Why The Mets Need To Sign Drew

2013 was a lost year for Mets starting shortstop Ruben Tejada. He missed significant time due to injuries, and he struggled to produce when he was on the field. In 208 at bats last season, he hit just .202 with no home runs and a .259 on base percentage. While I believe Tejada is a better player than he showed last year, the Mets should move on from him and sign free agent short stop Stephen Drew.

drewDrew provides power and production from the shortstop position. Drew from 2008-2010 was in the top 10 among qualified major league shortstops in Home runs, RBI, and Batting average, in addition to having the third highest slugging percentage.

After suffering from a horrific ankle injury in 2011, he looks like he is now back to form. Drew rebounded last season with Boston, and he hit .253 with 13 home runs and 67 RBI in 124 games. While these numbers may seem pedestrian on the surface, he still ranked among the league leaders at shortstop in many significant categories.

Among shortstops with at least 400 AB’s, Drew again finished inside the top ten in home runs, RBI and Slugging Percentage.

With the way our lineup is constructed, we need all the offense we can get. Granderson, Wright and Murphy are the only safe bets to produce offensively, and we are likely to start the season with a defensive minded player in centerfield in Juan Lagares. To keep pace with teams that have stronger lineups, we need more than a singles hitter at shortstop. Even in his best seasons, Tejada did not hit more than one home run in a season. He simply is not going to provide the production we need in order to be competitive.

Stephen Drew by himself does not turn the Mets lineup into a juggernaut. However, he gives the lineup an extra boost that it severely needs. Drew is clearly better than Tejada, both offensively and defensively, and his price doesn’t appear to be unreasonable. If the Mets can land Drew on a two or three year deal, then I think the Mets have to sign him.

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  • joeyd1966

    I agree but wouldn’t go more than two years with Drew. If it comes down to giving him a third year or losing out, I would rather lose out. One year would be even better since next years SS market is much better.

  • Biggle Boy

    I just think that before the Mets decide they’d be willing to sign Drew to a 2-year deal, he’ll get those years, and maybe a third year as well, from some other team. Boras usually finds such a team. I think there’s a better chance the Mets will sign a vet SS as a backup, or trade for a SS prospect.

  • Captain America

    Let’s work out the first base fiasco and get
    Hard numbers on Duda and Davis and then move one… Then either trade for SS or sign drew to short bargain deal

  • Justin Anthony

    Having Drew’s name in our lineup would look so much prettier than Tejada’s

  • Alex68 (Ch)

    Brian, can we know at the price you’d sign him? i think the issue many have is the money and the years… i mean, i understand that for the 4th straight years we’ve been signing garbage to short term deals and that seems to be ok with a lot of people, but give me what you think it’s fair to go get him because i wouldn’t pay more than $7 million for him…

  • DrDooby

    If the market comes to the Mets, they should indeed sign Drew.
    2-years, 22 million $ would be a perfectly fine contract, maybe with incentives to push it to 25 million overall. By having an above average backup (but below average starter) in Tejada, they´d also have nice depth at the position.

    Anything beyond 2 years doesn´t make sense. And giving up a 3rd round pick for a player on a 1-year deal seems excessive too.

    Yes, there are SS available next year. But except for Hanley Ramirez who probably will be extended by the Dodgers and doesn´t have much of a glove, the options next year aren´t necessarily better than Drew. But if they get a QO, they´d cost a 1st round pick instead of a 3rd round pick, so the “price” would be steeper. And Drew has pretty similar overall numbers to Asdrubal Cabrera, Jed Lowrie and JJ Hardy as the main 2014/2015 free agent options.

    Obviously, it comes down to finances. Can the Mets afford a 96 million $ payroll in 2014 ? Of course, they should. But the budget may say otherwise. Drew / Tejada instead of Tejada / generic backup like Quintanilla probably is a difference of at least 2 wins (the difference would have been over 4 wins in 2013)…

  • Agee’s Catch

    Yeah, Drew Barrymore.

  • Alex68 (Ch)

    Lol, that’s one way to look at it… problem is, we’ve signed players who are bad the past few years to “short” term contracts, i don’t trust this FO to make the right signing nor make the right decision… but that’s just me… this guy is not that good, his market is basically 2 teams and noone else..

