Mets Opening Day Lineup, Rotation, Bullpen Projections

As we close in on February and closer to the start of Spring Training, here’s my take on what our Lineup, Bench, Rotation and Bullpen should be to open the season.

Note: This is not what I think will happen, but what I would do if I were making the decisions.

Starting Lineup

1. Chris Young, RF – The best combo of speed and on-base in the starting squad.  In the last five years, 2009 -2013, Young’s 11.1 BB% has been 9th best among all MLB outfielders with a minimum 2,500 plate appearances.  While his .231 batting average is not what will be continuing rallies and driving in base runners in the middle of the lineup, his ability to get on base will work nicely in the top of the lineup.  He also brings about 16 steals a year, so he certainly will not be clogging up the base paths.

2. Juan Lagares, CF – I would treat Lagares like Jim Leyland treated Jay Bell, that is have him bunting often to gain bat control.  During the summer months of June, July, and August, Lagares had a .288/.321/.460 slash line.  Although a small sample, there is promise.  Plus, being a number two hitter will force Lagares to take more pitches and draw more than that “once a week” walk. At least that’s the hope.

3. Daniel Murphy, 2B – Murphy is a .343 hitter when pulling the ball. No surprise. I have long felt that he needs a good strengthening program to help him whip the bat through the zone faster and turn on pitches to create power.  Murphy has said that he wants to be more selective to get pitches to drive.  Here, we are holding him to it.  Can you imagine how much better this team is if Murphy can have a .290/.360/.480 slash line?  He was close last year at .286/.319/.415.

4. David Wright, 3B – The only player that can handle this spot.  If we put Wright at #3 and Murphy at #2, the lineup will shorten.  Wright is still the best hitter on the team.

5. Curtis Granderson, LF – Not a cleanup hitter, yet.  While Granderson has hit home runs at a rate of 1 HR per every 20 at-bats, putting him in a position where he is expected to hit home runs will take away from his other attributes such as using his speed to get more doubles and triples as well.

6. Travis d’Arnaud, C – Hitting between two left-handed power hitters should get d’Arnaud a ton of chances and hittable strikes, and make this young hitter’s transition easier while handling his very demanding position on the field.

7. Ike Davis, 1B – Davis gets six weeks to find himself. Duda in minors to become more aggressive with men on base and if Davis falters in first six weeks.  If Davis fails to impress in six weeks, the players are switched and Duda takes this spot.  He will then get six weeks while Flores waits for a spot to open up.

8. Ruben Tejada, SS  – No other options, but hopefully, this option will suffice.


Omar Quintanilla – There is no way this team should have only one SS on the roster ever again.

Matt den Dekker – Will play sporadically, unfortunately.  If den Dekker goes to Las Vegas to await an opportunity, Andrew Brown will probably be the fifth outfielder.

Josh Satin – Platoon with Davis, backup Wright. Even Baseball Reference lists one of his positions as “pinch hitter”. LOL!!

Juan Centeno – A backup catcher that is strong defensively and hits lefty.  The other options, Anthony Recker and Taylor Teagarden, are righties.

Eric Young – To get about 70 starts between LF (25 starts), RF (15 starts), CF (15 starts), 2B (15 starts).  Keeps the other players fresh and provides a change of pace to the lineup.  Players like Granderson and Young that have come off injuries and Murphy that was run into the ground last year will have more rest to stay strong all year.

Starting Rotation

1. Dillon Gee – Two reasons for putting Gee here:  First, he can be marketed as such for trade purposes in late July, if he has a strong first half. Second, he was consistent last year and this team needs to start rewarding top performances of younger players.

2. Zack Wheeler – Wheeler’s speed after Gee’s guile will be a nice fluctuation to the rotation.

3. Bartolo Colon – Colon could fit into any one of the top three spots, but we will leave him here for now.  He still throws 97 and has very good control.

4. Jon Niese – Niese had a tough start to the year after hurting his shoulder, but came back and fished with a respectable 3.71 ERA.  As the lone lefty on the staff, putting him before the #5 starter will give whoever the #5 starter the advantage of having one turn through the lineup as an adjustment phase for the other team.  A little extra assistance for your “weakest” link.

