Yankees Weighing A Run At Drew

If you thought the New York Yankees were done this offseason after signing Japanese righthander Masahiro Tanaka to a seven year, $155 million dollar deal and bringing their 2014 Winter Shopping Spree total to almost a half-billion dollars, think again.

Jon Heyman of CBS Sports is reporting that now that the Yankees have breached the $189 million luxury tax threshold, they’re weighing whether or not to go for it all and pursue free agent Stephen Drew. Of course they are…

“The Yankees have spent $470 million already this winter, but there doesn’t appear to be a precise limit now that the luxury tax threshold has already been surpassed — and that’s very likely especially true when it comes to Red Sox players. Although the Yankees apparently aren’t quite a bottomless pit of cash, a possible run at Drew “depends on the price” according to a person familiar with their thinking.”

I guess that at this point, if you’re going to get zapped anyway, you might as well make it count and go all the way. As a Mets fan I wouldn’t really understand how that works.


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  • XtreemIcon

    It seemed a likely fit when the Drew camp agreed to consider other positions. With 3.5 holes in the infield, there’s a spot for Drew every game. Good fit for both sides.

  • Captain America

    They should when you look at what their options are at 3b, SS and 2B

  • sperry

    You call it gluttony, I call it doing whatever it takes to put a winning product on the field

    Wish we had owners like that

  • metFAN660

    Take him. Please!

  • Anthony Delgado *17 WS Champs*

    Sign Drew now I can’t stand to see him in pinstripes.

  • Justin Anthony

    I just want this Drew saga to be over with already. Someone please sign him

  • RyanF55

    I hope they sign him to 6 years and 115 million to finally put us out of the agony of reading about a marginal player.

  • Von

    This is getting ridiculous. Let’s just eliminate every team in baseball except for the Yankees and the Dodgers.

  • The Drew fatigue has reached its apex.

  • Rocky Thompson

    Is he the guy who replaces Jeter? If he signs with the Yankees it has to be a multi-year deal. Otherwise he resigns with the Red Sox.

  • BCleveland3381

    Sandy is smarter than you think when it comes to the media. He makes potential deals public when he wants them to be. We all heard about how interested we were in Curtis Granderson. That was a very public negotiation. I think it was important to him that fans knew we were in on him.

    Chris Young and Bartolo Colon came out of nowhere. And nobody knew the Mets had an offer out to Balfour until after he signed with the Rays.

    And here we are with Stephen Drew. Everyone knows we are interested but not interested in offering much and we’re completely wiling to wait out his market. Sandy seems to be unwavering in these claims publicly.

    Ive always said GMs let the media know the things they want the media to know, and the things they want other GMs and agents to think. Maybe Sandy’s plan really is to wait out Drew’s market and only sign him when his price drops. Maybe he’s leaking this publicly so Boras can’t use him to jack up Drew’s price to other teams. Or maybe he wants other teams to think he isn’t really that interested in Drew. I have no idea, but I think there is a method to the madness.

  • Benny

    Willing to play out of position, Boras client, Yankees back to their extreme spending ways


    Drew being the Yankees 2014 Opening Day 3B

  • So do I, but still, what they’re doing is overkill and a good case for why we need a salary cap.

  • Super T

    And even if some of their big spending additions don’t work out they’ll just spend more.

  • Rocky Thompson

    And I think Sandy wanted Ike Davis to know that he was being shopped.

  • XtreemIcon

    Disagree wholeheartedly on a salary cap.

  • Steven

    I agree, and it doesn’t help when the amount of payroll to have to pay the luxury tax is so high you almost have to try to go over it. Of the top of my head, only 2 teams pay it while in most sports mainly basketball almost half pay it. So there’s no real punishment for spending like the Yankees and Dodgers cause if you can spend in the Yankees case 189 million you can probably pay the tax.

  • Taskmaster4450

    This could go on a while. Bourn didnt sign until Mid-Feb last year. It could be another couple of weeks.

  • jason bay

    Potentially a winning product.

    Remember you can’t pay everyone on the team 5-25 M a year and the Yanks don’t have much left in the farm to trade and Gardner and Robertson are up soon.

    It’s more a case if delaying the inevitable rebuild if you ask me unless Sanchez, Williams Austin start stating their case.

    Bet the Yanks sign Diaz too. He makes the most sense for them to me although I’d love to get him for us.

  • Super T

    I’m stealing somebody elses thunder, but I think MLB needs to have a minimum salary cap as well as a maximum. If some of these team’s (Houston, Miami, NYM, etc) can’t meet a certain minimum salary cap the owners should have a penalty as well.

  • You can’t tell me you approve of the current system. Don’t you think MLB needs to stop what the Yankees do?

  • I agree with you there.

  • Taskmaster4450

    Funny I dont recall a Dodger-Yankee World Series last year.

    It seems that the two teams that spend $220M+ apiece, neither was there.

    The Yankees may have spent a lot but they also acquired a bunch of question marks. None of the players they brought in is a slam dunk. In fact, the only slam dunk was the player the Yankees let walk.

  • That’s a scary thought.

  • Andrew Herbst

    This situation with Drew has gone on way too long.

  • Taskmaster4450

    It already does. The new CBA forces teams in that are receiving revenue sharing monies to spend at least 125% of the average amount paid or be forced to give up some of the money in ensuing years.

    The Mets will not fall under that since they are being phased out of being eligible to receive revenue sharing money since they operate in a top 15 market. Each year the percentage, for the top 15 teams, goes down 20% until phased out in 2016.

  • Benny

    “Potentially a winning product.”


    What do you think they will be below .500 or something?

    “Remember you can’t pay everyone on the team 5-25 M a year and the Yanks don’t have much left in the farm to trade and Gardner and Robertson are up soon.”

    They will just keep buying free agents as they have been doing.

    “It’s more a case if delaying the inevitable rebuild if you ask me unless Sanchez, Williams Austin start stating their case.”

    I don’t think they are rebuilding anytime soon…

    “Bet the Yanks sign Diaz too. He makes the most sense for them to me although I’d love to get him for us.”

    Agreed here…

  • sperry

    Ehh, people have been saying this for years and yet, the Yankees have been competitive since 1995. I know they measure success in terms of rings, but I would love to root for a team that has been in the thick of it for going on 20 consecutive years.

  • mynewdisqusname

    “You complained about going to AAA in Vegas? I’ll ship your a** off to Wisconsin if you don’t fix your g****mn swing!”

    I’d like to imagine that Sandy turns into an aggregation of every James Caan character behind closed doors.

  • Benny

    Nope, the other owners need to A. step their game up, B. get some minority ownership help, or C. stop being cheap.

  • sperry

    I’d like to see a breakdown of how much profit every team earns. I really find it hard to believe that even smaller market teams simply can’t afford to spend to at least be competitive with the Yankees’ bids.

    The Steinbrenners own a baseball team to make money and win. Most of the owners own a baseball team to make money. That’s the difference.

  • BCleveland3381

    Endy Chavez to resign with the Mariners according to MLB traderumors. He’s 36 years old now, but had an ok season with them last year. Glad to see he’s still hanging around the league. He’ll always be one of my all time favorite Mets for one play he made in a game we lost, which is pretty amazing if you think about it.

    If we had won that game against the Cards, that catch would be on highlight reels as one of the greatest plays of all time. It was amazing.

  • Benny

    Most of these owners are just interested in making and pocketing money. What’s the way to make the most profit? By limiting your expenses to as little as you can get away with.

  • mad met

    Mccann is a beast .beltran might be one of the best post season players of our genaration

  • Benny

    You have to play out the games. If Championships were won on paper we would have 3 WS rings in the last 8 or so years (2006 – 2008).

  • sperry

    Exactly. Most owners would probably be in favor of a salary cap because it means more money for them.

  • Taskmaster4450

    Why what are the Yankees doing? Buying everyone under the sun? What are they really getting?

    I seem to recall Yankee fans licking their chops about getting Wright when his contract came up and he hit free agency. What happened? Oh, Wright was extended by broke owners.

    I also recall they made the same pitch about King Felix. Yankee fans were convinced he was going to be in pinstripes. Again, he was extended by Seattle no less. Sorry Yankee fans.

    Jeter is retiring soon and the Yankees are in need of a SS since their farm has nothing. Do you really think Drew is their choice for the heir apparent? I dont think so. I am sure they want to get their hands on Hanley. Oh wait, he most likely will be extended in the next few weeks by the Dodgers who just extended the best pitcher in the game (sorry Yankees).

