Mets Reassign Syndergaard and Montero to Minor League Camp

syndergaard montero

Newsday reports that Noah Syndergaard and Rafael Montero were reassigned to minor league camp on Tuesday morning.

“It’s always disappointing when you get a taste of being in the big-league clubhouse, getting the treatment like a big leaguer gets, and then you’ve got to go back over to the minor-league side where things aren’t so glamorous, ” said Syndergaard. “So that’s kind of disappointing,”

Syndergaard, the Mets top pitching prospect, had a 5.19 ERA in 8.2 innings this spring, striking out 10 and walking five. Montero had a 3.00 ERA in nine innings, striking out five and walking two. Neither were expected to make the team’s roster out of spring training, though both are likely to play a role during the 2014 season.

Righthander Joel Carreno and infielder Brandon Allen were also reassigned to minor league camp. Catcher Juan Centeno and righthander Ryan Reid were optioned down, too.

Despite his elevated ERA in camp, Syndergaard impressed with a dominating fastball and mature poise. The spring performance built on a superb 2013 campaign split between Single-A and Double-A. He posted a 3.06 ERA and 1.14 WHIP and struck out 133 in 117.2 innings last season.

Montero doesn’t have Syndergaard’s stellar repertoire, but possesses exceptional control. He split the 2013 season between Double-A and Triple-A, striking out 150 and walking 35 in 155.1 innings. He notched a 2.78 ERA and 1.10 WHIP in 27 starts overall.

I thought this was a good move by Sandy Alderson, coming on the heels of Terry Collins asserting that Montero was being considered as a bullpen option for the Mets to open the season.

When Collins told reporters that, I actually speculated that Alderson must have gulped upon hearing his manager make such a preposterous claim. Now the decision has been taken out of Collins’ hands only 48 hours later.

We’ll see both Montero and Syndergaard later this season when both are ready to contribute, and safely past the Super 2 cutoff.

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  • Metstheory22

    No surprise with both being sent down, probably until June. Dice K and Lannan probably make team until then.

  • The argument can be made where if they showed a commitment to winning they would at least allow one of them to stay up, but the business argument for this makes sense whether they are broke or not.

    Take Jose Fernandez, because the Marlins started him at the beginning of the season, those 24 innings that he contributed will cost the Marlins a year of control and a higher salary payout. Just doesn’t make sense to do it.

  • AJF

    Bridgeport Bluefish


    Former MLB veteran Scott Maine will join Bluefish for 2014 season

  • oleosmirf

    I don’t think Montero will have to wait until June. Unlike Noah, he’s already made 16 starts in AAA so he’s farther along development wise.

    Obviously the Mets will prefer to hold him back, but if a long-term need arises in May, I don’t think the super-two deadline will prevent them from calling him up if he’s the best option in AAA.

  • Biggle Boy

    In addition to Thor, Montero is a guy who should be kept away from the trade rumor mill – lest injury or bad pitching by Dicey Dice-K and Long Man Lannan turn our starting rotation into grist for that mill.

  • Hodges14

    Pitiful organization. 2014 is officially another in the series of throwaway seasons.

  • Hodges14

    What if the Marlins lock Fernandez up before then? or what if they trade him before then?

    Just put the best team on the field. If you win the stadium will be full, revenue will come back and none of this will matter.

  • That’s right. If the need arises the Mets can have him up by mid to late April.

  • Vin

    Funny about taking the decision out of Collins’ hands. Sadly necessary, but still funny. I’m starting wonder if he and Warthen will make it through the next 2 years.

    Was hoping Reid would do more to contend for a BP spot. Thought it was going to be a strength and he’d be right on the cusp, but it’s been weak and he’s heading to AAA.

