MMO Fan Shot: Time for David Wright to Pull a Kobe

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 An MMO Fan Shot by Schneck

On Wednesday, Kobe Bryant was quoted as calling out the leadership of the LA Lakers for failing to create a winning mentality. He even went as far as to name names and pulled absolutely no punches. Some may say that this was out of line as they are paying him a lot of money, but what exactly does that mean? You bring a guy in and pay him a lot of money as part of a plan to win many games. If you have your marquee guy but do little else, who has more leverage but that marquee player to discuss the situation? Obviously, nobody is happy with their lack of success and if Bryant spoke the company line, it would lack credibility and do nothing to help the situation. By speaking out, he puts extra pressure on his team to change the mentality and get something done.

This brings me to our Mets. The closest equivalent that we have to a Kobe is our captain, David Wright. When he signed his deal, he says there was a conversation that convinced him that the Wilpons and Sandy Alderson had a plan that was going to produce a winning team within a reasonable amount of time. One can certainly argue how ‘reasonable’ should be defined but forward motion would be a key component.

When we hear things about bank imposed salary caps and see piles of evidence that these caps may have indeed shaped many decisions regardless of denials from ownership, it is hard to imagine that this is the path that was presented to Wright or what he would have expected. Unless something radical happens in the next two weeks, throw in a third straight season of declining payroll and a reluctance to spend a dollar more to fix two glaring holes. Was that part of the plan too?

Most fans are smart enough to have figured out by now that neither Ruben Tejada nor Ike Davis are reliable major league players and they are not the caliber of players that one puts on the field when they are trying to build a long term winner. Last season, the Mets’ production from from those two ranked last in the majors at their respective positions. If fans can see that, so can Wright.

All of that said, our captain chooses to always tow the company line. Alderson makes a proclamation that the team will win 90 games, and yet instead of asking aloud how the team proposes to that, there is David Wright the very next morning backing up this 90 win prediction for the 2014 season. And for good measure, Wright then shared his own roadmap to a 90 win season with the group of reporters. It all seemed so orchestrated.

After that, I began to realize that despite all that’s happened over the last few years, you’d have to search pretty deeply between the lines to find even one occasion where Wright was truly critical of our ownership and management. Instead he’s always been in lockstep with them.

I truly believe that Wright would have nothing to lose and everything to gain by calling out ownership for their lack of progress toward the goals laid out in their Plan from several years ago when they talked about the future and why he should remain a Met.

As the team’s leader, like Kobe, he should accept nothing less than a full commitment to winning with no limitations. Fans would rally behind him and appreciate him putting the team ahead of the image and maybe it would set a tone that works its way up the ranks.

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