Baseball America: Mets Rank 13th in International Spending


Eloy Jimenez, of, Dominican Republic

On Tuesday, Ben Sadler of Baseball America shared the estimates of what every major league team spent on international amateur players during the 2013 calendar year.

Sadler explains the process:

The time frame overlaps multiple signing periods, including the second half of the 2012-13 signing period in which Major League Baseball gave every team a $2.9 million bonus pool, as well as the 2013-14 signing period, which began on July 2 last year and had teams begin with tiered pool spaces based on reverse order of major league winning percentage from the previous season.

The spending estimates do not include players who are exempt from the bonus pools, like Asian or Cuban players who are at least 23 years old and played at least three seasons in a foreign professional league, including White Sox first baseman Jose Abreu, Dodgers infielder Alexander Guerrero or Orioles outfielder Dariel Alvarez. Cuban players who do fall under the bonus pools, such as Indians righthander Leandro Linares and Reds outfielder Reydel Medina, are included.

Since comprehensive, accurate financial data on players obtained from Mexican League teams (like Rangers pitcher Edgar Arredondo) is difficult to obtain, the data excludes Mexican League signings, although Mexico typically only accounts for a small percentage of international spending each year.

With how big scouting has become in the International market, it is interesting to see just how much each team has spent in their pursuit of the next big star. The Rangers and Cubs, the leaders in the spending spree with over $8 million dollars each, are nearly $4 million more than the next closest team. The spending spree by the both clubs shows that they are each going to do whatever is necessary to make sure the talent pipeline is stocked for the future. The Mets have done well in their pursuit of the next international star by spending $3.18 million dollars, and even though it is much less then the top 12 teams on the list, it still looks good that they are involved in the growing market.




1 Rangers $8.42 million
2 Cubs $8.22 million
3 Dodgers $4.48 million
4 Indians $4.25 million
5 Red Sox $3.98 million
6 Astros $3.86 million
7 Royals $3.61 million
8 Mariners $3.58 million
9 Twins $3.49 million
10 Reds $3.47 million
11 Rockies $3.38 million
12 Diamondbacks $3.18 million
13 Mets $3.13 million
14 Giants $3.00 million
15 Blue Jays $2.95 million
16 Rays $2.83 million
17 Padres $2.73 million
18 White Sox $2.65 million
19 Nationals $2.64 million
20 Pirates $2.58 million
21 Brewers $2.54 million
22 Marlins $2.53 million
23 Phillies $2.46 million
24 Yankees $2.45 million
25 Braves $2.40 million
26 Cardinals $2.30 million
27 Tigers $2.28 million
28 Athletics $2.10 million
29 Angels $1.83 million
30 Orioles $1.23 million

(Photo: Baseball America)

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  • Matt Mosher

    The real takeaway is simple. The Cubs and Rangers mean business. The rest….meh.

  • Hodges14

    None of this matters if you win on the field. The spending becomes the focus when you lose year after year after year because it portrays the perception that you are not trying to win.

  • RyanF55

    I don’t know what to take away from this beyond the Rangers and Cubs doubling the spending of other clubs in the IFA market. It’s good to see the Mets actually in the top-half of the league in anything related to spending. There is certainly incredible talent in the Carribean/Southeast Asian areas of the world, so tapping into that pool makes sense. That said, the Mets refused to put in an offer to Aldemis Diaz so they aren’t that aggressive on that front. I don’t care where the talent comes from, just acquire it. I believe a ton of credit has to go to Minaya for strengthening the international presence.

  • Metfan9876

    For sure. And it seems to be working considering all of the talent that the Rangers seem to produce year in and year out..

  • Metfan9876

    True. But I would still like to see the Mets spend a good amount of money in the IFA market because it seems to work well for the Rangers (They don’t have to spend quite as much, obviously ).

  • Hodges14

    I’d never criticize them for spending. I certainly wouldn’t be offended if they fielded a $200M team that won 97 games. On the other hand I won’t be offended if they field a $100M team that wins 97 games. Just do whatever you have to do to win and all the other problems go away.