5. Jenrry Mejia – Mejia only pitched 27.1 innings last year for the Mets, but at age 24 showed that he is still a top prospect in talent striking out 27 while walking only 4 in five starts.  That is only 5+ innings per start, but if this talented pitcher can be brought along and kept healthy, he needs every chance to show that he can be a strong performer while trying to build up his endurance for more dependability.

Other Starters

John Lannan / Daisuke Matsuzaka – As Mets fans, we realize that our best pitching prospects are on the cusp of arriving.  While we are waiting for Super Two dates to pass and each prospect to prove their readiness, pitchers like Dice-K and Lannan are protection against Mejia’s faltering or any other injury that comes up in the first half.

Carlos Torres – First up as a long starter/swing man out of the bullpen.

The three prospects closest to being ready for the majors, Rafael Montero, Noah Syndergaard and Jake deGrom, will all likely start in AAA Las Vegas. Montero is the most ready with 159 innings pitched last year, 89 of them being in AAA.  Thor pitched 117 innings in 2013 between A and AA, but may start in AAA to be challenged.  He does have some developing to do.  DeGrom pitched 147 innings between three levels, A+, AA, and AAA, and needs seasoning either in Las Vegas, or in the Mets bullpen as his 0.71 HR/9 innings in Las Vegas was very impressive for the environment, but his 3.00 BB% wasn’t.


Jeurys Familia – If he is as healthy as he showed in Winter Ball, this is a great place to start.  High 90’s but spotty control keep him as a seventh inning reliever.

Vic Black – Did pretty well in his late season cameo as a closer, and is another 98 mph arm that can be a quality late inning reliever.

Bobby Parnell – The closer.  While the Mets are toeing the waters for another option at closer, Parnell insists he is healthy.  While all players are saying that this time of year, it would make sense to have another option.  Unfortunately, our spending limit is fast approaching.

Josh Edgin – The first lefty in the bullpen. Edgin brings the ability to get righties out as well and save Terry from making extra moves after he gets a tough lefty batter out.

Gonzalez Germen – Germen showed promise albeit spotty consistency during his time in the Mets’ pen last year.  Definitely showed he can get outs in the major leagues, and is another option in the front of the bullpen.

Carlos Torres – As noted earlier, the long man/spot starter that can pitch several innings during an appearance. He proved valuable last season.

Scott Rice – LOOGY.  Lefties: 1.70 ERA, 37 innings, 35 K. 10 BB.  Righties: 9.00 ERA, 14 innings, 6 K, 17 BB.  Any questions?

Other options include deGrom, or Ryan Reid, who was acquired from Pittsburgh off waivers.  Reid throws a heavy 93 mph fastball with a 9.0 K rate in the minors, but a 3.7 BB rate.  Last year in 11 innings in Pittsburgh, his ERA was 1.64.


While the need to play Eric Young will create problems, I do understand the need for his speed. It is hoped that he can be spotted to give a break to the starters and a change of pace to the lineup.

Wilmer Flores needs to play everyday, and thus, will start in Las Vegas. Many very good prospects have stayed in the minors while awaiting an opening, so Flores isn’t the first.  Den Dekker may also need to go down to play more consistently while an opening develops.

Lucas Duda will also go to Vegas to play often and work on his run production.  While we all like players that get on base, what good is a slow, power hitting, leadoff type mentality?  Duda needs to understand that he is taking pitches to get a better pitch to hit, not just taking the walk.  He will probably decrease his strikeouts and certainly increase his production.  In 2011, he had 17 RBI / 100 ABs, hit .292 with 10 HR, a 9.5% BB rate, and a 16.6% K rate.  In 2012, he had 12 RBI / 100 ABs, hit .239 with more HRs (15), a 11.1% BB rate, and a 26.1% K rate.  In 2013, he had 8 RBI / 100 ABs, hit .223 and again had 15 HRs, a 14.4% BB rate, and a 26.6% K rate.  See a trend?  Swing the bat Lucas!!!

Matt Harvey – sob :'(  Missing, but not forgotten.