    And what have the Yankees won. They have on WS title in the past 10 years (2 since the turn of the century). That isnt exactly dominating the title race especially since the Red Sox have three in that time. You might say they make the playoffs almost every year. That is true but dont the Braves and the Cardinals also have a terrific record of playoff appearances over the past 10-20 years?

    Everyone is enamored with the Yankees spending. It is impressive when you look at the numbers. But again, Joe, I maintain they brought in a series of question marks. The one stud in the FA market they let go (understandably so). But do not tell me that Ellsbury (hurt in half the seasons in his career), Beltran (going to be 37 and non-ped user, and Tanaka (never threw a pitch in the majors) are sure things. It might work out for them very well. However, this is a long way from the times when they re-upped ARod, signed CC, and brought in Tex. Those players had a lot fewer question marks about them at that time than these guys brought in this year.

  • sperry

    The 2003 Marlins had a payroll of 50 million and the Yankees had a payroll of 150 million.

    This money myth has been debunked repeatedly. It has obviously helped the Yankees be a competitive team for two decades but it is far from a guarantee.

  • BCleveland3381

    There is more than one way to win in baseball. Signing a bunch of free agents seems like the easiest way because there is no wait. You sign a guy, and he’s on your team. But when you sign a free agent, you are paying for past performance. The Mariners paid Cano over 200 million for all the good he did with the Yankees. They aren’t going to get 200 million out of production from Cano, the Yanks already got that production out of Cano for a fraction of the price.

    Is Ellsbury going to live up to his contract? Maybe. The Red Sox got a lot of production out of him when he was healthy for a fraction of what the Yanks are paying him, and they’re paying Ellsbury for years well out of his prime.

    Look at the Cardinals. They build from within, but go out and get a guy like Matt Holliday or Jhonny Peralta when needed. That’s the best way. Just going out and signing free agents and hoping to win a World Series is a flawed way to win. You need to build a team in a smart way. Through the farm system. Go out and sign a free agent and spend big money when you have a hole, but just filling every position in free agency is a disaster waiting to happen.

  • Taskmaster4450

    “They will just keep buying free agents as they have been doing.”

    And the quality of Free Agents keeps going down each year. Do you think that signing Tanaka rivals the signing of CC in 2009? CC was an established ace in MLB not the PCL. How about bringing in Beltran compared to signing Texiera. Beltran is going to be 37 while Tex was in his prime. And do you think Ellsbury now rivals the reupping of ARod when he was still putting up his outrageous PED enhanced numbers?

  • metsman

    How about some more overblown sanctimonious whinning in the comment section about how Mets fans have been lied to and mistreated and cheated out of some destiny to have one of the highest payrolls because the franchise is in NYC and blah blah blah. Nobody has a gun to our heads telling us to be Met fans, if spending money is what you are into, it’s a much easier ballpark to get to in the Bronx.

  • Benny

    “And the quality of Free Agents keeps going down each year.”

    Can’t argue against that, but until free agency becomes nonexistent, the Yankees will continue trying to buy Championships for the foreseeable future.

  • Taskmaster4450

    McCann was a good signing for them but do not overlook the fact that he missed at least 1/4 the games each of the last 3 seasons. His stats will get a boost playing in Yankee Stadium but the truth his they were going down each of the past 3 seasons.

    And the Yankees have to make it to the postseason first. Do not think the Red Sox and the Ray are going to sit by and hand them the title. Also, each of those teams has far superior pitching to the Yankees.

  • R04

    Rebuilding? Wow.

  • Taskmaster4450

    Yeah I agree although their approach looks like it is changing. They are talking about spending a big amount in this years IFA market even at the expense of future punishment in an effort to get more talent into their system. Also, they just replaced a couple people who were at the top of their farm systems development due to the fact that they arent happy with the results.

    So even the Yankees see the writing on the wall. The team to watch out for is the Dodgers because they not only have big bucks, they also know how to develop talent.

  • Matt Mosher

    Bull. Year in, year out the teams that spend money win titles. That’s why baseball sucks compared to the NFL. Same teams every year in baseball. Sure the Pirates made the playoffs ( after a 20 year drought where they were a small budget team), the only teams that win it all are the big spenders.

  • Matt Mosher

    Hogwash. Look at the champions the last 15 years. 03 Marlins were one of the only exceptions.

  • Matt Mosher

    My gawd….this off season has made it SO OBVIOUS that MLB needs a cap.

    It’s clockwork. Boston wins a title, Yankees go on a massive spending spree.

  • Kabeetz

    One thing I said on here was that more players not less would enter the mix. If the Mets were inclined to sign, the best price on Drew has most likely passed.

  • Taskmaster4450

    Yeah rebuild. It happens when much of your team gets old at once. The Yankees cannot defy this reality anymore.

    The prevailing thought is ARod played his last game as a Yankee. Who are they going to get to replace him? Have you looked at the FA list for next year? How about 2B? And with Jeter on a one year deal, a bum ankle, and 40 year old legs, who is his replacement? Again, look at the FA list and tell me. Now factor in one of their younger players, Gardner is a FA (and dont say they will resign him no problem…that is what people thought about Cano). Lots of teams need OF help and have money like the Nats (who arent happy with Span), Seattle, and even Boston could have an interest. While we are at it, presuming CC holds up and Tanaka does well, they still will have to replace Kurodu unless you expect him to keep pitching forever. Unless one of the Killer Bs miraculously bounces back, they Yankees are FA bound in that area. Once again, depleted FAs mean the quality isnt exactly there.

  • Matt Mosher

    It’s killing fan interest. I couldn’t care less about the season starting. We already know the big spenders will contend.

    What the Yankees and Dodgers are doing is not good for the game.

    Of course, forcing Fred Wilpon to sell would have been good for the game too, but I digress.

  • Pedro’s Rooster

    I’m not sure I understand your point. Are you saying we should be happy with the lies, and if we’re not, we should become Yankee fans?

    People are unhappy with 5 straight losing seasons, and ever-dwindling payrolls that impact our ability to compete on the field and in the marketplace. All the while, ownership and Sandy are telling tall tales to keep our interest (and get our $$$), then quietly backtracking on those commitments. They’ve destroyed trust.

    Fandom is not an cold, analytical decision–it’s an emotional one. People care. When they’re treated as ATMs by ownership (now that the luxury boxes can’t be filled), they get upset.

  • Taskmaster4450

    Actually the 2010 Giants won with a payroll of $94M. 2011 St Louis was under $110M. Even the 2012 Giants were only at $135M.

    This is a far cry from the $220M+ the Yankees are spending.

  • Kabeetz

    Just keep in mind that all agents, gms, etc. have backgrounds in negotiating and their own agendas. Sometimes what was hoped for or intended adjusts very quickly on the fly, or backfires altogether.

  • Matt Mosher

    I love posts like Metsman’s.

    Stop whining and embrace the suck. Sounds like fun.

  • Benny

    “How about some more overblown sanctimonious whinning in the comment section about how Mets fans have been lied to and mistreated and cheated out of some destiny to have one of the highest payrolls because the franchise is in NYC and blah blah blah. ”

    Wait, what? Weren’t you a big advocator of spending over at Metsblog? 0.o

    As a matter fact, here is a quote from you a couple of months ago: “I’ve definitely warmed up to the idea…especially at four years for 60 million would be a steal. I just hope we still make one major move or it won’t matter much.”

    So there you are liking the Granderson, and demanding another significant signing.

    Here’s another one: ” It wasn’t long ago that the narrative was that as we were supposed to have a bunch of money freed up, while the Yankees were going to be stuck with a bunch of aging has beens, unable to be serious bidders…WTF happened to that?”

    Did someone hack your account? Or are you really this hypocritical?

  • Von

    I was being somewhat facetious earlier. It isn’t so much that I believe that the Dodgers and Yankees will represent their leagues in the World Series every year for eternity, but their reckless spending will make it that much more difficult for the other teams to hold onto their own players. Rather than build through a properly designed farm system, these two teams are hellbent on destroying the small market teams. I say if they have that much money to piss away then obviously the luxury tax is not nearly tough enough. Let’s increase it another 500%.

  • Taskmaster4450

    Explain the 2010 Giants spending only $94M.

    Or the 2011 Cardinals $109M.

    Or the 2012 Cardinals $134M.