  • metsfan79

    Id trade montero or zach for a russel.or my favorite idea send Tda to arizona for owings send famila and someone to seattle for franklin move murph to first and now your infield is set for a while even with cheapo wilpons

  • It’s only a month and a half. Tickets aren’t going to sell unless they actually start winning consistantly long term and it has zero to do with who is on the mound. 2 examples from last year. Our hero the Dark Night attendance:

    Apr 19 Harvey v Stras Friday Night attendance 26,675
    Apr 21 Gee v Zimm Sunday Day attendance 26,226

    Aug 6 Mejia v Bettis Tue Night attendance 27,198
    Aug 7 Harvey v Chacin Wed Night attendance 27,581

    Players on the roster are not affected by long term ticket sales, especially pitchers because you can’t buy a ticket in advance knowing who will start. It can effect day of game sales but since the Mets aren’t winning they are not getting that boost right now.

    All bringing up Thor and or Montero does is force the team to have to doll out 5m+ to each pitcher a year earlier and they lose a year of control where they can go to free agency.

    I want a mantra of going for every win possible too, trust me, but there is no business sense for any team to risk super 2 on players like them. Those 1-2 month’s that Thor and Montero can be up will not give the team enough money in return to justify the move.

  • Hodges14

    We don’t even know if the next CBA will have the same rules on arbitration and free agency.

    There’s no way that a team that is serious about winning 90 games leaves spring training with Lannan AND Dice-K on the pitching staff.

  • RyanF55

    This has everything to do with talent/fielding the best possible team possible and nothing to do with finances or delaying arbitration right?

  • Metstheory22

    I did say- probably. I can see them using either Lannan, Mejia and maybe Torres before calling up Montero if the need a spot start or two.

  • If you click on an individual tweet you will see the word “details” right next to the time stamp. Click on it and copy the link into the comment and you can embed the tweet.

  • It also has to do with development and not rushing prospects the way this organization has in the past.

  • Hodges14

    Joe D. You don’t think Montero or Syndergaard are ready to face major league hitters? Neither one?

  • So does that make the decision of saying screw it we will just do whatever the right thing or is the responsible action to abide by the rules while also knowing what the agenda is for possible changes and to make decisions accordingly?

  • Hodges14

    Especially since the future rules are unknown the right thing to do is put the best 25 man roster together that you possibly can and try to win. It’s professional sports, they are playing for money, you try to win.

  • And if they are playing for money the examples I provided above demonstrate that they would lose money if they brought them up before the super 2.

  • RyanF55

    I don’t see how much more Montero can develop…Montero had a 2.78 ERA last year and a 3.05 ERA in Las Vegas of all places. Syndergaard is right there also. I understand the development argument, but I’m not buying it. This is 100% about delaying their arbitration for a year and nothing else. If Montero comes out and pitches to a 0.14 ERA and averages 14K/9 in Vegas, the Mets still wouldn’t bring him up. It’s about money, not about development and being ready IMO.

  • Can’tAnybodyHereWatchThisGame

    That’s actually very insightful. Thanks for posting this.

  • Hodges14

    The most ironic part of all of this is by the time any of this matters for these guys a new CBA will be in place and may or may not have the same rules as now.

  • Just_Da_damaja

    No quotes from Montero on the demotion?


  • gameball

    Although directed to Joe D, here’s my $.02:

    Syndergaard can get his early-season innings in the PCL—I have no problem with delaying his promotion until mid-season.

    Montero? He’s 23 and threw 155 innings last year, including an impressive stint in the toughest pitching league in the minors. He should be starting the season in the Mets’ rotation—there is no good excuse for any more futzing around with this kid.

  • Just_Da_damaja

    development = letting Thor refine his changeup in the minors
    being cheap = playing with Montero’s arb time
    being cheap = playing with Tejada’s arb time in Sept
    being cheap = playing with TDA’s arb time last spring
    being cheap = not signing a mentor to back up Mr. Glass ( TDA)

    this org has shown itself to be more cheap than prudent.

    sorry if our faith in the guys in the front office is a lil shaken

  • Charley’s Twin

    I’m going to go read about Jimmy Rollins and Ryne Sandberg to cheer myself up.

  • Hodges14

    So you are saying that the best chance to win is to demote Montero and Syndergaard and go north with Lannan and Dice-K. Well, that’s your opinion.

  • JRB74

    “We’ll see both Montero and Syndergaard later this season when both are ready to contribute, and safely past the Super 2 cutoff.” You could have written a more succinct sentence by leaving out the words “ready to contribute, and.”