  • $14435385

    Right now the Mets are not an attractive enough landing spot to pay market rate for anyone…they have to overpay to get attractive free agents, particularly considering the tax structure in NYC. So the notion of them getting a bargain on Drew only holds water if no one else is competing for him, which is why Boras is leaking stories about “5 or 6 teams.”

    Boston doesn’t want to pay more than a year for Drew because he’s basically an insurance policy in case Bogaerts craps the bed.

    I’m hard pressed to think of a team with the combination of budget room, the lack of a pick loss, and need that the Mets have – NY is the logical landing spot for him. But they’ll have to acquiesce on the second year to get him, because given comparable offers from the Red Sox and Mets – even considering the possibility of him not starting for Boston – he’ll stay put in Beantown.

    I’d call it a “logical overpay”, because while everyone’s talking about next year’s bumper crop of quality SSs, you also have to take into account that multiple teams with money will be competing for the same pool, so the salary bar on comparable players will be high…the Drew you pay $12M/year for now will cost $14M next year. Sign him at 2/$24M or so, make Tejada your insurance policy at 2B & SS, and call it a day.

  • EzRider

    1 year at the most. If the SS of the future doesn’t come from within the organization, this year or next, or through a trade at some point this year then i’d rather wait for the likes of Hardy or Lowrie. Either of these players are worth at least a 3 year deal and will be more productive both with the bat and glove than Drew.

  • joeyd1966

    A one year deal is still worth the 3rd rounder. Worse case scenario you offer him arbitration/QO and you either get one year more of his services or a 1st rounder.

  • HillsideAve

    We need a lead-off hitter.

  • Stupidseasonticketholder

    This would make us a competitive team. Too bad we’re broke. Just being realistic. Spend the dough Fred!!!!!

  • L_G_M

    If we do not sign drew, who would be our backup shortstop behind tejada? I dont believe we have a shortstop on the roster aside from tejada.

  • Joey D.

    Hi Alex,
    MLB has become a game of monopoly between the owners with ball players replacing property and most all of the owners having plenty of cash by the table and more coming in. They are playing for high business stakes and not fantasy league – so why should we be concerned as to how much they are willing to pay for who at this point in time if it will help the team.
    That doesn’t mean to stop being personally offended by all this. A New York City police officer who puts his life on the line every day to protect us gets after five years a total pay of just under $91,000.per while a pre-arbitration level baseball player gets over a half million.

  • The most athletic weatherman

    Wilfredo Tovar i assume would make the team as a backup since he is on the 40 man.

  • The most athletic weatherman

    When looking at Drew’s and Murphy’s OBP and Averages of the past few years, they are very similar with Avg better for Murphy but OBP only a smidge better for Drew so for people saying Drew would be our leadoff hitter, why can’t murphy be our lead off guy??

    Murphy had 23 stolen bases last year and Drew has never had more than 10

  • somedude718

    I agree with this. In addition, signing Drew this year will cost us a 3rd round pick and I truly believe we are the only team willing to entertain a 2-year deal with him. Trying to pick up a SS next year, I would like to think, would cost us a 1st rounder plus more money. Hopefully by 2016, some of our in-house options will be ready, or someone we have acquired in trade since then (maybe some AAA SS prospect in a mid-season trade of CY, or off-season trade of Colon)

  • $14435385

    IF (and these are big ifs) Harvey recovers 75-80% of his ability (about normal for first year back from TJ), guys like Wheeler, Lagares, and d’Arnaud progress, and Syndergaard begins to establish himself as a legit MLB starter, 2015 will theoretically become the year they throw caution to the wind and deal prospects for a legit difference-making middle order bat. That’s where I’d like to see their resources go next year – to that “one guy away” player, not a SS. Sign Drew and you’re set for a couple of years with a guy who’ll solidify your up-the-middle defense and give you .760 OPS guy to plug in your lineup. Then go for the throat in 2015.

  • MLBGM Fire TC

    I wouldn’t mind 1 year, but I would not want drew taking up room on our “salary cap” come next year and the year after that.

  • Brian D.

    Hi Alex,

    I think 2/24 or 3/36 is fair for Drew.

  • While next years market could be better (how many re-sign), they will cost more and hopefully cost a #1 pick.
    Besides if next year is all in and you want one of those then unloading Drew shouldn’t be that hard.