    None of those teams were even in the top 5 in spending for the year they won.

  • BCleveland3381

    Since 2000, there have been 9 different Super Bowl winners and 9 different teams have won the World Series. Next time you call “bull” on a post, be able to back it up.

  • XtreemIcon

    What exactly are they doing? Making money and putting it back into the team? I’m curious to see a list of the 30 owners ranked by net worth. Not their team’s worth, the owners. Do you think the Steinbrenners are the richest of all 30 owners or ownership groups? Or are they simply the owners who make their team their priority, as opposed to corporate-owned teams that are simply there to increase profit margin?

  • Matt Mosher

    Sure.. but they are top 10 payrolls almost every time.

    It drives bball fans nuts….because they hate the idea of a cap. But the truth is the world champ is almost always a team in the top 10 in payroll.

  • Matt Mosher

    AGREED 100%

    If you’re a Matt Harvey fan, this should scare the he’ll out of you.

    If he gets stolen away via one of these free spenders, I am all done with baseball.

  • BCleveland3381

    There is more parity in baseball than in any other sport.

  • Joey D.

    Hi Joe D.,

    The other day I questioned whether or not Drew had any value left in him because money was never an issue with the Yankees and they could definitely use him by switching Drew to third. This might not answer the question of Drew still having any value left in him but at least shows the Yankees haven’t lost their chutzpah.

  • Matt Mosher

    I said top 10.

  • BCleveland3381

    Obviously spending is a tool that helps you win. But you need to spend smart and combine in with good drafting and knowing what players to let walk in free agency. The teams that do that win. There is just as much parity in baseball as in any other sport.

  • Waz0787

    5 straight years of losing. Two straight years choking at the last game of season. Heck we mets fan have suffered enough!!!!!!!

  • Pedro’s Rooster

    Well, I guess that’s what it’s like to be a fan of the Astros, the Pirates, the Rays, etc. No chance to have a long-term franchise player to look forward to.

    Before when we sucked (pre-2005), we at least had money to make it fun. 🙂

  • Taskmaster4450

    You seem to believe that teams which win the off season win during the season.

    For the past two years we heard about how the Angels were going to dominate with all the money they spent. What happened? Two years missed playoffs.

    Two years ago the Marlins went on a spending spree. Their fans were convinced they were going to the WS. What happened? They finished last so Loria dismantled the team.

    Last year it was the Blue Jays who were going to win the AL East after the deals they made. They too finished last.

    And now everyone is upset because the Yankees won the off season. Lets see what happens during the season.

  • Matt Mosher

    What’s that have to do with payroll? People hate the cap idea in MLB. I get it. No cap makes MLB unique. But MLB is the farthest thing from ” parity”. It’s been an uneven playing field for years now, unlike the NFL.

  • sperry

    I think top 15 would be more accurate, but even then that’s very misleading. There’s a huge drop off from 2 and 3. Like, a 50 million dollar drop off. And from there the difference isn’t huge. The span from ten and twenty is only about 35 million.

    The difference in payroll isn’t what you’re making it out to be.

  • Taskmaster4450

    That is because of the pay system in baseball. As you develop talent, guys get more expensive. Not all the teams you mention won the WS by “buying” it. The Cards and Giants developed many of their players. The same is true for the Phillies. The reason their payroll was so high was because of guys like Rollins, Meyers, Howard, and Utley were being paid a fortune by that time. What do you think will happen to the Mets payroll if guys like Harvey, Wheeler, Montero, and Thor perform in addition to Lagares, Flores, and Puello? Sure it is a ways off but as we saw with Gee, arbitration can get very expensive. He was a guy who made a 3 million jump and he is a middle of the road pitcher. Can you imagine if Harvey comes back and pitches like he did? He will get $10M first year in arbitration and go up from there.

  • Matt Mosher

    I’d agree with your approach to team building. But there’s no parity.

    Put the top 10 payrolls on a dartboard and throw a dart. There’s your WS CHAMP. Rinse, repeat.

  • Bail4Nails

    At least the Yankees are forced to pay out these huge contracts, even if the player gets busted in a steroid scandal. You know, like A Rod (read with heavy sarcasm).
    Seriously, once the Mets are out of it, there is nothing better than watching the Rays or the Pirates make the playoffs, when the Yankees don’t. Let’s Go Mets! Or Whoever Is Playing The Yanks! Yes, I am a proud hater.

  • Joey D.

    Hi metsman,

    “it’s a much easier ballpark to get to in the Bronx”?

    Ever try approaching the Major Degan via the Cross Bronx or Bruckner Expressway or even driving down the Grand Concourse to get to a Yankee game? I’ve only heard of the nightmares driving in from New Jersey.

    On the other hand, ever get stuck in extra traffic taking the Whitestone Expressway or Grand Central Parkway or even waiting at the toll booths at the Whitestone Bridge waiting to get to Citi Field? LOL

  • Pedro’s Rooster

    Yep. It would’ve gone into Mets lore alongside the Swoboda and Agee catches.

  • Matt Mosher

    The Royals and their fans would probably disagree.

  • Benny

    I didn’t get that comment either, considering he has no knowledge of where we all live. I think he meant it to imply something else…

  • BCleveland3381

    So what? Take the top 10 QB’s in the NFL and put them on a dartboard and throw a dart, that’s what team will win the Super Bowl.

  • Matt Mosher

    What I am saying is ….with 95% certainty…. your 2014 WS CHAMP will be either Boston, the Yanks, the Cardinals, the Nationals, the Dodgers, the Rangers, the Giants, the Tigers, the Phillies or the Angels.

    That is NOT parity

  • Yes, it may just be a case of Drew being the last remaining option and them willing to take a risk that he can stay healthy, produce like he did last season, and of course be adequate at third base. The Yanks have never been shy about throwing caution and dollars to the wind.

  • Joey D.

    Hi Pedros,

    When I bring up the subject of lies, I’m often told one has to expect that of a general manager, that I take him too literally and what else was he to say – that the Mets were broke?

    The reasoning is that this is business and one should not hold Sandy to such standards for what he does is common. The problem is that many of us do not find that as a reason but rather as an excuse.

  • BarnRat

    The problem is that the Wilpons have built a one-way street: fans pay / owners don’t. Much more acceptable is fans pay / Mets have a credible chance to win. If they did that, who would be complaining? They could have league minimum budget and we’d all be thrilled. We have been lied to on a serial basis. If what ownership has told us was under oath, at least this would all be over. It just adds to the frustration.

  • I don’t think it’s that simple. Where’s the parity? Where’s the competitive balance? How much greater will we widen the chasm between the haves and have nots?

  • Taskmaster4450

    Yeah and the top 10 payrolls change as guys get more expansive and teams enter rebuild. The CWS were at $120M last season and now are going to be under $90M even after signing Abreau. Atlanta is starting to get hit with some big arbitration numbers as Kimbrel, Heyward, and Freeman move through the process with Simmons about to enter next year. Yes there are perennials high payers in addition to the Yankees and Dodgers in there but they arent guaranteed of winning. What have the Phillies done the last few years with a top 5 payroll? How about the LAA? Detroit just shed Prince’s contract to save money. What does that tell you? And a team like Washington, who only has one playoff appearance, is suddenly getting very expensive as their younger players start to command a lot more money.

    That is how it usually works outside the Yankees and Dodgers (and maybe throw in the Red Sox). A team develops talent and when that talent starts getting paid, the team is winning.

  • Joey D.

    Hi BCleveland and Pedros,

    To this day, Endy’s catch is actually too painful for me to watch because of the eventual outcome. Gary Cohen’s audio added to it makes the pain only more unbearable.

  • Taskmaster4450

    The Royals missed the playoffs by 3 or 4 games last season. Funny how the third year into the new CBA, the Royals just miss the playoffs and the Pirates make it. Do you think that is a coincidence considering the teams have more money to play with (small market teams) and the quality of free agents were declining for 3 years?

  • BCleveland3381

    What about the Browns, Raiders, or Bills?

  • Benny

    There have actually been 10 different Super Bowl Champions, since 2000.

  • Anthony Delgado *17 WS Champs*

    I enjoy watching the Yankees team age day by day.. more injuries more losses… ITS BEAUTIFUL.

  • Pedro’s Rooster

    I agree entirely.