  • DrDooby

    Of course, they won’t be allowed to sign any player to more than a 250 k bonus this upcoming year as a penalty. So there’s also a downside in exceeding the cap…

  • Name

    And in a shocking twist, the Yankees rank in the bottom half of the barrel in spending…

  • Matt Mosher

    Right….but last year’s class was very highly regarded. They know how to play the game.

  • jason bay

    I think you meant to say Abreu the first basemen/DH who signed with the ChiSox. Diaz is not eligible to receive offers until Feb 19th.

    I have no problem not signing Abreu as we already have a good chance to be league average at 1B once we sort everyone out for the last time and that might also mean that we have grown some value in who loses the position to help address other needs. Even if none of them work out !B is the easiest position to find someone because players last a lot longer at 1B due to the low athletic requirements of the position (relatively speaking) It is also the position that moves the fastest through the minors as long as the bat is there and we do have five current candidates plus a bookmark in Boyd and an elite prospect 4 years away in Smith so we are not desperate there in the present or moving forward.

    SS is where we need to spend the money and I would like to see us spend on both Cuban SS’s. Diaz and the other kid and put one in Vegas and one in Binghamton while keeping an eye open for the opportunity to pry one of Lindor, Sardinas, Alberto, Baez, Alcantara, Mondessi jr., Bogaerts, Hanson, Miller, Semein, Profar or Andrus away from their current teams.

  • Hodges14

    It’s a very limited slice of overall spending.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    If im not mistaken the Cubs and Rangers went overslot and took the penalties.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    Youd think with our Dominican facilities(which is seen as probably the best) that we would have an upper edge and would be investing filling it with high end talent.

    Spending up there with the Cubs and Rangers unfortunately our organization SUCKS! And plays it safe at every turn.

  • jason bay

    This is one area where I was concerned that Alderson would neglect when he took over due to the Wilpon’s finances but he has actually increased our spending on IFA’s even with the cash crunch that he has had to work under and the new bonus pools that restrict the ability to spend internationally.

    That should serve us well heading on into the future but won’t do much to address our needs over the next few years other than Montero and Mateo.

    What is killing us right now is that we didn’t get any of the deep and very talented IFA classes of 2008 and 2009 and 2010 are pretty well limited to Ynoa, Lara and Lupo who are still a ways away.

    SS’s such as Bogaerts, Hanson, Lee, Herrera, Alcantara, Profar, Alberto, Peraza and Iglesis were signed during this period as well as OFer’s like Tavares, Polanco and Ozuna.

    The Mets focus internationally was mostly directed toward pitching after 2007.

  • jason bay

    The Rangers have a monster farm not just from their work internationally but also the draft and a large part of their recent draft success came from offering arbitration and taking the picks for Carlos Lee, Gary Matthews, Mark DeRosa, CJ Wilson, Joey Hamilton, Milton Bradley, Marlon Byrd, Ivan Rodriguez, Octavio Dotel and Cliff Lee. That built their system up pretty quickly and afforded them the opportunity to trade for a few guys (like Lee for example) and a lot of their recent success came from selling Texeira for Andrus, Feliz, Harrison and Salty and taking a shot on Hamilton.

    Internationally they signed Odor, Sardinas, Alberto, Profar, Mazara, Guzman, Alfaro, Font, Beras and current Rangers Leonys Martin, Joe Ortiz and Martin Perez.

    Their scouts are described as “being everywhere” and have been since Jon Daniels took over in October 2005 and that includes their directors of International Scouting A J Preller and Mike Daly and Latin American cross checker and former legendary Brave scout Roberto Aquino.

    Several of Texas IFA signings were costly like Profar (1.55 M) L Martin (5/15 M) Mazara (5 M) Guzman (3.45 M) Sardinas (1.2 M) Alfaro (1.3 M) Others were relatively inexpensive including Martin Perez (580 K) Hanser Alberto (insignificant) Roughnd Odor (450 K) and Victor Payano (75 K)

    Texas made the commitment internationally both in money, personal, time, effort and every other way imaginable signing guys from all over (DR, Columbia, Ven, Mexico, Curacao, Aruba, Cuba, everywhere) and then combined it with the draft and selling Tex for a haul and they’ve been rewarded with four straight 90 win season, two World Series appearances and they did so while enhancing the future as opposed to mortgaging it.