  • Honestly, we should offer up one of our arms to the Cubs for Arismendy Alcantara. He can play in Vegas until Jun-July and come up when he’s ready. This gifts you the chance to give Tejada one last chance before confining him to being a backup middle infielder. The Cubs are starved for pitching, so I think deGrom and one piece at a lower level could do it. I’d be willing to give up more because Alcantara could be a lesser Reyes for us, but light years better for us in terms of play, pay, and upside than Tejada, Drew, or Tovar.

  • Tommy2cat

    I could live with this infield:

    Wright at 3b, Drew at SS, Eric Young, Jr. to 2b & Daniel Murphy to 1b.

    I could live with this outfield:

    lf – Granderson
    cf – Lagares
    rf – C. Young

    Andrew Brown & den Dekker as reserves.

    d’Arnaud/Recker as catchers.

    Juan Lagares
    Daniel Murphy
    David Wright
    Curtis Granderson
    Travis d’Arnaud
    Stephen Drew
    Chris Young
    Eric Young

    It’s a strange cast of characters because you really don’t know what you’re going to get. Defensively the team should be sound, offensively it could offer an unique blend of speed & power. It’s just that the OBP% could be a little stifling, which is the X Factor in this equation.

    Team depth will be important on this squad.

    And as for first base, I’d rather move Murphy to first than have a platoon that involves Satin/Ike/Duda. I can envision the advancements Murphy has made playing 2nd base translating well at first base, especially in his range, handling cut-offs & work around the bag.

  • Hitmanᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ✔

    I’ve been adamant about getting a young SS, but the lone exception I would make to having Drew here is to trade Ike Davis to Baltimore for an OF that can hit right after Drew at the top of the lineup. I don’t see this option happening, so I’d rather chase after a young SS via trade.

  • CyYout

    I think the Mets are hoping to get a leadoff hitter in their shortstop and one of the things Drew doesn’t do is OBP. But if the market comes to them, I can see them making a play and worrying about leadoff later on.

  • E1Guapo

    Prepare to see either Joke Davitin or Jocas Dudatin as your 2014 1B. I just don’t see the Mets moving Murph to 1st. The Mets need to erase the question mark at SS by signing Drew for 2 (and hopefully they can work out a buyout option on the 2nd year).

  • Jack

    Overpay to sign Hanley Ramirez next offseason! The Wilpon’s say they aren’t broke so lets see they can put there money where their mouth is. Wright and Hanley side by side would be an incredible sight to see!

  • roger roger

    are you crazy?? sign that lazy malcontent narcissist for a huge contract?? PLEASE don’t…

  • Schnitzer’s Marble Rye

    Sign Drew — 2 yrs 24 mil, possibly a club option/buyout option for year 3 if that’s what it takes. Drew may not be a superstar but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to call him an established commodity that can help the Mets, who are a team that has some uncertainty in the lineup for sure.

    I know platooning Drew and Tejada at first thought sounds like not the best idea, especially if Drew is earning 12 mil or so a year — but Drew is terrible against lefties. Tejada isn’t. Even last year, during a lost season Tejada still OPS’d .719 vs. lefties.

    If the going rate for 1 WAR is about 5 mil, and you’re paying Drew and Tejada 13 mil combined, I think there’s a very good chance utilizing both their talents could yield a .725 to .750 OPS and a 3 to 3.5 WAR minimum — below market value.

    Get it done.

  • MarvelousMarv4ever

    Agreed. Barrymore is definately easier on the eyes, but how is her range and OBP?

  • mad met

    Keep dreaming its good for your head.

  • mad met

    Dont worry if it more than a three year deal sandy will not sign anyone but wright

  • Xavier 22

    Except for Granderson.

  • mad met

    Would rather see ey left murphy first florez second

  • mad met

    Young on bench

  • mad met

    Because it weakens our already thin lineup

  • mad met

    He cant hit his own weight .. so you want three or four automatic outs in a row ?

  • mad met

    His name was jose .. ps he was a switch hitting ss

  • Alex68 (Ch)

    Lmao, yes…. but you’re not allowed to mentioned his name around here because it means you haven’t let go so…. Think Cecchinni and Rosario, even if it means 2018

  • mad met

    Unless u can get them to play for monopoly money good luck with that. Try the next tier down bud .we have played this game before i think we all need to stop hopeing for any player that will cost anything more than 3 year 10-12 a year. Unless we have a coupon book or some base ball style food stamps

  • mad met

    Little high for this small market team. You could spend that on him if they upped the payroll to 120 but not gonna happen so money needs to be saved for a more legit bat when the right one comes along via trade

  • Agee’s Catch

    I’ve never heard her sing, but easy enough on the eyes for a high OBP.

  • Hitmanᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ✔

    What guys you see on the market among SS’s via trade next year? I don’t expect the Mets to strike on any SS’s in FA. Hanley will command $100+ million, Cabrera is on the decline, Hardy & Lowrie will be out of our range, and then there’s the rest.

  • mad met

    Lol awesome. Cause i will never let that go. Was and always will be my favorite met. Most exciting player i ever saw defence or offence .it makes my sick that he is not on this team

  • TPT

    oh i see hmmm we wouldnt pay a all time met favorite Jose Reyes to stay but you actually think they would pay 4 yrs at $80 and thats a starting point…(im from l.a. and thats the word out here and the dodgers arent even blinking) so no way will that ever be remotely possible not with this ownership

  • Hitmanᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ✔

    Right now, I’d give Seattle a call & see if they’d bite on a Niese for Miller swap. The status of top prospect Danny Hultzen is questionable at this point due to the multiple things wrong with his shoulder this past season and they’d LOVE to get their hands on a LHP for the right price to join Iwakuma, Felix and Walker. If the Mets give up Niese, I’d shore up more depth, signing Hanson and/or Niemann.

  • Jack

    I know it’s extremely wishful thinking. I know they won’t do it.

  • Bail4Nails

    Yesterday, all I wanted was for the Mets to sign Drew and/or Diaz. Then Joey D. schooled me about how badly in debt the Wilpons are ($600 million, yikes!). Now I feel like a kid on Christmas post-Santa who just found out his parents were broke. I’m not sure how they signed Grandy, Colon, and C Young, but it sounds like JP Morgan practically has to approve every financial move Sandy makes.
    Now, instead of hoping for Drew, I’m hoping for a new owner. Not out of any Wilpon hatred, I just don’t see how this team can survive the next two years, if (and when) bankruptcy hearings start. I wish Seinfeld or some other Met fan with boatloads of money would take over, for the sake of this team.

  • BCleveland3381

    I’ve said my piece about signing Drew. I think it’s a no brainer, and I think if Sandy could spend the money he’d have already done it. But we’re broke, and for us to be successful this season, we’re going to need Wright and Grandy to stay healthy, Chris Young, Tejada, and Ike to bounce back, and d’Arnaud and Lagares to take offensive steps forward, all while Murphy doesn’t regress. It’s not happening.

  • EzRider

    How does this flawed logic translate to next year? Frankly the team is getting to the point where we should only need to supplement the pieces in place by adding a couple of pieces in FA.

    2015 Rotation should be set. Barring any major setbacks or catastrophic injuries.
    2015 Bullpen should be set or in need of one piece or so.
    2015 Line-up should be mostly set barring any major subtractions.
    Benches are always in flux so…

    So here we go (no real changes through the year)
    C- d’Arnaud
    1b- Flores(hopefully)
    2B- Murphy(with extension hopefully)
    SS- Tejada or Drew (1 year stop gaps)
    3B- Wright
    RF- Need something Here but maybe one of the kiddies come up to shine.
    CF- Lagares, because i think he is the answer in this spot.
    LF- Granderson
    1. Wheeler
    2. Gee
    3. Niese
    4. Harvey
    5. Colon
    6. Mejia/Montero/Thor/DeGrom/Others
    CP- Parnell
    SU- Black
    all the other options that have been mentioned adinfinitum.

    So by my estimation we will have only 2 fixable holes in RF and SS, barring regressions/injuries/trades. So i really see no reason why this team can’t/won’t spend to upgrade the positions needed. It would also work into the SA staggered FA contract plans. Don’t always be such a Debbie Downer,

  • TPT

    im not afraid lol HIS NAME WAS JOSE REYES 🙂

  • EzRider

    All makes sense and kinda mirrors a post i made a little ways down.
    I would have liked to see the Mets make a buy low trade for Gordon this year. He is still young and could improve. Would have made some sense to see if they could have put together a package for Gordon and Ethier. Could have platooned the two of them.
    Gordon at least has the potential to bat LO if he could hit.

  • Alex68 (Ch)

    Agree, well said..