    Sandy and the Wilpons shouldn’t be making promises or peddling visions of a happy tomorrow. Telling us “payroll will be X” or “we have plenty of money to spend” or “SS is our top priority” and then doing little to nothing just further damages the relationship between fans and the franchise. People don’t like being lied to–not a hard concept to grasp.

    And if they do make these empty promises, they should expect the anger and frustration the fanbase has been feeling for several years now. They’ve earned every bit of fan hostility and abandonment we’ve given them.

    Ultimately, they’re the ones that created our current expectations.

  • chago

    It could also be a law of averages thing . The Pirates hadn’t sniffed the playoffs since Barry Bonds went west . And the Royals hadn’t seen playoffs since George Brett was being accused by Billy Martin of having pine tar to far up his bat handle . Don’t you think they are/were due ?

    And I am sorry but your argument about the Yankees ONLY having won 2 WS rings in the last decade falls on deaf ears here . Last time I checked we can only dream of a decade like that . We have been in business for what 53 years and have the same 2 WS rings the Yankees won in what you are calling a “bad” or declining decade .

    Sorry man but if that is the “bad” part of spending a lot of money then sign me up for some “bad” times right now .You talk like winning a couple of WS rings in a decade is easily done or something the Yankees should be ashamed of .

    If only we could get disappointed as often by these Mets I would sign on for Richie and the Wilpons forever.

  • Taskmaster4450

    Ironic how you forget the Mets were a high spending team in terms of payroll for 7 years (2005-2011) and what did that get them? One lousy playoff appearance. Many bet on the Mets because of their high payroll and lost. The Mets have a low payroll for two reasons: 1. they didnt spend on FAs (which is a diminishing return and 2. they havent developed top quality players outside of Reyes and Wright in 20 years. So the Mets terrible decisions are why they are where they are at.

    You want to penalize teams for producing quality players. Look at the Nats. You put them on your list. How come they are in there? Their payroll is jumping as players get paid more based upon their years of service. Same with the Giants. And the Cardinals. And actually much of the Phils payroll is in Ruiz, Hamels, Rollins, Howard, and Utley.

    And by the way, parity is a myth. The only thing it does is diminish the product. The NFL, a league with a cap, has just as many crappy losing franchises as baseball does. Miami, Buffalo, and the Jets are awful and have been awful for decades. Same with SD, MN, WASH, JAX, and TB. These teams, for the most part, have little chance each year except for the occasional playoff appearance before disappearing for years.

  • chago

    I don’t remember Frank Cashen lying to Met fans when he rebuilt the team.

  • Benny

    In 2010, the Yankees were the only team over that $200 million threshold. So the Giants were still up there in payroll (9th in the MLB), as a matter of fact they had the 4th highest payroll in the National League (Cubs and Mets were higher and they were lost causes).

    In 2011, the Cardinals were 5th in payroll in the National League (Cubs and Mets were higher and they were lost causes).

    In 2012, the Giants were 8th in payroll in the MLB, and 3rd in the National League.

    In 2013, the Red Sox were 4th in payroll in the entire MLB, and 2nd in the American League.

    Although spending doesn’t guarantee Championships, it still guarantees a winning product on the field, it guarantees being “in it,” and it more than likely guarantees “meaningful games” in October. Of course there have been exceptions to the norm (our beloved Mets) in the past, but this is usually the norm.

  • Bail4Nails

    What about making a team that crosses the threshold have to give up draft picks? Like, one draft pick for every certain amount spent over the limit? Wouldn’t that regulate this thing pretty quickly?

  • Joey D.

    Hi BCleveland,

    I think use of the media is more for keeping the Mets in the news to sustain fan interest than it is trying to outmaneuver other GMs or player agents for I think the latter (including Sandy) are too astute in the business to be influenced by that. They probably find out more accurately what’s going on by relying on their private sources than what they read in the papers and internet.

    Interesting that Balfour accepted less money from Tampa than to play for the Mets. Guess the chance of a world series ring is more important to him than the extra money and that he doesn’t see much of a chance getting it with the Mets in the next two years.

    Though it has a deep pitching staff, wonder how much the loss of both it’s ace and closer is going to impact Oakland this upcoming season.

  • Taskmaster4450

    Sorry to break the news to you but you had 20 years of spending without results. I hate to break it to you but the Mets spent the 3rd most over a 20 years period from 1992-2011 in baseball. In that time they were outspent by the Yankees and Red Sox. And what did the Mets get? 3 playoff appearances.

    So you can pretend that the Mets didnt spend when in fact they didnt win. Hell, they didnt even make the playoffs.

    And no it isnt the law of averages thing. Did you really write that? The knicks havent won in 40 years, does that mean they are “due”? Look at the direction they are heading, are you willing to bet upon that? No the simple fact is that the game changed to one where development of players takes on renewed importance since the quality of FAs is lessened. There is no disputing that the FA market is declining with each passing year. As poor as this class was (which was worse than last seasons) look at what is out there for next year right now before extensions start being handed out. That was caused because of the new CBA giving teams like the Royals more money to sign/extend their players.

    But you go with the law of averages thing and see how that works. Based upon that, bet the Mets to win the WS because since they didnt win in 25 years, they are due (hell almost 30 now).

  • Pedro’s Rooster

    During that offseason, I bought a 20″ autographed photo of that catch. It was spectacular, and I had all the confidence that the team would win a WS in ’07 or ’08, and The Catch would be a key story in that broader narrative.

    Little did I know that it would be the high-water mark for the Minaya-era Mets, and it would be a steady decline from there.

  • That might be a good way to curtail it too.

  • XtreemIcon

    It is that simple. There’s plenty of parity. Only two AL playoff teams from 2012 made it in 2013, and two of the new teams in 2013 won fewer than 70 games in 2012. In the NL, only three teams repeated and the defending WS champs only won 76 games. In any case, the state of competitive balance doesn’t lie in free agents. What happens to the teams that win the offseason each year? They’re usually done with meaningful baseball by August.

  • Taskmaster4450

    They did replace Colon with Hudson so they should be fine there.

    As for Belfour, the money, when taxes are taken into account, means more dough for him and, I believe, he is guaranteed to close in TB; something he might not get with the Mets.

  • Taskmaster4450

    You dont think Fred and Jeffy are incapable of lying under oath, do you?

  • Joey D.

    Hi Pedros,

    Yes, if 2007 or 2008 turned out better, it would have erased the pain of 2006 and made Endy’s catch easier to watch – guess like 1955 made it easier for Brooklyn fans to live with all those past series losses to the Yankees.

  • chago

    Tell the truth I am the oddball as a Met fan I guess . I could care less if the Yankees win or lose . The only time we have ever played meaningful games with them was in 2000 aside from that I take much , much more pleasure watching the Phillies and Braves lose than a team that isn’t in our division hell their not even in or league . And sorry to say most years we aren’t in their league either .

  • Justin Anthony


  • BarnRat

    Hmm… convincingly…?

  • Destry

    Drew put up a 3.4 fWAR last season 2013.
    He broke his ankle in 2011 missed 2nd half
    Needed surgery for ankle missed 1st half 2012
    He put up 4.7 fWAR in 2010
    Aside from a freak injury at home plate ala Posey & Morales, he’s been about a 4.0 WAR player. He will play 2014 as a 31 year old. No reason to think he won’t put up monster numbers for a SS again.

  • Joey D.

    Hi Benny,

    I know he meant to imply something else and so did I – few traffic problems going to a Met game also means few people in the stands as well.

  • Mcgrupp81

    The counter to that is what the A’s did with Gio and the Rays have considered with Price. Get value in a trade before you lose what you have to free agency. The thing that scares me is the opt out clause that players are demanding despite the fact they get a huge contract to begin with. How about if you get injured and aren’t the same pitcher? I can shorten your contract? The union is strong and while nobody will weep for the owners, but there is a need for reason in baseball.

  • Destry

    This isn’t new for the Yankees. THey haven’t been to the World Series very often the last decade. We need to model ourselves after the Red Sox and Cardinals, with all due respect to the Giants & Tigers.

  • Destry

    It would be a terrible move to give any pitcher 10/$200. The Kershaw deal will backfire. Every single long term contract given out to a SP does not work out well for the club. You remember a guy named Johan? We need to trade Harvey after his first year of arbitration before he gets into his 30’s and blows his arm out. The way you handle pitching is by using the Rays model. They either have the best staff every year, or very close to it with a ton of talent waiting in the wings. The only way we can screw our pitching surplus up, is if we sign and ridiculous long term contract with one of these guys. Insurance companies won’t even cover contracts handed out to pitchers after 3 years. That should tell you something.