While I am not ecstatic about this lineup, this is the best opportunity for the Mets to be successful. There are still weaknesses in batting average overall, and there isn’t a full time lead-off speed type unless Young hits .311 again like he did in Colorado two years ago, and there should be a continuous breeze at Citi Field from the whiffs galore.  But, if they play fundamentally correct, d’Arnaud hits well, and a first baseman emerges, they may be in the wildcard picture in September, and that hasn’t happened in six years.

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  • Nolrog

    >>> The best combo of speed and on-base in the starting squad (Chris Young). His OBP last year was .280. His lifetime is .315, and he had 10 SBs. Eric Young provides a slightly higher OBP and puts up far more SBs (46). Not to mention the best combo of speed and on-base is without question, David Wright. What you really should say is, well we know Chris Young isn’t that good, but you don’t pay 7.5 million dollars for a bench player. >>> Murphy can have a .290/.360/.480 slash line? He was close last year at .286/.319/.415..319/.415 isn’t really close to .360/.480 >>> Hitting between two left-handed power hitters should get d’Arnaud a ton of chances and hittable strikesHe’s hitting between Granderson, who if healthy and plays a full season will flirt with close to 200 strike outs, and Ike, who shouldn’t even be in the majors. Ike especially provides no protection in the line up.

  • Dave_in_Spain

    Good post, but (re Murphy) how is a .319 OBP ¨close¨ to a .360 OBP? The numbers you posted for him total to an OPS more than 100 points apart. And in spite of Chris Young´s ability to take a walk, he has a lifetime OBP of .315. I don´t see him as a leadoff guy by any means. Keep in mind that Tejada has a lifetime OBP of .323 in spite of a horrible 2013.

  • DrDooby

    I like the idea of Lagares batting 2nd and am also intrigued by a leadoff combo of Young & Young.

    While I understand the idea of going into the season with Gee as the “nominal” # 1, that role obviously will go to Colon as an 18-game winner in 2013 due to “Baseball protocoll”. And while Gee has been solid, Colon & Niese both have been better pitchers overall over the past 3 years, almost regardless of which statline / metric you want to use.

    I do expect a very different bench than your projection though.
    If he doesn´t start, Eric Young jr. obviously is one piece, providing speed off the bench and the ability to provide solid defense in the OF. Josh Satin will obviously be a 2nd bench piece, barring a collapse and PH vs. LH and also platoon with whoever the regular 1bman vs. RH is – be that Duda or Ike Davis. If both Ike & Duda stay, I expect Ike to get the first & his final crack at making this his position longterm. Duda figures to be the main PH vs. RH off the bench and can DH in Interleague play – such as in an early season at LAA in April and go from there. When the Mets are starting Jennry Mejia who figures to produce plenty of groundballs, Duda may get an occasional start in the OF here or there.
    The backup C will be either Recker or Teagarden early on. Juan Centeno will get to work fulltime with the very talented Las Vegas 51s staff and may join parts of it in NY during the 2nd half or if Travis d´Arnaud has to go to the DL.
    The final roster spot will go to a backup middle infielder to be determined. For now, that´d be Omar Quintanilla. But I expect further additions here between now & April 2nd. Just like I still believe that either Duda or Ike still gets moved and Kirk Nieuwenhuis becomes the 5th outfielder / PH vs. RH while Wilmer Flores turns into the main backup option at 1b.

    In the bullpen, a veteran addition between now & OD could well bump Jeurys Familia to the 51s pen to open the season and get some more fine-tuning. I bet he´s up before May 15th anyway though.

    All in all, while the talent at several spots could be better, the depth is nice and there are multiple options in place in case something goes wrong. The days of Rick Ankiels or Miguel Batistas on the roster should be gone. Stephen Drew at SS would really help, especially as Ruben Tejada as a backup would be a strength here too.

  • KennyandtheMets


    I like a lot of your ideas. I agree that Murphy shouldn’t be the #2 hitter. I’d probably flip Murphy and Granderson in that line up. Lagares needs to prove he can get on base more often before he hits 2nd. It’s not a great option, but Tejada might do a better job as the #2 hitter (although I wish we had a real starting SS). At 1B, I agree that Flores should start in AAA. I hope he will be playing 1B for Vegas every day. I do think Davis and Duda should compete for the job in ST.