  • mad met

    Debbie downer lol. This is at best a 500 team if everthing goes well. Where is your clean up hitter ..where is your ss ..oh yeah toronto i forgot .tehada is a guy that does not respect his ablity the game his team mates or the fan base .great pick. This team as it stand has 1200 f@$$&#^#^ stike outs wake up ..

  • MetsFAN660

    Hilarious to see the howlers still whining about how broke the Mets are. They can’t afford to sign David Wright! They can’t afford any free agents! Now…they can’t afford any more than $80M in free agents. It would be sad if it wasn’t so amusing. Drew is a disaster waiting to happen. Not only is he a risk, he’s an unnecessary one. The Mets were snart to realize they were being used by Jay Z to boost up Cano’s offer, and they are smart to know that Boras is doing the same thing. Stay away.

  • Frank Francisco

    I have mixed feelings about Drew. I think they should sign him, but if they don’t I wont be all that upset about it.

  • Frank Francisco

    Backups are supposed to be defensive minded…. Tovar is a great defensive SS….

  • Frank Francisco

    Clearly you have no idea how supply and demand works…

    If there is more supply of quality short stop, price decreases….

  • TPT

    oh hey jose reyes would be a pretty good leadoff hitter that plays ss huh??? lol

  • The most athletic weatherman

    Drew would absolutely make this lineup better but I don’t see what all the hubbub is about when saying he’d be our leadoff hitter right away when Murphy’s stats are very similar offensively. No need to write off Murphy right away as the leadoff man.

  • CyYout

    Can you imagine? Reyes comes back and wins a WS with the Mets and Wright? January is for dreaming I guess…

  • The most athletic weatherman

    Thank you, it’s like the days of having Ronny Cedeno as our backup to Reyes..excellent glove and if he hits a bonus…backup ss is DEFENSE first and offense second. Everybody keeps saying how Tovar has exceptional defensive skills so I think he’d be a great Backup Not starter.

  • EzRider

    Reading is comprehension. Go back and re-read my post. My projections were for 2015. I made no statements as to the 2014 team outside of me not having a problem with the Mets signing Drew to a 1 year deal as a stopgap. This IS a .500 team that can be better. They will strike out a ton. I feel Granderson will be an okay cleanup hitter for 1 year.

    You being a DD is based on your misguided belief that the Mets and SA won’t spend next year. Based on what facts? They improved the team this year and spent money in FA. Why not next year? Say they don’t sign a RF. Trades can happen over the season or in the off-season. So even if they only sign one major FA, lets say that SS, does 3 years for 48 get us one of Lowrie or Hardy or 4 for 60? Does someone like Drew deserve this type deal? No. How about As. Cabrera deserve that type of deal? No.

    If the Mets sign Drew to a two year deal and then sign/trade for an OF next year. I’d be okay with that i guess.

  • EzRider

    Hey, i’m not a huge fan either but as far as taking a flier and not giving up much i’d be into that. Especially if he was part of the larger deal.

    Besides, you mentioned him in your above statement.

  • $14435385

    Clearly you have no idea how anchoring works…I suggest you google “neuromarketing” and “anchoring” and learn something new today…

  • Nmartz

    Agree, save that money. We dont need Drew, this year is not our year.

  • Nmartz

    Hanley ? Nah.. He won’t survive in NY. He’s an old version of Valdespin, with the part that he’s more talented but lazy however, I have seen him playing in the Dominican League and the guy is extremely lazy.

  • BCleveland3381

    You act like because we’re saving this year that means we have more to spend next year. It doesn’t.

  • kunym16

    What is the the big deal with Drew? He doesn’t hit for much of an average, has some power (though hit in very hitter friendly parks), doesn’t steal bases, strikes out a lot (struck out in as many games played, 124), doesn’t have a great OBP to outweigh those, plus is very injury prone. His glove is his best asset and its not that much better than Tejada. Why waste a draft pick and money for one, maybe two years of a decent shortstop? It would be a waste. Is he an upgrade over Tejada, slightly. Give the 24 year old with some good history play over the highly overrated 30 year old.