  • Xavier 22

    The Mets are spending more on international amateur players than any other team in the NL East, exceeding the next highest NL East team (the Nats) by nearly 20%. In addition, they outspent the Yankees by 28% and the Cardinals, who I’m told, play baseball the right way, by 36% .

    What’s with all the negative energy, man?

  • Name

    I get that but they spend so much more than some of the other teams it is somewhat surprising.

  • Hodges14

    But the numbers are a bit misleading. If I’m reading it correctly, when they post this list next year for the 2014 season Tanaka will not be reported for the Yankees.

  • Chuck

    How can they put an offer in on Diaz before ANYONE is allowed to put one in? I’m pretty sure no one can make him an offer until later this month.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    The Yankees, Cardinals, Nats dont have to spend extra in the international market because their major league team is stacked with talent.

    -Yankees buy top talent at the major league level(we dont)
    -Cards draft exceptonally well and have a well stocked farm
    -Nats well stocked farm and very young top talent at the major league level.

    Our GM’s plan was to restock the farm as fast as possible with the most talent possible….That and an unwillingness to spend on top talent at the major league level….So we should be overcompensating in other markets INTERNATIONALLY.

    And the negative energy is from 5straight years of horrible baseball. The oh its Spring training “HOPE NOSTALGIA” is DEAD!

    Start producing positive results and I’ll start being positive about the team…I think thats fair of me, NO?

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    Well theirs Mejia, Montero, Flores, Lagares, Puello, Familia, Tapia, Ynoa etc

    [Yes, I know Montero signed the contract under Alderson, but he was scouted and found by Minayas team and wouldve been signed by them if Minaya wasnt canned…so please dont start that flame war]

  • skyhappysal

    Those upper clubs are high because of individual signings right before the new cap rules. The Mets spending is up – but likely all clubs have increased their spending.

  • Taskmaster4450

    “The Yankees, Cardinals, Nats dont have to spend extra in the
    international market because their major league team is stacked with

    Leroy did you actually write this?

    What does the major league roster have to do with the IFA signings? Seriously, you have left the reservation on this one. Stop the bias.

    The major league roster has nothing to do with the present IFA market since these kids who are signed are 5-7 years away for the most part. The major league roster, good or bad, impacts these signings none. Ellsbury or no Ellsbury in a Yankee uniform means nothing when looking at a 16 year old kid to sign who plays CF.

    By the time these kids are approaching the major league, most of the talent on the clubs you mentioned will either retired, moved on, or be ready to replace because they are on the downside of their career.

    And I would be very careful about attacking the focus on the farm approach by using the Yankees since they are making moves because they realize their way of operating is not going to work in the future.

  • Taskmaster4450

    This is only players in the IFA pool…guys from Asia and Cuba do not count towards the amount.

  • Taskmaster4450

    In an equally shocking twist, the Yankees are finding that their farm system is completely barren with the only guy who might have major league stuff coming off TJ surgery after getting demoted from AAA to AA.

    The Yankees know they are screwed going forward and are trying to play catch up ball with their farm system.

  • Taskmaster4450

    Actually Hodges, this all matters and has nothing to do with what happens on the field. These IFAs are 5-7 years away. That is an entire generation in the baseball world. Players who are here now will either be retired, on the downside of their career, or moved on via free agency or a trade. How many on the 25 man roster will you see 6 years from now? Only a handful.

    Fans always focus on the major league team not realizing what it takes to build a consistent winner. I always use the example of Moise Alou and his $15M. Can you imagine if Omar was allowed to invest even a portion of that money into the IFA market? $5M would have gotten 4 top notch prospects probably of the ilk of Rosario. Imagine if there were 3 guys like that about to enter the majors for the Mets. How would that change things? Instead, the focus was getting a LF and for $15M, the Mets got 1/2 a season out of him.

