednesday night against the Astros.

He tossed six no-hit innings, walked one and struck out seven, and served notice to the National League that he’s back and he’s ready.

“I felt really good out there,” Gee said. “The key is fastball command and tonight I felt pretty sharp. I felt I was throwing the fastball where I wanted to. Good way to end it.”

“I was efficient tonight. I was aggressive. I was locating the ball and throwing off-speed for strikes, and throwing behind in the count,”  Gee said. “I did everything you would want to in a game. It was a good tune-up and looking forward to opening day.”

Our opening day starter finishes camp with a 1.08 ERA and more amazing than that, he walked just one batter while striking out 15 in his 16.2 innings of Grapefruit League play. Dillon Gee didn’t back into that season opener. he absolutely earned it.

I’m so proud of how far Gee has come since his career was almost halted due to a life-threatening blood clot in his right arm that required arterial surgery in 2012.

Gee came back in 2013 and led the team with 12 wins last season, making all 32 of his starts and posting a 3.62 ERA and 1.28 WHIP. While his 6.7 strikeout rate won’t turn any heads, this control artist pairs that with a 2.1 walk rate giving him a 3.0 K/BB – second only to Matt Harvey on the team. But that’s not all.

After the All Star break, Gee posted a 2.74 ERA in 13 starts which ranked third in the NL. His 1.08 WHIP and 3.55 K/BB also saw significant gains. In short, Gee ended the season among the top ten pitchers in the league.

Rising through the ranks since being selected in the 21st round of the 2007 draft, nobody has ever mistaken Dillon Gee for a top of the rotation starter. But all he keeps doing is pitch like one.

After all the trade rumors and speculation we’ve heard regarding Gee in the last two years, I’m so glad and relieved that he’s still here. I hope this is the year where he finally gets some long overdue appreciation and recognition from the fans – especially those that look at him as trade bait. He’s a keeper.

Given all that he has done so far in his career with the Mets and what he’s had to overcome to get to this point, I tip my cap to Dillon and look forward to seeing him throw the first pitch of a new Mets season.

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  • Mark Griffith

    I was looking at Dillon Gee’s post- Break stats as well this morning. Really impressive. Only 5 SPs posted lower numbers for both ERA AND WHIP (10 starts minimum): Jose Fernandez, Andrew Cashner, Kris Medlen, Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke. Of this esteemed group, 3 have been or will be Opening Day starters. The other two can’t due to either injury or being on the same team as another on the list.

    I realize Gee gets this opportunity due to the injury to Harvey. But regardless, it is an opportunity he has earned. Can’t wait for Opening Day!

  • shouldaswung

    Gee looks like he is ready to have an even better season than last year, and we need that from him.

    2015 Rotation:


    DeGrom and Mejia or Montero can serve as depth. Colon and Niese are trade bait.

  • Sunshine

    “I hope this is the year where he finally gets some long overdue appreciation and recognition from the fans – especially those that look at him as trade bait. He’s a keeper.”
    Jon Niese
    Dillon Gee
    Matt Harvey
    Jenrry Mejia
    Zach Wheeler
    Rafael Montero
    Noah Syndergaard
    Bartolo Colon
    There are 8 starters here and 5 spots. They’re not all “Keepers”…discuss as you will

  • Gee pitched reeediculous last night!! Holy crap! Is anybody really surprised though? just think about he pitched last year?! from that Yankee game to the end of the year he was unbelievable! i am not shocked by any of this. i would take him in my rotation any day! Glad we have him

  • Sunshine

    Maybe even 3 of these pitchers are trade bait. Matz and Fulmer are up and coming too…

  • Sunshine

    Its a nice problem to have…

  • Big Daddy D

    Opening Day line-up:
    1. Daniel Murphy 2B
    2. Ruben Tejada SS
    3. David Wright 3B
    4. Curtis Granderson RF
    5. Chris Young LF
    6. Ike Davis 1B
    7. Travis d’Arnaud C
    8. Dillon Gee
    9. Juan Lagares CF

  • Mets4ever

    I like it. I realize Collins wants EY to lead off but I’m all for Lagares playing over him. I would just swap Tejada / Lagares. That said knowing TC EY will be leading off

  • igotyourbackman

    but the bullpen…

  • Big Daddy D

    I happen to like EYJ a lot and let’s face it he lead the NL in steals last year, but you cannot ignore Lagares right now. If Murph is hurt or gets moved to 1B in any capacity then EYJ starts otherwise he is a late inning guy which may be to our advantage in close games to play a guy who can steal.

  • Mets4ever


  • Joe

    Only problem with this is they may want a lefty in the rotation to break it up. So I can see Niese being substituted for Gee in our future rotation (while keeping the other guys in there you named). They basically franchised Niese with his contract too.