  • Name

    As long as he’s not hittibng leadoff, Eric Young has very minimal value.
    d’Arnaud has not proven himself to be a major league hitter. I would not bat him fifth.
    I’ve never liked Drew. He is EXTREMELY overrated. He doesn’t hit for average, has minimal power, is much older than Tejada, who has proven to have a decent ceiling, unlike Drew, and comes with a 12-20 million dollar pay and a draft pick. I just don’t think he’s worth that kind of risk

  • Destry

    .377 OBP vs RHP in 2013

  • Destry

    Yeah, but who is gonna play the other 95 games at SS?

  • Destry

    He would leadoff against RHP .284/.377/.498, he could hit 3rd or 4th with those numbers

  • Destry

    He also will make $82mil over the next 4 years and play 50 games/season and lose his speed.

  • EzRider

    I agree with that. Hell, at this point even if he is the same type of hitter as Gordon i’d be just as happy giving Tovar a shot at winning the job. He has some speed and plays stellar D. I know this is a super longshot just saying. With no upgrade they should just make the starting SS an open competion in ST between Muno, Tejada and Tovar. I’m rooting for Muno.
    I know at times i’ve been crazy and frustrated but i’m not one of those people that needed it all in one off season. I for one am happy with, also confused by, some of the signings this year and feel we are taking the right steps to becoming a sustainably winning organization. Putting good pieces in place with more to come. I really believe this team can win upwards of 85 wins this year. Just for once we need HEALTH AND PROGRESS not injuries and regression. This team has some hidden gems and well known ones we just need them to take the next step forward. SA and the wilpon’s also need to smartly add when and where needed. We’ve already seen that SA can subtract.

    Sorry for being long winded.

  • Super T

    Real late to the party on this one because I had work & family to tend too, but I saw this article earlier, and wanted to tell you I concur with your thoughts here.

    Sandy Alderson stated the beginning of the off season that “SS was the team’s biggest need” and it’s almost comical now if the Mets do truly plan on going with Ruben Tejeda & Ike Davis to start 2014 with. I know they can’t fill all the team’s holes in 1 off season, but if SS is the team’s biggest need and there is a good SS available that will cost a 3rd round draft pick and less than his market value – Then get him signed already!

  • BCleveland3381

    So true. We aren’t getting anything but the leftover scraps next season. If Tejada is starting, he’s going to have to leadoff for us. Lagares, d’Arnaud, Chris Young, and even Granderson are all already huge question marks offensively. This season could be a mess.

  • Super T

    I’m glad you feel the same way as well BCleveland. All these fans posting “Drew isn’t worth it” or “Give Ruben (or Ike) another chance” will be a lot of the same fans trashing them during the season if they fail again.

  • mad met

    Problem is he wants money. All we have is iou’s

  • mad met


  • mad met

    Another bingo

  • mad met

    Its not that drew is that great ..he is good some power 260 hitter great d …the thing is tehada sucks and does not respect his team or fans the game or his ability

  • mad met

    So far the only thing the mets spent was the 30 million that was given to them that everyother team recieved and spent as well where is the rest of the money that came off the books ..and if u only have so much to spend even tho thats a joke. At least spent it well ..what the hell is chris young doing on this team ..

  • mad met

    Send me a message when they finaly sign the right player instead of the lower tier then well talk. There are reasons the yankees did not offer granderson a contract .colon really .jason bay . Where does it end get the correct players not the bargains for once

  • mad met

    I would not mind drew if they add payroll to about 110 mil. But not gonna happen we still need a real cleanup hitter hopefully by trade at deadline if we still in the hunt .. murphy gotta bat second or fifth in this lineup as of now .. i say fifth to some protection for wright when granderson strikesout. A LOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mad met

    Yes but u still need to put up a quality at bat. Help the team .bunt sacrifice . Hit to the proper side of infield. He is not the player for that .young unexperienced in situational hitting they dont have young players on bench unless they are very polished. .im just trying to be realistic in our choices .. and its not like we have a killer line up to hide a player .. at this point add the numbers we have roughly 1200 team strikouts this is f@$^# nuts

  • Metstheory22

    I was not in the Drew camp when this free agency started but I am very slowly coming around to signing him if the years and money is right. He would be an upgrade to Tejada and it would make Tejada the capable backup to SS and 2nd. Always thinking of what Boras has up his sleeves in terms of using Mets. I do not think Alderson is going to let him do that.

  • mad met

    Whoops i missed granderson ..great signing 160 strikeouts bat about 240 avg if were lucky our cleanup hitter .im sure strausberg is shaking in his boots