Baseball Prospectus Ranks Mets System 8th

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Baseball Prospectus released their Organizational Rankings on Wednesday, and the Mets came in 8th overall. That gives the Mets their second top ten ranking this year after Keith Law ranked them 6th earlier this month.

Here’s some of what BP had to say about the Mets system:

“Solid blend of pitching and positional talent, ranging from high-risk/high-reward types at the lower levels to safer high-floor prospects nearing the major-league level.”

“The Mets will likely graduate four of the top five prospects in their system, but the helium from low-level talents like Rosario, Molina, and Meisner could keep the system holding strong in the top 10 in the game, despite the graduations.”

It’s great to see the Mets farm system get the respect it deserves. Two top ten rankings is nothing to sneeze at, especially from an organization that was near the bottom just a few years ago.

It’s also great to see the depth our organization has accrued, especially in the form of high-ceiling starters and relievers. The system is filled with intriguing prospects from the upper levels down to the lowest levels. A great deal of the credit has to go to Sandy and his staff as well. Although they inherited some of these players, they’ve also done a commendable job of adding talent via the international arena, the draft, and through several trades.

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  • HarveyKsYou

    We were tenth last year.. So some solid improvement.. Though one team went from the mid 20’s to the teens.

  • dnotch

    Now use some of that depth to get a SS that will be a long term solution – especially if Sandy expects to win 90 games this year:

  • Matt Mosher

    Baseball America has them at #10, so there’s three top tens.

  • Benny

    If Sandy really expects to win 90 games, then he better go out and upgrade our SS position by either trading for Chris Owings or signing Stephen Drew.

  • Tlagee

    So let’s see, this is Sandy’s fourth off season. He has spent all this time gutting the team and trading away real major leaguers, all stars, a Cy young winner, a probable hall of famer in his prime, we’ve had years of crap baseball and it’s an accomplishment that a couple of baseball nerds believe that our minor league system is in the top ten?

    I guess that’s fantastic news.

  • LoL, “Line In The Sandy” talk about a back page headline grabber. The Daily News know how to do them. 🙂

  • bostongregg

    …with all of those “stars” that Sandy traded away were we even sniffing a World Series? No. So what should he have done with no money to spend? At least now we have some hope.

  • Peter

    Uh yes, because Harvey , Wheeler, Syndergaurd, Montero, D’arnaud, Lagares, Flores, Black, Mejia, Famillia, and the other young pitchers and position players will be the ones who build a core to help us win. See StLouus, Tampa, and so on, they will also be under control for the next 6 to 8 years meaning at a decent salary as well. Wait a second, does that also mean they can use the prospects as trade bait to fill holes and gain an impact player if available via trade? Why yes it does, you are obviously not a baseball nerd.

  • Fonzie

    Good to see you back. I rarely agree with you but I was wondering where you’ve been.

  • Fonzie

    We weren’t even sniffing 500, let alone a World Series.

  • DrDooby

    It was a top heavy team with a bloated payroll, lacking depth at both the major league level and in the upper minors with no significant prospects in sight, the core group of players merely under team control for between one & three more seasons that had finished below .500 in back-to-back seasons and had just lost their ace SP to major shoulder surgery.

    Oh, and an ownership group fighting off bankruptcy and the financial collapse of their entire empire in the wakes of the Madoff fraud and being overleveraged with their Mets entity.

    That was the starting point. Alderson inherited 4 stud players – two about to become free agents. He traded two for maximum return (Dickey & Beltran),wasted a chance on getting real value back for Reyes – maybe because of bad luck, bad planning, bad owners or all three reasons – and kept the best bet among all 4 to perform at his current level in 2016 and beyond in David Wright.

    Ultimately, Alderson will be judged by wins on the field at the major league level. The turnaround has to start in 2014 with a .500 season being the baseline.

  • ThatGuyWhoLeavesComments

    What were we accomplishing with all those “real major leaguers”? Oh. Nothing. Some times you need to make a change. Ask the Red Sox about making changes.

    Also, who was the “probably hall of famer in his prime” Sandy traded?

  • ThatGuyWhoLeavesComments

    Well said.

  • DrDooby

    The Mets have one of the deepest groups of prospects in the majors along with the Astros. What seperates them from the top systems for now is the lower total of consensus elite prospects at the top of their system. Of course, over the past 2 seasons the Mets have also graduated three former Top 50 in Baseball prospects who could end up as frontline SP in Harvey, Wheeler and Mejia. That’s probably tops among MLB teams for that short span.

    They still rank this high because of having a well above average number of young high upside prospects at the lower levels, plus a deep pool of likely major leaguers at the upper levels behind their frontline group of prospects. This is a very encouraging sign. Not only will this give the Mets a very good chance to win in the majors shortly but also a very good chance to sustain success once it’s there.

  • Taskmaster4450

    You really do not understand how this works do you?

    Spend Spend Spend. That is the limit to your comprehension.

  • Taskmaster4450

    What do you expect with a bunch of players in their walk years, no talent at the upper end of the minors, and a bunch of AAAA players?

  • mynewdisqusname

    Beltran, though “in his prime” is probably a stretch.

  • ThatGuyWhoLeavesComments


  • mynewdisqusname

    Certainly he wasn’t at his 06 level but did something like .270/30/100 the year after he was traded which is All Star caliber. Of Course, his defensive prime was long gone by the time he was exchanged for Wheeler.

  • ThatGuyWhoLeavesComments

    Only the “in his prime” part is in question.

  • The Minors?? I am very excited about. The lottery tickets only go up in value because of the sheer critical mass of promising young prospects we have. That said…it still is always more about the MLB team. And right now…they worry me a whole lot.

  • Hotstreak

    Dick Morris said Romney would win. Do we believe Sandy?

  • Adam

    Hey. Nerds are *awesome*.

  • A Broken clock is right twice a day.
    Do you like baseball?

  • Hotstreak

    This is a snarky remark which deserves no reply,. Have a nice day,

  • I gave you what you wanted. You make an analogy that makes no sense and follow it with a question you don’t want the answer to.

    I replied accordingly to what you was looking for. Not a discussion but a silly exchange. Don’t complain cause you finally get what you was looking for from me as opposed to the silence I always give you.

    Speak your mind without the silly analogies if you want a reasonable reply next time or don’t and do as you always have. Either way maybe just maybe I might reply some time before the year is out.

  • Hotstreak

    MNJ you perceive yourself as the tolerant fair minded individual who is sick of negativity. At one time the CORE did personal attacks and maybe your posts had merit. You did not adapt to the changed environment where you are the one doing personal attacks against a specific person deemed a right wing nut to keep the political analogy going.
    I pick the Mets for 78-80 wins which I will round to 81 to have hope of .500 but 90 wins is over hype and just as bad as negativity. I repeat: The over-hype is just as bad as negativity. I had constructive dialogue with two anti_CORE members and maybe I can add you to the list. I try to be fair and balanced but again I am not perfect. To be candid neither are you.

  • Fonzie

    You’re preaching to the choir.