What David Wright’s Victory Really Means

I have a confession to make.

I didn’t vote for David Wright as the Face of MLB.


I said it. Wow, that feels good to get off my chest.

I will be honest, when I first caught light of this “contest” it was when one of our own writers Tom Watson, posted his displeasure with the effort the Mets PR team was putting forth in support of Wright.

Now to me, I totally disagreed with Watson, because it’s just a silly little contest and I think putting that much stock into some intern who probably is getting paid in college credits to post on twitter is a little over the top for me.

But, I did get Watson’s view. He’s frustrated with his team, and when you see the pomp & circumstance over something so insignificant, you wonder where the effort is in things that matter, like I don’t know, the roster?

So, when Wright was up against Kershaw, I didn’t think much of it to be honest. Again, a silly little Twitter contest to me.


But, I began to notice my twitter feed was blowing up with support for Wright. Wright needed a comeback, perhaps even a CLUTCH performance by Mets fans to come from behind and defeat Clayton Kershaw. The fans came through.

Then, when Wright was up against King Felix, I thought – “well the fan base will probably be too (internet) exhausted to get him through to the finals.”

But, they weren’t.

Then it was Wright versus Eric Sogard in the finals – which at this point, anybody who thinks this contest isn’t about how much time a team’s fan base spends on Twitter is confirmed. Still, that’s okay. The point of the contest is really to measure which team’s fan base is the most active and supportive on Twitter.

The idea that Eric Sogard could be the “Face” of Major League Baseball is laughable.

So, the contest while probably labeled wrong, does still mean something.

The media shouldn’t take note of the results, Terry Collins shouldn’t take note of the results, and David Wright shouldn’t really take note of the results, except to thank his fans.

wright wilpon aldersonBut the Wilpon’s should take note.

What this contest means is that this fan base is still very much alive, and eager to have something to cheer for. It means that in spite of the last few years, the fan base in many ways is ready to believe again.

The Wilpon’s need to take note of this contest, and understand that while Mets fans do love their team unconditionally, people who are still in love, still get divorced.

So if you voted, and if you voted often – kudos to you for stepping up and showing the baseball world that in spite of recent events, you still support your favorite team, and through that support you have expressed high expectations for the team, in the very near future.

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Michael Branda grew up a Mets fan watching the mid 1980's teams and his favorite Met of all-time is (and was) Wally Backman. When it comes to sabermetrics versus old school thinking, he's in the middle and believes adopting new ways to get answers is helpful, especially when the old way has not produced results.
  • I tweeted enough for 100 people.

  • Edited to delete my comment which was much too long and thought out for a contest where Eric Sogard is in 2nd place for the face of the MLB.

  • Sunshine

    Unfortunately all this will teach the Wilpons is that you can be a 74 win team and still be relevant on some level.

  • ThatGuyWhoLeavesComments

    Why didn’t you vote for Wright? Just curious.

  • BehindTheBag

    I feel bad for Sogard, he would have been a great face for baseball.

  • Charley’s Twin

    Nope. This doesn’t mean anything. At all.

  • I am a big Wright fan but I just wasn’t interested in this contest. I ended up voting via retweet a total of 2 times. Both last night. One that I could not ignore from a child fighting cancer and one that was funny due to SaltyGary reaching his retweet limit.

    Personally I am glad this is over. It was just too long and was killer in my timeline to have to filter through. That said what this showed or rather reconfirmed was that yes, there is a large, active and passionate Mets fan base on social media that are proud fans of the Captain, David Wright.

    Still, I am not looking forward to this contest again in 2015.

  • Bromancer

    The happy loser as face of baseball. This is so cool. Maybe we can have games end in ties now too.

  • Brian D.

    To be honest, I’m just glad it’s over. I was getting tired of my Twitter account getting spammed with pictures of David Wright all day long.

  • metsfaninparadise

    I wouldn’t have voted even if I did Twitter. It’s the height of stupidity. But now that he’s won I’m glad our fans outdid all the others and I hope it’s the start of something big. You know, playoffs, MVP, stealing some of the back page headlines from Jeter

  • So what are you trying to say? That you weren’t very happy with all my David Wright retweet campaigns? Lol

  • This^

  • jessepmmo

    Are you asking me? My reasons are as follows

    #1 I had no real interest in the contest
    #2 If I had to pick a “Face” of the sport, it wouldn’t be Wright, it’s Derek Jeter. Denying that would be silly.

    Jeter, Miggy, Trout, Kershaw, Yadier, and McCutch if he replicates 2013 are the true faces of the sport right now.

    That’s not a knock on Wright in any way.

    But for the purposes of what the contest showed our owners that our fans are eager and excited about the team and looking to support something worth supporting says a lot.