  • Benny

    Murphy batting leadoff (7 games *small sample*): .296 BA/.333/.481/.815

    Murphy leading off an inning (138 PAs): .336/.399/.592/.991

    Batting second is his forte, he has had the most PAs in this spot, and has produced well (.302/.339/.440/.778)

    Murphy has just been horrible batting third as you suggested (.210/.217/.276/.493)

    I was very surprised by his 23 steals this past season. His OBP was at a .319 clip, which is not good for a leadoff hitter, but compared to our other options it’s better, especially when Murphy posted a .332 OBP in 2012. I believe he can return to around that number if given the leadoff role, which is not bad at all (IMO). He also stated that improving his patience is his goal this offseason, and everyone knows how much of a hard worker this guy is.

    That being said, I would go with:

    2B Murphy
    SS Tejada
    3B Wright
    LF Granderson
    C d’Arnaud
    RF Young
    1B Davis
    CF Lagares

  • mets2014

    I know you stated that this is not what you predict the lineup to be but what YOU would do if creating the lineup. This is what the lineup is going to be based on the clues Collins and alderson have been giving throughout the off season:
    E Young LF, Murphy 2B, Wright 3B, Granderson RF, C Young CF, Duda 1B, D’arnaud C & Tejada SS
    Bench – Davis, Recker, Quintanilla, Lagares & Brown
    Rotation – Colon, Niese, Wheeler, Gee & Dice K
    Bullpen – FA, Parnell, Black, Germen, Rice, Edgin & Torres
    Notes: I don’t see how davis is on the team when they go north so satin and flores will battle for his vacancy. If they sign Rodney he will be the closer and parnell the 8th inning, if they sign a Gregg type, Parnell will remain the closer.
    I’m not saying this is the best lineup or I would do it this way…this is just what I am predicting what the roster will be based on the FO’s mindset.

  • sperry

    I like that you had a lot of stuff that I didn’t expect, but putting Gee in line to go up against other teams’ top starter? Ehhh I don’t know about that.

  • MLBGM Fire TC


  • Super T

    Colon will be the opening day SP and rightly so. Dude was in the discussion for AL CY last year, plus he has the most experience (veteran), plus they didn’t give him $20MM to be the team’s 3rd SP in the rotation.

  • Hodges14

    Young or Young at leadoff is rough. Neither one of them gets on base very much.

  • Hodges14

    Agree. Chris Young should be batting 7th if he’s in the lineup. He doesn’t get on base enough to be at the top of the order.

  • Andrew Herbst

    I think that Colon will be the opening day starter and EY will bat leadoff over Chris Young.

  • skyhappysal

    I think that Niese will start ahead of Wheeler but there would be a big advantage to splitting up Mejia and Wheeler because they are the two who may not as deep into games. I think throwing Wheeler right after Colon could be a good idea, he can watch how Bart attacked the hitters and try the same approach.,
    I worry about CY and Lagares at the top – Lagares may develope into a top of the order hitter but as it stands we are giving away a lot of at bats. Despite his walk rate, CY had a .280 on base percentage last year. Because he is selective and has some pop I wonder if he would be a good /8. May help us turn the lineup over some when he walks, if he walks the pitcher can bunt him over to 2nd or 3rd (if he steals 2nd!), and he has enough power to ash in the base runners before the pitcher kills us sometimes.
    I like your bullpen – and it does show that maybe we don`t need another head in there – that is provided Familia looks ready

  • mets2014

    BTW Gus these are my favorite types of posts where folks can debate and share their rationale…makes for good blogging…well done sir!

  • Alex68

    But, if they play fundamentally correct, d’Arnaud hits well, and a first baseman emerges, they may be in the wildcard picture in September”

    LMAO!!!!! #GoodLuckWithThat

  • DrDooby

    True. C.Young has a career .315 OBP, E.Young is a career .325 – but without CY power. Based on tradition, i.e. the speed element, they´d seem like the easiest alternative, especially since Murphy would probably bat 2nd in such an arrangement to go R-L-R-L early in the lineup followed by Wright & Granderson.

    Fact is, the Mets currently do not have a classic leadoff candidate. Murphy would qualify – but leave the rest of the lineup very RH with only Granderson and the 1bman being LH in all likelihood. If the Mets sign Stephen Drew, Murphy at leadoff becomes a more viable option, I suppose.