  • Hodges14

    being cheap = playing with TDA’s arb time last spring

    Which completely blew up in their faces when he was injured in an meaningless minor league game. So now they have a 25 year old catcher who they still don’t know if he can cut it in the majors. That’s player development lol.

  • Captain America

    Why is that a shocker

  • RyanF55

    ESPECIALLY if Niese starts on the DL. I don’t want a 4 man rotation, I want Montero and or Mejia in the rotation in his place.

  • I did not say that. Stop deflecting and understand that from a business perspective your viewpoint is flawed.

  • Just_Da_damaja


  • Joanie Yan

    What’s the point of Spring Training if we just end up with the same lousy team as last season?

  • Captain America

    Agreed. Read he is soft spoken

  • PessiMets

    i think that is true with thor, not so much with montero. they also want to keep thor’s innings down this year. but the super 2 is definitely the main reason he won’t be up till June/July

  • Hodges14

    It’s all part of the plan. Dice-K and Lannan are going to miraculously become great major league pitchers this year.

  • PessiMets

    both of them should be SP and not in the bullpen!
    they both should be in aaa to start (its probably going to be in the20s at night during the first home stand the way this weather is going.

  • DrDooby

    There´s a difference between being “ready to face major league hitters” and being in a position to maximize ones potential and fully prepared to succeed.

    I´m pretty sure that Syndergaard and Montero could more than hold their own in the majors right now. Just like Zack Wheeler could have held his own in early 2013 and Matt Harvey could have held his own in 2012.

    Mike Pelfrey held his own at times in 2007 and 2008 – but probably wasn´t fully equipped to succeed.

  • oleosmirf

    but they certainly wont promote him just for a spot start. If they need a SP for one game only its gonna be someone else.

  • Just_Da_damaja

    What if the Marlins lock Fernandez up before then? or what if they trade him before then?

    Just put the best team on the field. If you win the stadium will be full, revenue will come back and none of this will matter.

    YUP !!!!

    Doesnt look like the Braves regret starting Jason Heyward at age 20 in April 2010…

    or Freddie Freeman at age 20 in Sept 2010

    Did we play that nonsense with David Wright and Jose Reyes?

    NO !!!!

    we signed them to extensions that bought out their arb years and some free-agent years…

    you wanna make the decision on whether to punt or keep a player, after about 10 years…

    first 6 years, then the next 4 you buy out at a discount…

    if he starts at 19-22, then he’s 29-32 when he hits free-agency…

  • oleosmirf

    It still works out to the same thing in the end. If they lock him up, it will be to a larger contract than if he had an extra year of control and if they trade him it will be for a lower return since the new team has him for one less year.

    The only way it ever makes sense to forgo these dates is if you are playoff contenders and the prospect is a clear upgrade over your other options (see Castellanos in Detroit)

  • Just_Da_damaja

    we played with ike’s arb date in 2010.

    by 2013 he was a non-tender candidate

    please type less and listen more

  • SRT

    I thought the current CBA is in play through the 2016 season.

    Thor, Montero will make their debuts before then.

  • Mets4ever

    Please don’t tell me that both Valverde and Farnsworth are making this team

  • Taskmaster4450

    “being cheap = playing with Tejada’s arb time in Sept”

    Oh really. How did they do that?

    Didnt Tejada’s salary go from $500K to $1.1M in arbitration?

    Please deal in facts.

  • gameball

    Pelfrey is a bad example. He may have been rushed, but despite his early difficulties he had his “AHA” moment in 2010, and as far as development goes, he should have been able to build on that success and justify the Mets’ treatment of him.

  • Hodges14

    Well I don’t see it that way if Dice-K and Lannan make the roster. The Mets are paying a pretty heavy price right now.

  • How’s Centeno looking?

  • Hodges14

    There’s absolutely no doubt they were screwing with Tejada’s service time.

  • Hodges14

    yes, they will make their debuts before then barring some injury in the minors but by the time they arb eligible or free agent eligible the new CBA will be in effect.

  • Just_Da_damaja

    Tejada was the final September callup by the Mets last season, being promoted on Sept. 10, a move that left him one day short of a full three seasons of service time in his MLB career. He is considering a grievance over the timing of that promotion.