  • Erin_II

    This article pretty much lines up with how I feel about it. I did vote for him, multiple times, over the weekend, but stopped despite it being on both of my twitters non-stop. It just got a little over the top for me. Not as much as it did for Tom Watson, but I can definitely see his view. Worry about winning games as much as you worry about petty little PR BS, like this. And I definitely share the sentiment of being ecstatic that I don`t have to see it on my twitter all day, any more

    Congrats, Captain, now cut down your loopy swing again, and drive some damn baseballs. Thank you.

  • Bromancer

    Sucking sucks, but it used to be fun. Sucking without a soul is torturous.

  • sperry

    See I think the Wilpons are already very keenly aware of that fact. Take a look at the attendance numbers over the last 15 or so years. They were up in the late 90s and early 2000s, dropped in the lull years after, and came roaring back from 2006-2008.

    They know the fans will always be there. This is New York. And it’s why they felt no pressure over the last few years. They know as soon as the team picks up again, you’ll see a packed stadium.

  • Bromancer

    Not that I lost any sleep over it, but I’m not happy with anything that feeds into our marketing trumps product paradigm.

  • Alex68

    What David Wright’s Victory Really Means”
    The highlite of his career? maybe? i know he had that hit in 2006 against mariano rivera, but i think this’ll trump it…. congrats though, he’s a nice kid and could be a good ambassador for what the MLB is trying to do with charity and stuff…

  • Alex68

    I didn’t realize this is yet another garbage article by one of the worst writer the site has…

  • Ha! You must be a hoot at giving Wedding speeches. Yeah so and so married a **** but he deserves to have someone and be happy. 🙂

  • Erin_II

    Alex doesn`t seem like the type of guy that people would want to have at social functions, or who knows, maybe he is only miserable when he`s on the internet, and in real life, whistles and skips around all day.

  • Rob

    Good article, Mike. You made a lot of valid points about Mets management taking note.
    It’s also nice to see I’m not the only baseball fan who paid no attention at all to this “contest.”

  • jason bay

    Certainly beats getting the cougar vote out.

  • Endy10

    Personally I thought this whole thing was kind of stupid. If you need to have a vote to determine who the face is, then it’s probably not going to turn out the way you want it to. If the Mets were a winning team, then this would have worked out perfectly. But the Mets haven’t had a winning season since 2008, so saying the best player from that team is the face of the league seems a little silly. If I had to choose one face of the MLB right now i probably would have gone with Kershaw because he’s one of if not the most dominating players, and we don’t need a vote to figure that out.

    Anyway this just shows me the Wilpons care more about face than actual production from their team. Not to mention it’s also going to give them another reason to raise prices and/or lower the amount they spend (“You’re paying to see the face of the MLB! It’s worth it, we promise!”) Wright is definitely the face of the Mets, I just don’t think he’s the face of the MLB.

    Hopefully the Mets surround him with some better players soon so the face of the league can actually play some game when they count the most

  • Biggle Boy

    I not only hope Wilpon notes how many Mets fans are engaged with their team, but also that he puts David in the best possible light as “The Face of MLB”. That means doing what’s necessary to help make David’s NY team a winner.

  • Endy10

    I know he has a history, but I think Alex’s point here was how this is basically a meaningless victory if wright doesn’t win anything on the field. It just looks kinda silly if the face of the league is on a perennial loser you know?

  • Denelor

    This comment makes me sad that they removed the counts from the down vote button.

  • mad met

    Not cool dude. Down vote on this one.

  • WillisReid

    It means Tom Watson’s head probably exploded in a fit of pointless rage. Which I’m totally cool with.

  • Just_Da_damaja

    u mean the game-winning double off Mariano in June of 2006 ?

  • jessepmmo

    This has nothing to do with the Wilpon’s. I fail to see why people are looking at this MLBNet sponsored contest as a reason to dump on the owners or the franchise for merely supporting one of their own.

  • WillisReid

    Only fitting then, that you would comment on it.

  • jessepmmo

    thanks for reading and commenting!

  • I could care less about the contest. But as always, cheers to the fans.

  • LongTimeFan1

    There are a lot of opportunists here who never cease turning things into a Wilpon this or that to promote their agendas.

    David Wright was voted in as Face of MLB because baseball fans across the country recognize a star player who is also well respected as human being. However ridiculous this contest appeared to be to some, the voters here and across the country voted in a truly deserving representative on-field and off.

    If my fellow Mets fans don’t have something new to whine about regarding our team, there’s a subset that go out of their way to nitpick even something as feel-good as this harmless MLBN contest. It’s our guy, and the country’s guy, Captain America, who got the nod. For whatever it’s worth, tip your cap and enjoy.

    And to the whiners, rest assured there will be plenty opportunity over the next 7 months to do what some of you do best.