    Tejada & Lagares have classic leadoff skillsets minus the speed. But Tejada may not hit enough and Lagares not get OB enough to bat there.

    In fact, if Lucas Duda is the 1bman, batting the Duda / Satin platoon leadoff would be a “sabermetric” move as the combo would probably be OB well over 35+ % of the time, albeit without any sort of speed. Plus, you´d probably have to drop Murphy to 3rd and Granderson to 5th in that arrangement to avoid having the lefties back-to-back.

    In any case, the lineup will be an interesting task to ponder for the FO & TC – though historically, the lineup effects have proven to be rather marginal anyway.

  • skyhappysal

    I don`t see Parnell losing the job unless he isn`t right this spring. Balfour had an excellent record as a setup man, as does Rodney. They want a setup man who could close if necessary.
    I think Mejia will be given a legit chance at the 5 spot. CY, Lagares, and EY may form a 3 headed-2 position platoon as you suggest. I rank that as likely.
    Ike will deffintely be the first baseman unless someone meets our asking price, and that price may go up if Ike looks to be continuing from his 2nd half approach. Sorry Duda but you have an option left. Because EY, Jaun, and CY can all play all 3 OF positions Duda may make the team as the 5th OF-pinch hitter at the expense of Den Decker – I also see this as likely.

  • skyhappysal

    I love Murphy too but I feel like your hopes for him are too reflective of our hopes when he first came up. I don`t think he will reach those slugging numbers. He is looking like our best leadoff hitter if he can walk a bit more. Can we combine he and CY?

  • Benny

    Knowing Terry’s M.O., I think you may be right…

  • skyhappysal

    I felt the same way but maybe Terry will play matchups to start teh year or maybe Bart has some tightness in his elbow and has a spring start pushed back skewing the order. Gee is a battler so I don’t mind him against other ones. In our division most teams have 3 ones anyway.
    I think the rotation should be strung together with the bullpen’s health in mind actually.

  • calamityfrancis

    Isn’t Chris Young a .300obp kind of guy the last couple of years?

  • Hodges14

    I think Ike has an option left also. Seem to recall seeing that somewhere.

  • Rocky Thompson

    Recker having a year with the Mets last season should give him the edge. I would give d’Arnaud a player to talk with about pitcher preferences without going to that pitcher.
    As for the 5th OF, I see Captain Kirk getting one more chance.

  • DrDooby

    I suppose the order will be Colon – Niese – Wheeler – Gee – Mejia (or Dice-K / Lannan) if all goes according to plan. Actually, this year the Mets will need all their 5 SP right away, the way the schedule aligns.

    Having arms like Torres or Germen in middle relief who can go multiple innings if needed should help.

  • Alex68

    Yeah, but once he joined the mets because Sandy signed him, he’s gonna revert back to being awesome.. a 300 BA 20+ HR 20+ dbls 5+ triples 100 RS 150 hits 75+ RBI 25 SB type player we got.. that’s how it’s been for the past 4 years, no matter how shi*** the signing was, the sandy lovers will love the deal, predict the guy to be some sort of superstar or revert back to being awesome, only to have it flop in our faces so they can come up and say, well, it’s a one year deal, no big deal, he was a stop gap, etc…

  • mets2014

    thanks for replying sal…looking at their track records, parnell is a distant 2nd to Rodney in terms of closing games…I am sure you will see that parnell would take the back seat in that scenario although I am not convinced Rodney signs here anyway…personally I would rather see the mets sign Gregg and keep parnell as a closer with the thought of trading parnell at the deadline with Gregg taking over as closer for the rest of the season and black learning the role from the vet…I prefer mejia’s potential to what dice-k is today, so I am rooting for him but just have a felling dice-k gets the nod at least initially…the FO promised C Young 600 ABs and they love E Young which is evident by their pursuit of him the last couple of seasons, so I find it hard to believe lagares gets an even amount of playing time with the youngs…there is not secret that the FO prefers Duda over Davis and I can’t see how either would end up in AAA simply for the fact that they are making major league salaries, so I predict davis is dealt prior to OD…in terms of 5th OF, I don’t think DenDekker is in the conversation at all…he has zero offense and brown showed that he can provide some nice power off the bench

  • NewYorkMammoths

    On the subject of speculation, what do you think Murphy’s numbers would be if he played second base for the Cardinals?