    Not that I agree with that idea. I think the idea that you need a lefty in the rotation is stupid. And I’ve said all last year while I got backlash from Metsblog that Gee is a much better pitcher than Niese.

  • Alex68

    I like Gee… i love the stories of the underdogs who make the majors and become good/decent players.. i will predict this kid to have 13+ wins for us this year and solidify himself as a top pitcher in the league. he’s a good pitcher who doesn’t get the credit he deserves because he doesn’t throw 100 mph… good location, good movement in his pitches, i am on the Gee Bandwagon..

  • Joey D.

    Hi Joe D.,

    “I felt really good out there,” Gee said. “The key is fastball command and tonight I felt pretty sharp. I felt I was throwing the fastball where I wanted to. Good way to end it.”

    “I was efficient tonight. I was aggressive. I was locating the ball and throwing off-speed for strikes, and throwing behind in the count,”

    That’s what we want to know – an empirical analysis rather than a statistical one to quantify his performance.

  • Joey D.

    Hey Say Chago,
    Counting on you to be a fortune teller with that one! LOL

  • Joey D.

    Hi Fearless Leader of those of us who are left from the original “core” LOL,
    And how many suggested trading Gee as they did Murphy over the winter? Isn’t there more logic to keeping the good players we do have as they are entering the prime of their careers and adding to them rather than getting rid of them for another round of looking down the road at the future?

  • Pedro’s Rooster

    Agreed. Didn’t realize he was a 21st round pick. I hope he continues to evolve, and we get to watch that evolution.

  • gameball

    Thing I like about Gee is that he’s a bulldog. Look at his 2011 season: 4.43 ERA and almost 1.4 WHIP, for a team with a suspect bullpen, and not exactly an offensive powerhouse. For a lot of starters, that equates to a losing record, but Gee went 13-6.

    I think there are times that you can read something into a starter’s W-L record, despite what the SABR guys will say.

  • RyanF55

    6 innings of no-hit baseball? Have to love that as his last start going into Opening Day. His season was completely overlooked last year and he’s earned that start….I’m looking forward to watching it in person Monday! LGM.

  • SCarton12

    Yeah all that is great, but according to Ryan55, he won’t get you the great didi gregorius, ina trade.

  • Alex68

    They’re all question marks…
    Niese is up and down, often injured.
    Gee is a bright spot, but still hasn’t put together a really good season, he’s streaky, good #3 imo
    Harvey is out
    Mejia has the stuff, can he stay healthy
    Wheeler, Control issues can make him be John Maine 2.0
    Montero, as much as i love him, he’s a rookie and you never know if the success can transalte to the bigs
    Noah, See montero
    Colon, was looking for his last paycheck and got it from our STUPID A$$ GM!

    Basically, hope for Gee to become really good, Wheeler to find the strike zone, Niese and Mejia to stay healthy and/or one of the two Montero or Noah to come up and pay dividents…
    We should learn how NOT to over value our players, it’s gotten us in trouble in the past…

  • Alex68

    I think he’s good enough to win 15 games…. he had a lot of problems facing the 3rd order of the lineup. but i can have 5 Dillon Gee on my rotation ANY DAY…

  • Chrisshea

    With the amount of young top end pitching in this org., Gee is not a keeper. He’s exactly the type of starter you trade for another team’s top prospect.

    He’s a year from getting really expensive, yet still under team control for a few years. When it’s time to deal, you pack his bags and restock your farm. It’s logical. That’s how you keep finances down in today’s MLB climate. Paying Gee over 10 million moving forward instead of a guy like Montero is insane.

  • Sunshine

    True. I don’t know why the author declared Gee “a keeper”.
    Does anyone remember spring training 2008? Jon Maine looked like a GOD among ants…and look how his career turned out.

  • shouldaswung

    I would hope that Niese’s penchant for nagging injuries and his value as a LH starter would motivate the front office to sell high on him at the break or in the offseason. Obviously, a lot depends on that becoming a reality including;

    1. Niese being healthy and productive
    2. Other pitchers performing allowing Niese to be expendable
    3. Teams offering fair compensation in trade
    4. The Mets front office pulling the trigger on a deal

    Colon will most likely go before Niese, and he has the same “depends” on him (not the adult diaper).

    I agree with you, Gee has pulled ahead of Niese as the better pitcher, and having a LH in the rotation is not a necessity.

  • shouldaswung

    Eventually, yeah. Probably not next season though. We have a lot of good pitching prospects up and down the organizational ladder and some of them are probably going to be moved in deals too.

  • shouldaswung

    Maybe Dice-k if he turns his career around at 33, also. Plus, DeGrom might be another name to throw in the mix. Heck, McHugh got us EYJ, DeGrom would probably bring an even better piece back in trade.