  • Taskmaster4450

    Actually next year’s class is suppose to be deeper and reports are the Yankees are going to blow the doors off everyone in spending. They are willing to take all penalties to get some talent in their system.

  • The Mets are middle of the pack…sounds about right. Pesonally, I’d like to see us dominate each market (international, draft, free agency, trade), but that doesn’t look remotely possible.

  • Taskmaster4450

    I would be interested to know how this placement compared to the last few years. What did the Mets spend in 2010 for example?

  • jason bay

    The Cardinals signed Tavares in 2008 and Martinez in 2010 for 145 K and 1.5 M, Pittsburgh spent 150 K each on Hanson and Polanco. Hanser Alberto, Starlin Castro and Arismendy Alcantara cost about 50 K each.

    Odor and Bogaerts cost a combined 1M, Profar and Sardinas a combined 3 M.

    The players are out there we just haven’t gotten many of them.

  • Chuck

    I looked it up, Aledmys Diazis ineligible to sign UNTIL this February 19th. Two more weeks … then we’ll see who the players for his services are. Here’s a TinyURL preview link (the source is

  • jason bay

    2010 we spent on Sanchez and Lupo about 550 K each and Alfredo Reyes and Pedro Perez as lower cost signings.

    2009 was pretty much just Urbina at 1 M

    2008 Ynoa, Lara, Cessa, Robles

  • jason bay

    We know nothing of the sort. Alderson was involved in creating a secondary pool of prospects in the Dr who had not signed at 16 or 17 and had previously been over looked.

    Shortly after being hired here he signed Montero and Mateo.

  • Matt Mosher

    We know the Mets wont.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    We do know but some like you who choose to ignore for your agenda…. with that said leave it up to you focus on that bs sidenote that the other players i mentioned.

    FYI Omar signed a LOT of players in DR 18 & over…And I gave you a full list previously…

    And Alderson agenda in DR was predominantly the whole steroids/age process he was the MLB’s “cleanup man”

    And the reason he signed Mateo is because he was familiar with Mateo, this was the 2nd time he signed Mateo…The 1st time it was for big money w/the Padres but they found issues w/Mateos arm[and i want to say his age was an issue as well but i dont quite remember] and they canceled the deal..And he signed him for pennies compared to what they were giving him with the Pads

    All in all it doesnt matter just wish you would stick to the present and FUTURE…Rather than dwelling on the past with your GM vs GM bullcrap

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    Your misconstruing what I said…..

    In context What I stated is simple, they(the Nats) dont have to OVERCOMPENSATE in that int’l market…Theyve drafted well they have a well stocked farm and young controllable players at the MLB level and they have money to spend.[All of which we dont have]

    Whereas we dont have ANY VALUE in the Majors…We have some pitching but ABSOLUTELY NO BATS in the entire system…And we arent spending money in the majors. So We need to overcompensate in that area to fill an empty system…you can no longer do that in the draft so the intl market is the new market that can be exploited and the Cubs did just that they went after the top talent and absorbed the penalties. But they got top talent.

    KEY WORD is we need to “OVERCOMPENSATE” not spend a lil more than them we need to catch up.

    And the only reason i mentioned the Yankees is because they were brought up to me,,,I didnt use them i simply explained why they dont have tospend as much as we need to int’l on amateurs.

    Oh yeah and there is this!!!

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    No the Cubs went over their allotted signing pool in 2013…Which is why they have to pay the 2mil or so luxury tax penalty

    They acquired “4 extra money slots” from other teams and STILL went over that.

    I give the Mets credit for acquiring 1 slot but Sandy and D3po shouldve done more.

  • jason bay

    Don’t complain to me Leroy if you are not interested in why we have received so little production from our farm system and have next to nothing to spare trade wise.

    Almost every team in MLB baseball drafts a few guys like Niese, Gee, Parnell and Murphy and other guys like Duda, Kirk, Schwinden and McHugh don’t get out of the minors.