  • calamityfrancis

    I am a ‘sandy lover’ but did not like that deal from day 1.

  • NewYorkMammoths

    Do people give credence to catcher ERA? Wasn’t Recker’s significantly lower than Buck’s, which would be amazing since Buck caught all of Harvey’s games.

  • Alex68

    If somehow, guys like Emaus, Cowgill, Hu, Pridie etc have gotten ONE shot with the mets since sandy took over, guys like Kirk deserve 20 more chances…

  • mets2014

    davis is out of options while duda has one left

  • DrDooby

    I don´t think the decision who starts when & where in the outfield will be up to TC….

    The OD assignment – which is rather meaningless – probably is left to TC though.

    However, Colon is the obvious choice based on his resume. There won´t even be a discussion about it. It´s Baseball protocoll. If Harvey were available, then sure, this´d be different. But if Colon is 100 % he´s the OD starter 100 %. And rightfully so, if you look at both career & most recent performance.

  • DrDooby

    Unless Recker bombs & Teagarden explodes or someone gets injured, I also expect Recker to get the job initially. But he´ll be on thin ice, in all likelihood with Teagarden & eventually Centeno looming at AAA as valid alternatives.

  • skyhappysal

    Yeah, Brown would be Duda’s competition for the 5th spot I think. Den Decker should be getting regular at bats in hopes of being included in a trade… Brown is less valuable to the Mets if the have CY on the bench for 55 games.
    I still see a split in at bats between those three OFs, CY will be closer to 450 than 600 I bet. EY will get some at bats from 2nd base as well.
    Rodney has more career saves sure but he his stuff is not as good at this point and Parnell looked mentally strong last year as well. More career saves comes with the more career innings on that arm too.

  • mets2014

    the thing is if murphy becomes more of a selective hitter to improve his OBP, he will no longer be murphy…this is the very reason why I think he will be dealt at some point this season…his hitting approach does not jive with the FO’s

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    You dont pay a Balfour or a Rodney 2yrs/$12M+ to be a setup man for Parnell…Especially if you are the Mets, neither would sign w/the Mets to be a setup man. As C.Young received promises from Alderson, im sure these guys did/would as well in negotiations.

    They are closers, successful ones at that

  • mets2014

    I understand your point, but based on what alderson said publicly, Chris Young will get 600 ABs…of course if he gets traded, that opens up a spot for someone, but I think Lagares would get the first crack at it before DenDekker…I think lagares will get a lot of late game defensive opportunities where e young shifts from the OF to replace murphy at 2B and lagares goes to the OF, but as far as ABs goes he will probably get some sunday afternoon starts as a 4th outfielder would normally do

  • Hodges14

    The main problem with the lineup is that after Wright, Murphy and Granderson there is no one that can be counted on at this point to produce. Every other spot has some kind of question mark attached to it.

  • Alex68

    LMao!!!! Dude, take this to your blogging grave, for that comment, know the #CORE salute you…

  • Hodges14

    Lagares sitting on the bench to create playing time for either of the Youngs would seem to be counter productive. They need to find out if Lagares has the offensive skills to stick in the majors. They already know what they Youngs are.

  • Dark HelMet

    Why does Niese’s name have a strike through it? Is that some sort of pitching inside joke?

  • Hodges14

    You may be right. I just recall reading something in the last couple of weeks saying that they could send Ike to Vegas again to start the season. I may be mistaken.

  • mets2014


  • Benny

    ” know the #CORE salute you…”

    What a tremendous and high praise!


  • Hodges14

    If Parnell is healthy didn’t he do enough to prove himself last year? 1.0 whip, 2.16 era? Maybe they are not sure if Parnell will be ready.

  • Benny

    “I don´t think the decision who starts when & where in the outfield will be up to TC….”

    So you think it’s up to Alderson?

    Do you also believe Alderson is the one behind all the veteran favoritism that has been going, since this regime took over?