  • metsman

    It was a knee jerk comment. I’m not suprised by any response. I hate it when people object to something not because they truly have a principled objection to it, but because they are simply jealous; Comments like” at least the Yankees want to win” make me want to puke. And while your attention to my past comments is flattering, I hardly think you found any kind of smoking gun of hypocracy. I thought we were going to have an increased payroll and that the Yankees were going to stop spitting in the face of sportsmanship and abusing a capless game….so that means I want us to be the Yankees? You’re taking a big leap there.

  • chago

    “Sorry to break the news to you but you had 20 years of spending without results.”

    Sorry bro but I stopped reading after that first line . If you want to compare how the Mets have spent to the Yankees and call it the same we have nothing to talk about . Would the Yankees as close as we were with the early Minaya Mets said no to bringing in Manny . HELL NO ! They would have said is that enough need more Omar? Would the Yankees have said ahh why spend the extra 20 mil we’ll be OK with Bay let Holiday go to the Cards and we can pocket that extra change , HELL NO . And that would have been just the tip of that iceberg . Get serious in the Wilpons wildest wet dreams they never spent anywhere close to the level the Yankees operate at .

    We spent yes , we were top 5 yes but we very rarely IF EVER approached the spending the Yankees sustain over decades even for a couple of years much less a consistent basis so please don’t even go there . That is a BS argument and comparing our “big” spending as compared to the Yankees “mega” spending is just plain incomparable .

  • Destry

    Yeah, Sandy jumped the gun on Granderson, C. Young & Colon and waited too long on Ike & Drew. This offseason could’ve gone a lot better. I wouldn’t say he did a terrible job, but there a few GMs that did a worse job this offseason given the market, and considering our needs. We will have to see how it plays out, but right now we spent $60mil on a 33 year old OF with a .229/.317/.405 7 HRs 15 RBI season.

    -We did add a 30 year old OF for $8mil with a .200/.280/.379 12 HR 40 RBI season as well

    -Don’t forget that we gave $3.5 million to a 1B with a .205/.326/.334 9 HR 33 RBI line in 2013, and no, its not Lucas Duda I’m talking about.

    That’s a $72million gamble that 3 different players have historical comeback type seasons. Not sure it was the best allocation of our limited resources. Why do we insist on overpaying for power when we play in a stadium that drains it? Does that make any sense to anyone else?

    -The funny part is that the 2/$20 deal to the 40 year SP whose PEDs are about to expire might be the best signing of the bunch.

  • Bail4Nails

    I’m just going to leave this here for fun:
    “When you see stories of guys coming back in 10 months, I’m going to think, ‘Hey, I can come back in nine,'” Harvey told The Wall Street Journal on Thursday”

  • Joey D.

    Hi Task,

    Could be. It’s also much cheaper to live in Florida (housing, food,etc.) even for a half season than it is in New York or most anywhere else. Probably a combination of what you and I both hit upon.

    But it’s too bad for us. Balfour could have made a tremendous impact on our bullpen along with a healthy Parnell, Black, Germen, Torres, Rice and possibly Mejia or Familia. That would have made the lack of obtaining at least two more dependable bats for maybe a total additinal cost in the $20 – $22 million range even more frustrating because with the starting rotation and that type of bullpen along with Granderson, Wright, Murphy, the potential of d’Arnaud and those two more bats, that is six out of eight position players who can hit.
    Add Lagares’ defense in center – that’s a nice club to think about.

    That’s why I insist that “rebuilding” was only a smokescreen for cost cutting for at this point, there is a definite need to go outside the organization to fill in the missing pieces – we are that close but because we do not – and never did – have the financial resources to run an organization properly and obtain the dependable bats (not blue chip but good ones that will still cost money) we will always be that close but that so far away at the same time.

    Forgot about Hudson so agree with you, Oakland will be fine in the rotation. It all depends if any of their fine relievers has the “mental” capacity to be a closer for it’s obviously not going to be a matter of skill.

  • metsman

    I enjoy being a Mets fan every year no matter what. I think any business the size of a sports franchise is run by cold analytical liars and the Yankees are no exception….they spend massive amounts of money and every time I meet someone who doesn’t watch baseball anymore, they generally point to the mockery that their franchise has made of the game, even if it is largely symbolic and doesn’t always equal wins.

  • trevordunn

    nothing worse than a franchise that spends money and tries to put a winning product on the field to appease their fans….how dare they..they should be like the mets. spend no money. bring back the same bums year after year and continually suck until every fan leaves

  • XtreemIcon

    I assume you’d also include the Braves there with no issue, which brings your list to 11. You also failed to include the two-time defending AL West champs and the Rays, who are always a contender. So that’s 13. Which means you feel 40% of the teams in the entire league have a chance to win. That, my friend is parity.

    But I’ll do you one better. I’d wager that no more than five of those teams even make the playoffs.

  • Matt Mosher

    I’m not including the Rays or Braves. TOP TEN PAYROLLS.

    That’s it. You’re champ will be one of those teams. Pay attention….I’m not saying make the playoffs, Im saying win it all.

  • Matt Mosher

    Well……we can rest assured that the METS won’t be doing anything with a bottom ten payroll. That’s the overall point. I know they spent money in the past and I don’t care one wit. They don’t spend at all anymore.

  • XtreemIcon

    33% of the league having a chance to win the World Series is the very definition of parity. And the fact that you don’t even give the Rays and Braves a shot but think the Phillies, Yankees, Angels and Giants do means you couldn’t possibly be more misguided.

  • Hotstreak


    Again you have a knack for getting likes.
    By now most at MMO got to know you and like you. Yeah you like a laugh but you like reason too. A sense of humor with common sense. Good job.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    Who’s the picture of???



  • BadBadLeroyBrown


    Dont you just love it when someones words come back to bite them in their A–!!!

    Well played sir, Well played

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    Stephen Drew 2014 = Michael Bourn 2013

    ,Meaning he WONT be a MET…Alderson & co. are just dragging this out til someone swoops in…they were just about to give Balfour a deal similar to Frank Francisco…which wouldve been a big mistake.

    I rather sign 2 guys for 3mil per than one guy like Balfour for 6mil per

  • Hotstreak

    Ultimately they are responsible for the fan distrust, apathy and bitterness.

    Yes they by themselves (with lies and false expectations) NOT Madoff or Picard created bad Karma. The fan base had enough.

    Alex68 tried to get this message across but by being hard core Sandy hater he lost the message which you Pedros Rooster without agenda convey so clearly.

  • jason bay

    The Niese contract is what we should be employing.

    Guarantee the 3 arb years, add another one or two and two club options.

    When you get through the guaranteed years then you start considering a trade.

  • Mike Lloyd


  • jason bay

    The Mets have spent the 3rd most money in the Majors the last two decades.

    The teams that go often have a strong core if homegrown players that can hold down a position or spot in the rotation/pen for 8-12 years at a well above average level of performance.

    That you can’t buy.

  • DrDooby

    Thing with Drew is that a significant part of his value comes from being able to play SS. As a 3bman or 2bman, he’s still okay but not nearly as valuable.

    In any case, I suppose we’ll see some sort of solution to this over the next couple of weeks – one way or the other. He’s a good fit for the Mets – at the Mets price, say 2-years, 22 million.
    If the Yankees pay him 3-years, 39 million, so be it, good for him.

    Yes, it would be nice if the Mets had unlimited funds and could just buy their way to success. Unfortuntely, that is not the case. They have to worry about dollars & years with any player – even if the payroll eventually rises back to the 150 million range in a couple of years. But not sure I’d want 10 % of it committed to 33-year-old Stephen Drew in 2016 when the Mets may finally be legit contenders for the division and WS title…

  • jason bay

    Hasn’t done **** for us or the Cubs. Didn’t help Miami in 2012 or Toronto last year or the Phillies the last 2 years or the Angels the last 5 years.

    When there are just as many exceptions to the rule then there is no rule.

    Better off flipping a coin.

  • jason bay

    With that pitching?


  • Mike Lloyd

    “Monster”numbers? Lol. If Drew is here fine. If not I hope we can get along without his “monster” numbers. Please don’t take it personally. But “monster numbers” even in the context of him being a SS…that statement is a bit over the top.