    Tejada already would be arbitration-eligible this year as a Super 2, but one more day of service time would allow him to become a free agent after the 2016 season instead of waiting until 2017.


  • Hodges14

    Well on one hand you have the GM stating that this is a 90 win team, then on the other hand he isn’t putting the best possible team on the field. Is he trying to set Collins up to be fired? If so, why did he give him an extension? There are nothing but mixed messages coming from this franchise.

  • Hodges14

    These are the things that are important to this franchise. It’s incredibly unfortunate because they play in one of the few markets where if they were to win the revenue that would result would make all the rest of these issues moot.

  • Hodges14

    Don’t forget Lannan, Dice-K and Torres.

  • You are absolutely correct. Long term winning demonstrates a high revenue stream for the franchise. It will take at least 2 years of strong wins before attendance will rise consistently. Remember us fans that go to these blogs are the extreme minority of the fanbase that contribute money. They need that family of four from CT to make a visit a few times a year to get strong revenue back. That family will choose to do other things unless there is that winning buzz hitting them on TV and radio and at the water cooler.

    Again that is why from a strict business decision they will make more money (or lose less) by keeping Montero and Thor down until after Super 2.

  • PessiMets

    yet this is a 90-win team

  • And that is surprising to you how? Instead of listening to what fools like TC or Gods like Sandy say I look at their actions. Actions provide more proof of their direction.

  • DrDooby

    Montero´s slider and changeup are far from fully developed. At least if you believe he has the upside to improve those pitches.

  • Hodges14

    Their actions show a team that is intentionally looking to dump another season.

  • Or a team that prioritizes keeping the Wilpon’s in ownership over producing a winning product.

  • Just_Da_damaja

    never started one game in ST.

    hit .284 off some pinch-hitting.

    Centeno’s probably gonna be looking at some hot chicks in vegas til Mr. Glass breaks his wrist making love to himself or goes into Ike Davis first half mode.

  • Just_Da_damaja

    So is Noah and Wheeler and Duda …

  • Just_Da_damaja

    Silence is golden


  • Montero speaks Spanish and has maybe a 15 word English vocabulary.

    When we were there Sunday and in the Mets clubhouse, one of the directors saw David and said. “Oh good you speak Spanish right? Please go speak to those players over there, nobody ever talks to them.”

    Of course we did. We always do.

    We’re not there on weekdays, but we’ll be back on Friday, Sat and Sun.

    We’ll also be travelling with the team when they go on road to play the Twins on the 23rd.

  • Just_Da_damaja

    “Of course we did. We always do”

    I am sure that you do, that was directed at newsday and partly at the mets themselves.

    for asian players there is an investment in a translator…

    or latin players, not so much…

    im wondering why?

  • Skip

    Can I go with? Im tired of this north east weather. Im good at carrying bags, spanish not so much…

  • DrDooby

    This. Besides that, it´ll be a lot easier managing innings in Las Vegas than in New York.

    And so far, the top SP prospects under this FO have generally received 30+ starts at Double A and Triple A combined (Harvey 32 and Wheeler 38).

    Montero has made 27 starts there, Syndergaard 12 so far.
    That sets up Montero to be one of the first callups once a SP is needed after April 21st and thus after getting 1 extra year of team control and Syndergaard for a July debut after the Super 2 deadline.

  • DrDooby

    If they were to open 2014 in the majors, they´d be “Super 2” eligible for 2016. As it is, they won´t be “Super 2” eligible until after 2016 and thus in time for the new CBA.

    However, odds are, that free agency and arbitration rules won´t be severly altered in the next CBA if past CBAs are any indication.

    Eliminating the QO problem figures to be high on players agendas.

    And just because the existing system expires after 2016 doesn´t mean that it should be ignored.

    As it is, there are good reasons beyond finances to keep both Montero & Syndergaard in AAA to open 2014. Two years ago, both pitched most of their season in Low A Ball so they have risen through the system at a very fast pace anyway.

    Not having Mejia on the staff is a much bigger issue to me.