  • Alex68

    What a tremendous and high praise!”

    Thanks…. It means a lot coming from you who’s always reading AND commenting

  • Biggle Boy

    I agree with your pecking order for the starter rotation.

  • mets2014

    hodges it really is no secret that the youngs are both ahead of lagares…lagares was a nice surprise especially defensively, but the FO feels they are a plus defensive OF even without him on the field…just think about it, if they were willing to give Lagares the CF job, why bring in Chris Young and promise him 600 ABs…just to be clear I am not advocating for Chris Young, but alderson obviously likes him over Lagares…if you want to argue e young over lagares, alderson spent almost two seasons to get this guy from Colorado and both alderson and Collins said this off season that E young is an everyday player and lagares would have to win time from him…many met fans are stoked about lagares, but the reality is he will be a defensive replacement injuries aside

  • Erin_II

    SMH. #soSORE. PO’s

  • Hodges14

    I’m not a fan of either one of the Youngs. To me they are both spare parts. It may turn out that Lagares is the same but to me his play last year earned him a chance to win the starting CF job this spring.

  • Captain America

    Alex I was amused reading some other mets boards when reese havens retired.

    Some posters were certain to this day that was a great pick. Period.

  • Vin

    Very well thought out, IMO.

    I think Niese will be in one of the top 2 spots of the rotation, with Wheeler further down. In part, this is an inning thing the Mets seem to be sticking to, in part b/c Gee’s relatively slower stuff will play well following Wheeler or Meja’s stuff.

    I really think, however, the Mets are going to make a trade before a third of the season is gone, most likely in ST. They have enough starting pitching to pair with a guy they want to move (Ike, Duda, or Tejada) and maybe a lesser minor leaguer to get something they want, like a more projectable SS.

  • mets2014

    I understand and of course you are entitled to your opinion…it just seems the FO is not on the same page as you and many many fans…we immediately take a liking to the homegrown player, but the FO is challenged to look beyond that and put what they feel is the best players on the field…you may not always agree with their decision, but unfortunately they don’t take the fan’s argument into consideration

  • Alex68

    Bengay helps with the soreness… or maybe see a doctor…
    You’re welcome….

  • DrDooby

    The overall talent level in the organization is a lot better today than it was 3 to 4 years ago. Not in terms of high-end talent but in terms of legit major league talent vs. scrap heap players. Thus it´ll be a lot tougher for “POS” players like Pridie, Ankiel or Emaus to make the roster than it used to be. Except for the backup SS position at this point, of course.

    And I agree that Nieuwenhuis most certainly deserves another chance. If Duda or Ike gets moved before OD, the Captain Kirk probably is the best bet to be the 5th OF and PH vs. RHP…

  • Captain America

    Besides the DH the rotation the A’s used in the outfield last year might give some insight on the mets OF in 2014. Note some games multiple players fielded the position during a game – this is from BR.

    LF the a’s rotated cespedes (94), smith (50) and young (24).

    CF crisp (110) young (54) and cespedes (18)

    RF reddick (113) young (26) and smith (9)

    DH smith (55) cespedes (27) crisp (20) young (6) reddick (1)

    I think Granderson will cover almost all the games in RF but LF and CF will be a rotation of lagares eyj and Chris young a la Oakland

  • DrDooby

    Yes, I do believe that TC is only executing orders from upstairs when it comes to playing time. But it´s more because of a belief from this FO that young players are better broken in slowly and not thrown into the fire right away. When it comes to prospects, this FO has taken things very slowly. Yes, financial control has been part of it, but the general theme has always been about only gradually increasing playing time. Just like not rushing prospects, especially hitters, through the minors. They take a rather slowish approach, similar to how the TB Rays have been proceeding over the years.

    That said, nobody has been held back because of that approach. Every youngster has eventually received a fair chance or more. Except of course, Jordany Valdespin as the victim of a worldwide conspiracy, but other than that, nobody has been blocked / held back. It´s a lot easier to dispose of a crappy veteran than of an expensive veteran, anyway.

    And being “blocked” by Rick Ankiel or Willie Harris usually isn´t such a problem…

  • omar minayass

    the bench and bullpen are/will be a disgrace this year. shame on this organization for feeding us a load of crap…AGAIN!