  • Mike Lloyd

    Drew/Bourn…if he sells just a dozen more season tickets out of his raffle book, Sandy wins a free fathead of Jose Reyes…in a Met uni no less! Lol

  • jason bay

    If the Mets had ever developed a farm you would have.

  • Destry

    I can live with that, but in no way do I want to get in a bidding war for a time bomb SP for any reason. It just doesn’t make sense.

  • Destry

    -Look at his ISO & BB% 3rd in ISO at .190 behind only Tulo & Hanley, and 2nd in BB% (10.8%) behind only Tulo at (11.1%)

    29 doubles 8 triples 13 HRs 67 RBIs 6/0 SB/CS

    .253/.333/.443 .776 OPS 124 G 500 PAs

    -I’m not sure if you are still living in the steroid era brother, but those are “MONSTER” numbers for a SS. Especially one that plays above average defense. If you don’t take defense into account, and we are playing video games or fantasy baseball, then you may have a case, but in reality, I’m sorry
    friend, but you don’t.

    -Why don’t you take a stab at telling me what you think monster numbers for a SS look like, and then lets see how many SS meet your criteria.

  • Destry

    Busted…..Good work Benny. Remind me to stay on your good side.

  • Destry

    I’m not trying to accuse or speculate, but were you for the Mets going hard after Peralta? Only reason I ask is that he would’ve been here for his 32,33,34 & 35 seasons. I think the Cardinals signed him with the intention of moving him to 3B next season and signing another SS.

  • Destry

    You’re exactly right. Sandy is always playing poker. I recall several times last season when he did similar things. I think that why you have Collins saying one thing to the media during the day, and then the opposite happens that night. Terry talks a little bit too much to be in front of the NY media as much as he is. A poker playing GM, and talkative coach in a big market is the recipe for the circus that we witnessed last season.

  • Destry

    2013-Red Sox,
    2007-Red Sox,
    2005-White Sox,
    2004-Red Sox,
    2003- Marlins,
    2002- Angels,
    2001- D-Backs
    Something tells me that the Yankees & Dodgers recipe is not the way to go about things.
    Anyone think the other 29 teams in the league wish they would’ve hired Bill James first?

  • Destry

    I listed the world series champs from the turn of the century up top for ya. Check it out.

  • Destry

    2013 Playoffs
    NL- Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Atlanta, LA
    AL- Tampa Bay, Boston, Oakland, Detroit, Cleveland
    -Think about the facts 1st.

  • Destry

    It certainly is not a guarantee. You have to spend at the right time, AFTER, you have developed a core, and continue to produce players to replace free agents. You can’t just sign everyone. You have to have a balance.

  • Destry

    If there are not the DL yeah, but Beltran is 38. McCann is about to turn 30 but is apparently losing his vision.

  • Destry

    Stuart Sternberg I believe is the richest owner in baseball of……you guessed it. The Tampa Bay Rays

  • Destry

    Blue Jays 2013, Marlins 2012. coincidentally the same players however. I’m guessing those guys just weren’t that good. Gotta throw Anaheim in there as well

  • Destry

    I disagree Matt. The Yankees are the 3rd best team in their own division, and SS-Jeter(40), 1B-Tex, 2B-Roberts, 3B-Kelly Johnson, are all huge question marks, as is the bullpen. That is arguably the worst infield in baseball, and easily the most overpaid.
    -Kuroda is 40, Tanaka SHOULD be good, but Dice-K, Nomo, Irabu, Igawa etc. all flamed out in less than 7 years, and by all accounts he’s not even at #1, Nova?, Pineda? Sabathia 5.73 ERA. Our rotation is better than theirs.
    Beltran is 38 and has spent his fair share of time on the DL. He isn’t getting younger this season. Ichiro is 40. Would anyone be surprised to see Ellsbury on the DL in May? Gardner is a free agent in 2014, and isn’t exactly a star. Soriano. Which Soriano will show?
    The Yankees are a Tommy John surgery, a most assured Ellsbury injury and McCann to the DL away from a last place finish.

  • Destry

    Yes it is. You have a 33% chance of being right even if you didn’t pick which teams you thought were the best. Would you have picked Boston before the season? They were awful in 2012, and traded away their big money “stars”

  • lindro88

    Curious why Peralta got 50m and Drew is having this much trouble getting a 2 year deal. He’s a better defensive player than Peralta, he’s never been caught cheating, and he’s a good offensive player. I’ve always valued your opinion, why is Drew having so much trouble getting paid?

  • mr1313

    I really hope the Yankees sign Drew because I’m so sick of the Drew stories and the will we or won’t we sign him baloney. The Yanks can have him. He’s not a very good player imo and I believe he wants no part of Citi field anyhow.

  • Benny

    You were bashing fans who wanted an increase in payroll, which is where I said you were hypocritical, hence the quotes requesting an increase in payroll. No one was asking for an all-out spending spree like the Yankees.

  • Benny

    Like I stated in my comment, there have been exceptions to the norm! Do you know how to read? Or do you just stop reading the comment you’re replying to half way?

    Please do the math of what percentage of teams with a top 10 payroll make the playoffs and/or have a winning record, then come back.

    “When there are just as many exceptions to the rule then there is no rule.”

    There are not as many! You’ve shown your illiteracy and now your inability to do math? Tremendous job!

    “Better off flipping a coin.”

    What an imbecilic comment!

  • Joanie Yan

    Signing Drew makes more sense for the Yankees than it did before Tanaka. They’re spending so much and going for it all – what’s another 20-30 million for infield insurance? And no way the Red Sox sign him – it’ll put them over the luxury tax threshold.

  • Benny

    We were the favorites to win it all during those years, hence the “on paper” remark, sorry you weren’t paying attention…

  • Benny

    Oh and by the way, the Yankees and Dodgers do their spending in totality. Meaning they actually make sure they fill all their holes through expenditure, as opposed to the methods the Mets, Angels, and the Marlins used.

    While the latter group is busy buying one FA at a time and just plugging up one hole, but leaving numerous holes open, the Yankees, Dodgers, Red Sox, and even the Tigers are busy building an all-around great team with very limited voids (if any at all).

    One prime example: Yankees spending on Pitching and Position Players, while the Mets and Angels focused on just Positional Players.

    Oh and one more question, didn’t the Phillies win a WS not too long ago? And weren’t they dominating the NL East not too long ago or was that just my imagination?

  • Anthony

    Better take up bridge

  • mr1313

    I’m glad they didn’t sign Bourn he was just as overrated as Drew is this year. Did you really want to pay Bourn what he got last year for the stats he produced? We got lucky not signing him, besides we would have never had a chance to see Lagares play in cf plus we would have lost out on Smith in the draft. Bullet dodged.

  • Super T

    When the Astros team salary was what ($29MM) last season? It doesn’t appear the rules currently in place are working.

  • File this under shocked…should say no Mets fan ever. If the Mets were serious about Drew, they would’ve signed him by now. With the Yankees now in this game, and the Red Sox having never left, Drew is now most certainly out of our price range.

  • BCleveland3381

    You really think Boras would have let Drew sign any deal the Mets would have offered without waiting out the Yankees knowing they would probably have a need for him?

  • There was no guarantee the Yankees were getting Tanaka, no matter how much spin they have going. No Tanaka, then with their presumed austerity plan…no Drew. If the Mets were willing to give Drew the contract and years, he would’ve signed.

  • mad met

    Nothing in life is a guarantee my friend .. but more times than not teams with higher payroll. tend to have more post season appearances but you still have to spend the money correctly

  • R04

    I understand what you’re saying, but they spent almost a half BILLION dollars this OS. I’d say rebuilding is not exactly in their cards. Now are they in bad shape for the future? I’d say yes, but a complete rebuild is next to impossible with all their ridiculous contracts.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    More reports on Drew/Yankees

    Am told Yankees are still not weighing a run at Stephen Drew. In other words: Status quo.— Buster Olney (@Buster_ESPN) January 24, 2014

  • Pedro’s Rooster

    Stop it! Untalented sportswriters need something easy and redundant to write about!

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    Never said I wanted Bourn…

    I said this is Deja Vu…

    The Mets were the ones whom wanted Bourn…and they failed to get their man. They want Drew but at a certain price and chances are they wont get him for that price.