  • Metsaholic

    I agree. I could not care less. Congrats to DW and his loyal fans.

  • BigAl831

    So you’d also not be okay if Joe Mauer or Giancarlo Stanton or Andrew Mccutchen or Mike Trout were voted as the face of the franchise?

  • Taskmaster4450

    Who is Eric Sogard?

  • BigAl831

    Yeah. It’s not just Mets fans who voted for this guy. Interview any other sports fan, analyst, writer, player, manager etc and you will not hear a negative word said about the guy. It’s not just how he plays, it’s how he carries himself.

    I wish more Mets fans understood that guys like Wright really aren’t that common and it’s pretty cool he’ll likely spend his entire career in orange and blue.

  • RyanF55

    I despise the Wilpons but none of this was their doing…it was an MLB sponsored contest. The goal? Publicity. The result? Publicity. Look no further than the comment thread here, good or bad. People are talking about baseball, and that’s what they want. Wright as the face of the MLB is cool, but it obviously doesn’t make me forget about the team’s issues. Individual awards aren’t that uncommon for this team….Reyes as the NL Batting Champ, Dickey winning the Cy Young, etc. None of it matters though when you win 74 games.


    Pretty meaningless, except recognizing the high quality reputation that D Wright has earned over the last nine years. Kudos to Mr. Wright for being and adamant professional on and off the field and maintaining a low-profile, respectable reputation amongst players, fans and people in general. Not easy to do in NYC. Ask Harvey.

  • Sunshine

    Its a silly contest. MLB doesn’t have any one sngle face. The face of Baseball is someone like Jeter, Cabrera, Pujols, Trout, etc. Wright is worthy of mention, but the face of Baseball? No.
    Naming Wright the Face of MLB would be like naming Mitch Richmond the face of the NBA during Michael Jordan’s prime…

  • Tad

    The MLB literally had to rig the voting for David Wright to win this:


  • Endy10

    i’m not entirely sure what you’re asking, unless you meant “would I not be okay if one of them won face of the mlb”

    if that’s what you’re saying, i personally would be okay with mccutchen, or trout. They’ve been to the playoffs, as has mauer, although he hasn’t been anything close to the face of the league the last few years. Face of the twins, yes but not the league.

    It’s obviously a subjective debate, but I just don’t think it’s something to be proud of if this is wright’s main achievement (other than the all star appearances). But he’s never won a MVP award, he’s never been to the world series let alone win it, he hasn’t been to the playoffs since 2006, and that was his only appearance. That to me is not the face of the league.

    If I had one pick, based on performance the last few years, I’d say Trout or Kershaw, based on the face that they’re young and they’ve been dominant the past few years. Again, it’s a subjective debate and a vote on twitter most likely wouldn’t have done it justice. But that’s just my two cents. Who would you have chosen instead and why? Or why is Wright the best choice?

  • Endy10

    It’s fine that they support Wright, but it’s not fine that they go out of their way to endorse him, when they choose not to do the same with the team. And you’re only kidding yourself if you seriously don’t believe the wilpons will leverage the hell out of this into their marketing plan.

    I guess the point I was trying to make (through a not so thinly veiled shot at the wilpons) was focus on the team first and then focus on this stuff. It just seems silly to me to promote this if wright and the mets aren’t winning on the field. What does that make him the face of then?

  • beers22

    This contest was annoyingly stupid, but good article though.

  • skyhappysal

    Sogard likely had a similar spike though – corresponding with when people got off work/got home and checked their email advertising the voting. This type of spike is pretty common for these things.

  • Derpy

    Why do you think it was MLB and not literally anyone else on the planet? It costs dollars to get people in south east asia to vote on things. Last I looked, it was like $7 to get, what was it, 10,000 votes? So for $100 you could throw the whole thing out of wack. For all we know, Fred Wilpon spent his pocket change on it. Hell, it could have just been some kid in NYC who thought it would be fun to blow his video game money on it. Meh, no good games this month, I’ll rig David Wright.

  • Steven

    Exactly, no one knows besides A’s fans. I don’t no either fyi.

  • Anthony Schifano

    The victory means that that’s the only meaningful victory the Mets will have that season, and that’s sad. This is what everyone gets excited about now?

  • Joey D.

    Hi Michael,

    Really do not know if one could take a correlation of the amount of votes David got to infer high support for the team as it high support for the individual or that this translates into high hopes and expectations for the future.

    If I was into these things I’d be clicking away for David at record pace despite my feelings about the ownership, the general manager and my disgust about this organization catering to the fans with money to burn. Wouldn’t change my feelings one bit. And who knows, maybe some would have liked to retracted their vote(s) after David came out and tried to add credibility to the company line about a 90 win season.

    It was a promotional contest by MLB that also could have provided value in marketing research with all the information about us available on the internet today via a click of the button.