    There are still a lot of prospects signed under the previous administration still in the farm system and will be for many years to come and we can only hope that we get something good and long term from some of them but as for the draft, only Harvey has been a monster and he was a reward for going 70-92.

    Better pick then Pelfrey to be sure but we have been left high and dry (to date) in numerous areas critical to a competitive team such as the bullpen, bench, C, 1B, SS, 3B, LF, CF and RF..

    Where does this team have an advantage over other teams from the work done in the draft and IFA during the previous administrations tenure?

    C – Centeno, Thole,Pena, Nickeas, Forsyth,
    1B – Ike, Duda, Satin, Flores
    2B – Murphy
    SS Tejada
    3B Lutz
    LF Kirk,, Ceciliani
    CF Lagares, MDD
    RF Puello, Vaughn, Fern

    Bullpen wise what happened with Holdzkom, Kunz, Rustich, Moviel, Smith, Nissen and Clyne? Those were 1st to 4th round picks.

    Where are Havens, Holt and Rodriguez?

    When Alderson arrived the closest prospects were Pridie, Turner and Luis Hernandez other teams DFA’s along with Duda. Ike, Kirk, Fern, Tejada and Mejia who all had to be shipped back.

    Hopefully now we’ll get something going with some of them but we’ve been waiting for them since 2010.

    If your going to give away so many draft picks then you better hit on a few of them, know what I’m saying?

    I feel that Minaya having inherited Reyes, Wright, Glavine, Piazza, Floyd, Cameron, Matsui, Pagan, Gomez, Lindstrom, Milledge, Stanton, Feliciano and Bell, then being able to buy Pedro, Beltran, Wagner, Alou, K Rod and Bay could have at least left a few players behind besides Harvey and maybe he will have when all is said and done.

    In the meantime though players drafted and signed internationally during his tenure are forming a long term core for their teams and others are among the best prospects in baseball.

    We don’t have too many of those and they few we do have were acquired by Alderson.,

    Avoid the topic all you want but that is the issue facing this team right now and has been since 2009.

  • Captain America

    BBLB didn’t start the fire.
    BBLB didn’t do the GM vs GM thing

    Actually he did…


  • Jeff Roland

    ynoa just turned 20. how did they sign him 6 years ago? when he was 14? you sure he was in that class?

  • jason bay

    My mistake, Ynoa signed Nov 2009

  • jason bay

    Leroy is the prototypical pot calling the kettle black.

  • jason bay

    Yeah they’ll never need to make a trade, have some reinforcements, some depth or competition in the farm. Harper, Zimmerman, Rendon, Strausberg will all last forever. No need for anyone in 5-7 years.


  • Fonzie

    Wrong! And Teddy Klein has already confirmed what I’ve been saying all along.

    Montero was signed by Alderson because he was left unsigned by the previous administration. Omar getting fired was complete BS as far as being the reason why Montero wasn’t signed. Teddy actually is in contact with the people in the know.

    Fun fact- Not long after Omar was fired plenty of IFA’s were signed. November 2010 to be exact.
    11/20/2010 Mauricio Reyes SS
    Victor Moscote C
    Eris Peguero OF
    Nataniel Ramos C
    Leon Canelon SS
    Oswaldo Caraballo OF
    Rolgenis Blanco RHP
    Franly Caminero LHP
    Kevin Canelon LHP
    11/26/2010 Alfredo Reyes SS
    11/29/2010 Pedro Perez 3B

    Thanks Omar ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    That’s 11 IFA’s that were signed right after Omar got fired so try that BS o the less informed core. None of those 11 were named Rafael Montero. And the only over 18 IFA’s they signed were Angel Cuan 19 and Gozalez German 20.

    Montero is a Met sink or swim because of Alderson. I could easily point out that Steve Phillips scouts signed Niese, Parnell, Harvey, Duda amd Ike.

    Sorry but your idol Omar sucked this franchise dry.

  • Captain America

    Rangers haven’t been stocked in the majors and minors? Yet they keep going all in internationally.

    Thanks for the comedic relief.