    So its all about money…has nothing to do with baseball…they view him as an upgrade but want to nickel and dime him

  • Mike Lloyd

    I understand. Dont get angry. I watch the player play. The player just isint that good. I’m not stuck in that era. I come from an era where statistics, and scouts eyes are blended together to come up with an evaluation.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    I think it had a lot to do with his late season struggles…especially poor play in the playoffs offensively

  • RyanF55

    Hahah for all he knows I live in the chop shops across the street. When Fat Christie closes the GWB that stadium is unreachable anyway.

  • BehindTheBag

    Hey, guess who’s about to get wildly overpaid? This guy!!


  • BCleveland3381

    Rosenthal said the same thing. Heyman was the one who said the Yanks were interested. We don’t know Olney’s source, but Heyman’s is “a person familiar with the Yanks’ thinking” whatever that means….

  • mad met

    Batting clean up for the next three years i would take brian mccann with a pirate patch over young or granderson striking out 400 times ..it is going to make me sick watching k after k after k ….just an opinion

  • mad met

    do then that’s have any chance to win a playoff series first you have to make the playoffswho will have a better season McCann or Granderson

  • mad met

    do the mets

  • metsman

    that’s a ridiculous oversimplification at best and plain wrong at worst…. it was a “if the shoe fits” type comment if it didn’t apply then get your panties out of a bunch. but congrats on all you “likes”, you are the man.

  • Destry

    Thanks Lindro, I appreciate that.

    Teams don’t want to give up a 1st round pick. That’s why we have such an advantage of signing him right now. We would only lose a 3rd round pick.

  • metsman

    Please explain to me how I’m “busted”…I’d put both those sentiments in the same comment if I were so inclined, sorry for having a nuanced opinion on the matter and not joining the I wish the Mets were the Yankees/boycott Citifield crowd..

  • Destry

    Just playing around bro. We’ve all made an argument one way and then the same argument form the other side in different topics. Its a blog. Most people come on here just to argue with each other anyway. Lord knows its not cause the love the Mets or know anything about baseball

  • jason bay

    The Dodgers had a below average catcher, second basemen and 3rd basemen last year.

    How exactly is that filling all their holes?

    Last year the Yankees filled their holes with Chris Stewart, Lyle Overbay, Edwardo Nunez, Jason Nix, Vernon Wells, Kevin Youkliss, Travis Hafner and Ichiro,

    Again. How is that filling all your holes?

  • jason bay

    Again with that pitching?


    The only thing we we favorites to win was the off season.

  • jason bay

    Last year the 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th highest payrolls in MLB did NOT qualify for the playoffs.

    If you were able to do the math that would reveal that 3 out of 10 (30%) qualified. That also means 7 out of 10 (70%) did not.

    I’ll break it down for you another way.


    And I’ll leave you with this tidbit.

    Three teams among the top 10 in payroll made the playoffs and 3 teams in the bottom ten in payroll did as well. Five teams in the middle ten made the playoffs too genius.

  • Benny

    “Last year the 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th highest payrolls in MLB did NOT qualify for the playoffs.”


    Is this a joke???

    Did you even research before posting this drivel, you imbecilic dolt! I’m so tired of arguing with you, because you actually show no wit at all. It’s a waste of time…

    This is the list of 2013 payrolls in order:

    New York Yankees $228,995,945
    Los Angeles Dodgers $216,302,909
    Philadelphia $159,578,214
    Boston $158,967,286
    Detroit $149,046,844
    San Francisco $142,180,333
    Los Angeles Angels $142,165,250
    Texas $127,197,575
    Chicago White Sox $124,065,277
    Toronto $118,244,039
    St. Louis $116,702,085
    Washington $112,431,770
    Cincinnati $110,565,728

    You state the 2nd team didn’t qualify, yet the second team is actually the Dodgers, and yes they did go to the playoffs.

    The thing is here you are speaking of only one year, when I’m speaking in terms of long term, hence the “norm” comment. You can’t really have a “norm” created out of one year can you?

    ” Five teams in the middle ten made the playoffs too genius.”

    What exactly is the middle? I consider Big Market spending when you’re willing to have a payroll of $100 mil +, which the Reds and Cardinals did have. Also in the Rangers and Yankees case, although they didn’t make the playoffs, they still had a winning record, which is what I said in my original comment as well. Big Market spending guarantees a winning ballclub (there have been exceptions from this norm).

    Why don’t you go do the math long term, rather than trying to satisfy your preconceived notion of this nonsense-filled Big Market spending not having an impact on the success of a team, then come back…

  • Benny


    Go back and read some articles! The Mets were the favorites to win it all from 2006-2008, start paying attention to the team you claim to be a fan of.

  • Benny

    “Last year the Yankees filled their holes with Chris Stewart, Lyle Overbay, Edwardo Nunez, Jason Nix, Vernon Wells, Kevin Youkliss, Travis Hafner and Ichiro,”

    And they learned their lesson, which is why they did what they did this offseason, are you really this slow?

    Did the Dodgers not reach the playoffs last year? And did I not say “limited voids?” Which means there will be voids, because no team is going to put out an All-Star team out there. Point blank, the Dodgers and Yankees have fortified their lineups and pitching rotation. They will be competitive for the forseeable future, whether you like it or not.

  • Benny

    Are you really that butt-hurt over likes? I guess so, since you happen to be the only one to dislike it (forgive me if I’m wrong).

    It was a comment meant to not hurt your feelings, but it kind of threw me off when I read that coming from you. You and I mostly were in agreement in a lot of opinions over at Metsblog, which is why I found this comment left by you rather confusing. I remember agreeing with you about payroll having to increase or we would not contend any time soon, which is why I had to call you out like this.

    No hard feelings…

  • jason bay

    You made the claim that the Yankees address ALL their holes and now your backtracking and saying they only do it every other year or only in even number years or something and your calling me slow?

    LOL, Don’t be so defensive when your wrong about something. Jeez.

    BTW whose replacing Mariano and Cano this year?

  • Benny

    “While the latter group is busy buying one FA at a time and just plugging up one hole, but leaving numerous holes open, the Yankees, Dodgers, Red Sox, and even the Tigers are busy building an all-around great team with very limited voids (if any at all).”


    “LOL, Don’t be so defensive when your wrong about something. Jeez.”

    Defensive? It’s just annoying dealing with nonsense being spout out by the same person on a consistent, daily basis, and then to top it all off, said person acts as if he is actually correct, which is just infuriating.

  • jason bay

    ESPN show the Dodgers first and the Yankees 2nd but have it your way genius.

    Regardless 3 of the top 10 salaried teams made the playoffs in 2013, same exact amount as the bottom ten salaried teams and top 10 means top 10, not what you designate it to mean.

    Also included in the top 10 salaried teams in MLB last year were five teams that finished under .500.

    Philly 73-89
    LAA 78-84
    SF 76-86
    TOR 74-88
    Chi Sox 66-99

    Notice that these top 10 payroll teams were CONSIDERABLY below .500 other then the Angels. In other words WELL BELOW .500. Is that an anomaly?


    2012 the Phillies (2), Red Sox (3), Angels (4), Marlins (7), Brewers (10) did not make the playoffs and either did the next five teams ChiSox, Dodgers, Twins, Mets, Cubs.

    So what you have in 2012 is five of the top 15 highest salaried teams made it and ten of them did not. Sounds like your rule is no rule at all, not even a guideline.

    Why don’t you do some research genius.

  • jason bay

    That’s exactly how I feel.

    2013 5 of the top 10 salaried teams made the playoffs and 5 didn’t, same as in 2012 and of the ten teams over both years that didn’t make the playoffs almost all of them were WELL below .500 and here you are spouting that’s it’s some kind of a rule when it’s no rule at all.

    2011 only 4 of the top 10 salaried teams made the playoffs..

    2010 only 4 of the top 10 salaried teams made the playoffs

    2009 6 teams in the top 10 made the post season and 4 didn’t.

    2008 5 teams in the top 10 made it and 5 teams didn’t.

    What kind of a rule is wrong more often than it’s right?

  • Benny

    Okay, let me try to put it simpler for you. The top 10 teams in payroll are not the only ones spending via Big Market. There are other teams coming in with a payroll well over $100 mil not included in your analogy.

    2013 – Cardinals, Dodgers, Reds, Tigers, and Red Sox (Yankees and Rangers finished well above .500).

    2012 – Yankees, Tigers, Rangers, Reds, Cardinals, and Giants (Angels, Dodgers, Brewers, and White Sox finished well above .500).

