Granderson Is Kind Of A Touchy Feely Guy

During today’s game against the Cardinals, I almost died laughing when Curtis Granderson singled and then upon settling in at first base, he proceeds to start grabbing and patting down first baseman Scott Moore.


Apparently, Granderson and Moore played together in the Detroit Tigers minor league system a few years back, and this was just Granderson’s way of telling Moore how much he missed him. And by the looks of it, Moore doesn’t seem to mind it one bit. 

Not for nothing, but I think Grandy is going to be so much fun to watch this season. 🙂

(Animated GIF by CBS Sports)

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  • Timothy Rosegarden

    At first I was laughing, and then I got increasingly uncomfortable the longer it went on.

  • alex

    I was watching earlier with my girl and we were loving it !! I love it how much fun theyre having so far in camp! Even iin yesterday’s intersquad game it looked like they were having a great time when Murphy walked and put his hand up in the air like he just won the World Series.. its just great to see. Looks like theyre a close group and thats key to having fun!

  • NewYorkMammoths

    I don’t think Richie Incognito even did that.

  • BehindTheBag

    Curtis will do anything to protect the queen from a would-be assassin. I like that in a player.

  • 🙂 That is too funny.

  • Randolph Scott

    “Hey, you wanna see my impression of a doctor giving a proctology exam in the dark?”

  • Rocky Thompson

    There is always risk in signing a FA to a big contract, BUT Granderson will help the Mets so many non-statistical ways.

  • Taskmaster4450

    Why wasnt he fined and benched? -J.R. Smith

  • Macdaddy

    Reality check…albeith a very slight reality check…but remember it is still just a game. Competition is always key but if given the chance to F with someone…and someone I am friends with…oh count me in. 162 game season is long and doing with 24 strangers you don’t like…you tell me how that will workout. You need guys like this…as I would say…if you need someone to take the presure off go find McDowell, Heap, Orosco or Backman.

  • WilponsNeed2Go

    He was just checking Moore for ticks…

  • AJF

    That was pretty funny I think Met fans will appreciate Granderson a lot more then Yankee fans I won’t be surprise if he becomes more of a team leader then Wright and that is not a bash at Wright

  • Schnitzer’s Marble Rye

    Not sure if this has been posted on MMO yet — but c’mon the dude should be the clear cut 5th starter. Seeds or baseballs, Lannan and Dice-K just don’t have Mejia’s command.

  • That’s awesome, give Mejia the job!

  • metFAN660

    I love this guy! I admit…I didn’t want them to sign him, but I think he’s going to be a joy to watch. The Grandy Man Can!

  • BarnRat

    And give him credit, he hits every part of the strike zone

  • Andrew Herbst

    I love the way Grandy plays the ways and his attitude.

  • sperry

    Usually have to pay extra for that kind of action

  • Keith’s stache

    ala Leslie Nielsen

  • BigAl831


  • DrDooby

    Granderson seems like an intelligent, well spoken and easy going person with good leadership skills. He has also enjoyed a lot of winning throughout his career and hopefully can bring some of that spirit & expectation over.
    Of course, he ain´t perfect and probably hits around .245 but with the most consistent power the Mets have had since the days of Carlos Delgado.