  • Endy10

    i think if the mets want to trade so badly (which i don’t think they do), they should look to move niese before gee. the only thing with niese is his shoulder, but teams value lefties (which is overrated to me) and he’s got the team-friendly contract

  • Endy10

    i think the thinking was that he’s shown over a couple years he can do it, in addition to showing that the injury is behind him. Obviously no one can ever be a sure thing 100%, but it’s great to have the depth when needed, and Gee is certainly a part of that. If i had to keep 6 of them (1 for depth too) gee would definitely be included:



    in that order. Nothing against Niese, i just think he’s the odd man out

  • shouldaswung

    1 EYJ, LF
    2 Murphy, 2B
    3 Wright, 3B
    4 Granderson, RF
    5 CY, CF
    6 Davis, 1B
    7 D’Arnaud, C
    8 Tejada, SS

    This is the most likely lineup except Duda may be in there instead of Davis. I actually fully support this lineup to START the year.

    EYJ has had ONE full season of playing time, and that was split between two different clubs/stadiums. Give him a chance to play himself into our leadoff hitting plans or super-sub back-up plans.

    Tejada has NO business batting anywhere above the 7 spot. TC probably ruined him by batting him leadoff last year. Give him a chance to turn it around with less pressure. Same thing for TDA. Let him learn the pitching staff while batting him in a spot he can be productive in with little pressure.

    Lagares, unfortunately, will probably have to play his way into a starting spot (or a starter play their way out). Right now, EYJ’s potential at leadoff is needed more than Lagares’ overall potential. I have a feeling that Lagares will be a starter before the end of the season.

  • Endy10

    i think eyj can be used as a super sub too and get maybe 4 starts per week, if the mets do it correctly.****** B/w 2b and the OF i could see him getting a few starts while each of the others get a day off each week. especially with how much collins wants to play him, he could at least find a way to do it effectively while not excluding others who should be in the lineup

    ******-mets don’t usually do things correctly

  • Endy10

    if the mets gave gee a deal similar to what they gave niese then i don’t think he’d be that expensive. Also, i think keeping gee in the rotation is just as effective as keeping a lefty to give teams another look. the mets by next year should have at least 3 power arms in their rotation, so having a control/changeup specialist like gee is nice to have imo.

    I don’t think he’s a must-keep type of player, but i think there’s a spot for him going forward (or there should be)

  • Alex68

    Lol, well, i wanted Murphy traded because i felt we could’ve cashed in on his best season and plug Flores in there who is more capable to repeat those numbers.. however, i had forgotten how AWFUL of a GM we have then realize keeping murphy is not a bad idea…

  • Zalmen

    Greig Maddux was the same type of pitcher
    Great controll
    Good movement
    Heart of a lion
    91-93 MPH fastball
    Won 355 games
    Won 5 CY awards (or maybe 4)
    Made it to the hall of fame with 97%+ of the vote
    COME ON!!!!!!!
    Gee is not Maddux and never will be right?
    Just pointing out that Gees talents can make a Maddux never said anything about Gee!!

  • Sunshine

    He’s more like Rick Reed (who I really liked as a Met) than Greg Maddux.
    Interestingly enough back from 1998-2000 game announcers often compared Reed to Maddux.

  • Joey D.

    …. and it took another member of the “core” to do it. See, we are open minded on the very, very rare occasion we get it wrong LOL

  • Joey D.

    Hey Say Chago,

    Congratulations on the dinner. What is the honor for and am sure it is well deserved.

    I’m very touched that you decided to give a speech on BS. As you know, most all us Jewish people hold a special place in our hearts for Barbra Steisand. 🙂

  • Joey D.

    Hey Say Bro,

    No Chago, what you did was something special – a very brave act that many of us would not have found the courage within ourselves to do under the same circumstances, believe me. You could have done what I probably would have – cut out and call the police on a cell phone from a safe distance

    Yes, it is obvious you have the confidence in yourself and in your abilities to take such action when it’s simply a matter of so many of us just not being prepared in the same way. No doubt we all would want to take action but we’re not cut out for it and the fright we have overpowers us.

    So don’t be modest – you risked your life that night for others you did not know. You were not being paid for it. You were not looking to feed an ego trip. You just felt it was the right thing to do.

    So If that does not make you someone special, then I do not know what does.
    And I hope the next time someone tries to lecture you on what is wrong with your thinking, I hope they remember this conversation and the goodness that you had already shown so much before.

    Bet you’re getting kind of misty right now, as the great philosopher Maynard G. Krebbs would have said. 🙂

  • Joey D.

    Hey Say Chago,

    Getting to know you, my friend, and figured you’d do anything for free eats!

  • Joey D.

    Hey Say Buddy,

    Those all you can eat buffet restaurants still have the look of fear in their eyes whenever they see me coming through the door.