  • WilponsNeed2Go

    Don’t underestimate Collins’ fanatical loyalty to his veterans in spite of all evidence to the contrary.

  • Hodges14

    I´m pretty sure that Syndergaard and Montero could more than hold their own in the majors right now.

    Can you say the same for Dice-K, Lannan, Torres, Farnsworth and Valverde? They all have a good likelihood of making the team.

  • El_Verdadero_Presidente

    I remember a few years ago, Carlos B was being interviewed over the winter – at home, in Spanish. He was asked about Sandy, and another site whose name I won’t mention translated his answer as “It makes no difference what I think.” I interpreted it as “It’s not important what I think.” Notice how the whiny edge disappears.

    Mr. Conde is a great and welcome resource, and I hope you’ve got the $ to ship him all over the place this summer.

  • WilponsStinkLessNow

    Montero should be up at the beginning of June. How much more time does he need? But he probably won’t be up until mid-July because the team cares more about money than winning.

  • trevordunn


  • DrDooby

    Montero should be kept at AAA through April 21st to gain an extra year of service time. After that, he should be up whenever a rotation spot opens due to injuries or ineffectiveness. Whether that´s April 22nd or July 22nd.

    With Syndergaard, the odds that he might become real costly real quickly are a lot higher than with Montero. At the same time, he is less advanced and has a far more difficult IP cap (roughly 155 vs. about 185 with Montero). It makes no sense to bring him up before mid / late June and thus the Super 2 cutoff under current rules at the earliest.

  • DrDooby

    And don´t underestimate the hands-on approach by this front office regarding all questions regarding who is on the roster and Collins´ lack of say in these decisions.

  • DrDooby

    Can´t see Farnsworth making the team based on the results and how poor his stuff has looked thus far.

    Valverde seems to be in line to be Latroy Hawkins´ replacement as designated late inning veteran / leadership provider.

  • DrDooby

    No, odds are Syndergaard and Montero would outperform Dice K and Lannan / Farnsworth today.

    However, is an extra win or two in 2014 worth sacrificing both one year of extra team control in 2020 AND – most importantly – worth the risk that Syndergaard & Montero have a lesser chance of reaching their ceiling due to aborted development time.

    Would Mike Pelfrey, Jenrry Mejia or Eddie Kunz have become better pitchers with a proper development path instead of being rushed into action for a team looking to win short term ? We´ll never know. And Mejia´s career may yet be salvaged. But at least for the Mets, the more recent track record of pitchers being rushed to the majors isn´t all that good.

  • I would love to sit in on one meeting with Terry and Richie; just one. I mean the stuff Terry asserts has to come from somewhere right?? And if it’s not the front office, then there’s no way he pleases them when he decides to hold court and share ridiculous theories and ideas. This is like a bad marriage; everyone keeps turning a blind eye, failing to communicate with one another properly, and just keeps on looking out for themselves. Yup. It’s not going to end well, it almost never does when you reach this point.

    That said, I’m happy for the kids. Maybe they can learn some winning ways away from Terry. And maybe come mid-season Terry is gone and they can come up and be their awesome selves.

  • SL

    Let the John Lannan era begin. A bad franchise is a bad franchise.

  • BMac

    I would rant about almost every single they do being dictated by finances but I have been calmed by the proclamation from both Mr. Alderson and Mr. Wilpon that we are a 90 win team. I sleep better, eat better, treat my family better etc…….ever since I found out we are a likely playoff team. Life is good. Come on people, you too can feel good. The Kool Aid is good and comes in many yummy flavors. Abandon all rational thought and drink up.

  • Hodges14

    What aborted development time? What else do you expect Montero to develop? Why can’t Syndergaard continue to learn in the majors, especially for a team that has a little pressure on it as the Mets?

  • Hodges14

    I think the league has a major problem from a competitiveness standpoint when owners like the Wilpons and other small market teams feel like they can gain an advantage by not fielding the best team possible.

  • 2rings

    Daily News reports that next year NS will be limited to 180 innings, so that means if all goes well and no injuries, he will not be able to complete a full season in the Bigs until 2016.

  • R04

    You just dont quit with this crap. Post less.