    2011 – Yankees, Tigers, Rangers, Phillies, and Cardinals (Angels, Dodgers, Red Sox, and Giants finished well above .500).

    etc, etc…

    Now Championships:

    2013 – Red Sox $165 mil

    2012 – Giants $117 mil

    2011 – Cardinals $105 mil

    2010 – Giants $98 mil

    2009 – Yankees $201 mil

    2008 – Phillies $98 mil

    2007 – Red Sox $143 mil

    2006 – Cardinals $90 mil

    2005 – White Sox (Finally!) $75 mil

    2004 – Red Sox $125 mil

    Are you understanding what a norm means now? Or does your stubbornness still not let you see it?

  • Benny

    “Why don’t you do some research genius.”

    The fact that you believe there are more “small market teams” contending, as opposed to “big market teams” is just comical. Please take your own advice and research more than just a few years of history. Please familiarize yourself with the meaning of norm in the state of long term, NOT short term.

    The game is changing and the teams you consider “mid market” are learning to build a core through the farm, then buy free agents to complete the team, but what happens once those “core players” become expensive? If they sign them to those lucrative deals they will require, will that not transition them into Big Market status? Just look at how many times the Brewers, Indians, White Sox, and the Twins have fluctuated from mid market to big market.

  • metsman

    I wouldn’t say butt hurt, more like a butt irritation…I think I misrepresented my point and I made the comment after reading the exchange below about salary caps. When the Yankees refuse to endure hard times and suffer their stupid contracts like the rest of us, I find it depressing, and when I hear Met fans defend it, I wonder whats keeping them here. When I hear that the Yankees are splurging there way out of reality, it makes me proud of my team and the crappy situation we have, I wouldn’t want it any other way…even if I actually do… Perhaps I didn’t contextualize enough where I was coming from which is a place of emotion more than reason. The real Met fan in me wants to us rise like the Rays out of ashes with home grown heros regardless of who writes the checks in the front office. I’ve always preached against all the boycott nonsense, I wish there was a blog for those people so I’d never have to see a comment like that again.

  • Benny

    Fair enough…

  • jason bay

    You have just changed the scope of what we were discussing, Can the BS with mid market teams morphing into big market teams and comment on the results in the year in which the money was spent.

    Teams in the top 10 of MLB are equally split between making the post season or not as are teams in the middle ten. Teams in the bottom ten more often than not don’t make the playoffs at a rate of about 7-3

    That says spending anywhere from the most all the way down to the 20th provides the same opportunity to make the postseason.

    As for winning it all the team who has spent the most in the last decade has won it all once so what it really comes down to is what the money is spent on, not how much is spent period.

  • jason bay

    Your only looking at the teams that won with a big payroll. Your missing half the story..

    The Red Sox lost 93 games in 2012 with an even bigger payroll .

    The ChiSox won with a miniscule payroll and bombed out year after year with a top 10 one.

    Where are the Angels? The Phillies got worse as their payroll climbed. The Yankees have led the Majors in spending every year and won it all just once. The Cubs have been in the top ten in payroll most of the last decade and made the playoffs once. We’ve spent the most in the National League over the last decade and made the postseason one time.

    Norms are not established by only looking at one side of the story.

  • Benny

    “You have just changed the scope of what we were discussing, Can the BS with mid market teams morphing into big market teams and comment on the results in the year in which the money was spent.”

    No I did not! I was just addressing your one year example. I admitted that Baseball is changing and teams other than the big spenders are making headway. The strategy is changing, but what happens when those core players I was speaking of become expensive?

    “Teams in the top 10 of MLB are equally split between making the post season or not as are teams in the middle ten. Teams in the bottom ten more often than not don’t make the playoffs at a rate of about 7-3”

    Why are you still with this “top 10” nonsense, when the big spenders go out of this “top 10” you continually keep babbling about?

    “As for winning it all the team who has spent the most in the last decade has won it all once so what it really comes down to is what the money is spent on, not how much is spent period.”

    No sh!t Sherlock! Wow, that’s really groundbreaking news you got there, great job Capt. Obvious!

  • Benny

    “Your only looking at the teams that won with a big payroll. Your missing half the story..”

    Wasn’t that what I was speaking about?

    “The Red Sox lost 93 games in 2012 with an even bigger payroll .”

    And the Yankees, Tigers, Rangers, Reds, Cardinals, and Giants made it to the Playoffs, while the Angels, Dodgers, Brewers, and White Sox finished well above .500. All these teams had big payrolls (some out of your ridiculous “top 10” list), and the Giants won it all, so what exactly is your point?

    Yes, hence my “finally” remark, but let’s not get it twisted, it was definitely not a “minuscule payroll” as you state (LOL). Never knew $75 mil was “minuscule…” Especially when it was actually an above average payroll in 2005.

    “Where are the Angels?”

    Did I not state there have been exceptions? Am I the only one paying attention in this moronic discussion???

    “The Phillies got worse as their payroll climbed.”

    HA! As the payroll climbed, really? As I have pointed out before, when you build a core through the farm like the Phillies did and those players get expensive, then of course your payroll will get impacted immediately.

    Point is, these are the same players they won a Championship with and the same players they were dominating the NL East with, they just got old and Amaro is a horrible GM who just keeps signing these senior citizens to lucrative deals.

    ” The Yankees have led the Majors in spending every year and won it all just once.”

    But they have always had a winning ball club, they have almost always made the playoffs, and are always in the nick of things, yet here you are claiming they have only own one Championship, which is just asinine to say, considering they have followed this “buying Championships” motto for quite some time and they are the most successful franchise in MLB history and have 28 Championships, and the only teams they have been losing out to, in terms of Championships are other big spending teams. Great point though! You are really helping my argument out here lol.

    “Where are the Angels? The Phillies got worse as their payroll climbed. The Yankees have led the Majors in spending every year and won it all just once. The Cubs have been in the top ten in payroll most of the last decade and made the playoffs once. We’ve spent the most in the National League over the last decade and made the postseason one time.”

    In one of my original posts you can see that I stated numerous times the Cubs and Mets are the “exceptions to the norms” I kept speaking on, but during 2004 – 2008 we had a good run, always in the nick of things, but yes you’re right.

    “Norms are not established by only looking at one side of the story.”

    That’s great you recognize that, hopefully you stop using it to explain a one year theory. Norms aren’t established over the short terms when discussing long term wins in Baseball, they are established by looking at history and seeing who are the ones usually winning, which give you an indicator of how those teams resemble each other (big payroll).

  • Guest

    Double post

  • jason bay

    So the big payroll only counts when a team has a winning record, makes the playoffs or wins the world Series but gets lumped into the “exception” list when it doesn’t.


    Facts are that over the last six years teams that are top ten in payroll have missed the playoffs slightly more often than they have made them.

    Who really gives a **** if some of those teams that missed the playoffs were over .500? Did you consider the 2007 and 2008 Mets to be a success?

    Teams aren’t spending in the top ten in MLB to miss the playoffs and then calling it success because they finished over .500.

    Really, this is 101.

  • Benny

    “So the big payroll only counts when a team has a winning record, makes the playoffs or wins the world Series but gets lumped into the “exception” list when it doesn’t.”

    When there are more teams with big payrolls contending over there counterparts, yes that’s usually what a norm means.

    “Facts are that over the last six years teams that are top ten in payroll have missed the playoffs slightly more often than they have made them.”

    This guy is still with this top 10 nonsense! OMG!!! You just aren’t going to stop! How stubborn do you have to be…

    “Who really gives a **** if some of those teams that missed the playoffs were over .500? Did you consider the 2007 and 2008 Mets to be a success?”

    Is that not a winning ballclub? Which is what I was speaking about as well…Man you just don’t pay attention at all, do you?

    “Teams aren’t spending in the top ten in MLB to miss the playoffs and then calling it success because they finished over .500.
    Really, this is 101.”

    No they are spending to field a winning product. Is finishing well above .500 success? Why yes, yes it is. Is it the ultimate goal and/or “success,” no, but knowing you are in the nick of things, especially when you are just missing the playoffs by a game or two is rather satisfying to say the least in terms of knowing you are in the right direction, and with a little tweaks here or there you will eventually have a better go at it next year.

  • jason bay

    “Knowing you are in the nick of things, especially when you are just missing the playoffs by a game or two is rather satisfying………..”

    Yeah OK. I get where your coming from.

    ‘Nuff said.