  • Hodges14

    I understand and I’m not into the homegrown is the best theory. If they could go out and get 25 new players to fill out the roster and win I’d be all for that. I just look at both Youngs and don’t see much. One can run and do more or less nothing else above average and the other seems to be finished after enjoying moderate success in a great hitter’s park in Arizona.

  • omar minayass

    if, by any chance he is on pace for a year like this…he will be gone by the july 31st deadline. even the signings they make are lose-lose situations. and don’t tell me he’s gonna bring back a prospect in a trade, i’m sick of hearing that crap

  • calamityfrancis

    lol, that’s a first….

  • calamityfrancis

    fyi alex, this is pburke…




  • Benny

    Fair enough, so do you think Lagares will be starting in CF come Opening Day?

  • Matt Mosher

    Better than last year, but still under .500

  • Benny

    You don’t think Havens was a good pick?

  • Carl

    Hi TexasGus,

    Liked the article. I believe you may have overlooked 20+ games @ DH that EY can start. NL teams play w the DH once per week now w the new scheduling.

    Also, prefer Young’s power down in the #5 hole and move everybody else up 1 spot. If Lagares develops and TDA hits, could be a great year. Otherwise, another rebuilding year.

  • Taskmaster4450

    Yeah because it is much better to let the guy play out the season and walk.

    You would rather have nothing instead of Wheeler (since Beltran basically told the NY Media he wasnt resigning with the Mets).

    You also would prefer to have nothing instead of Black since Byrd moved on to the organization that he originally came up with.

    The fact that you are sick of hearing it means that the Mets are on the right path.

  • Alex68

    Matt, and you know what will happen… these sandy lovers will once again give sandy a “clean slate” if we win 75 games.. it’s a start they’ll say
    We didn’t have Harvey they’ll say
    Wait for Dominic Smith in 2017 they’ll say…
    Mets fans have embraced losing since Oct 27th 2010…

  • Captain America

    It’s 10 games I believe – only the ones at the AL park

  • mets2014

    in defense of chris young, he was an all star player when he was in Arizona…I wouldn’t label him as moderate…he is excellent defensively especially in CF and has 20/20 potential…I am not sure what we can expect from lagares if he had the 600 ABs young was promised…I guess that is your point – “let’s see what lagares has”…just doesn’t seem like lagares will get that opportunity barring an injury…I just hope whatever choices they make they work out best and all 25 players get a chance to help the team win

  • SRT

    Happy to see you’ve got Mejia in there as the 5th starter on OD.
    If healthy, he should definitely get the nod over recent MiL signings Dice-K and Lannan.

    I’m still holding out hope we add a SS and possibly a veteran arm for the BP.

  • DrDooby

    A below .500 season won´t be acceptable, assuming “normal” luck.

    While the rebuilding was inevitable & fine, some progress needs to be made. And I´d say a .500 season would seem like a minimum requirement. Now, if David Wright & Curtis Granderson both break their wrists and Zack Wheeler and Jon Niese both blow out their shoulders, then sure, there may be valid reasons for yet another subpar season. But assuming reasonable health, another 75-win season will be very hard to fathom.

    The Mets may still have a below average, heck, even bottom 10 in Baseball payroll. But the payroll has essentially risen by 30+ million $ and the first wave of young talent is pretty much here. The NL East won´t be a powerhouse division either in all likelihood with both the Marlins and Phillies likely destined for a well below .500 season under normal circumstances. 81 wins and 3rd place should be the minimum goal. And that´s still about at least 10 wins shy of where we want this team to be going forward…So, we´re only talking about step 1 in need to be backed up by step 2 in 2015…

  • calamityfrancis

    yup, a discuss thing.

  • DrDooby

    The bullpen should be better than at any point since 2006 under normal circumstances, regardless of who still gets added.
    The bench is more uncertain & a work in progress. Still, it can´t really be worse than in recent years. And if it features, E.Young jr, Satin and either Nieuwenhuis or Duda along with the backup C and backup SS, that´s not too bad either…

  • Alex68

    77-74-74 Right path my ass…. FOH with that… Colon is the right path? CY is the right path? How can you honestly say that with as many ?? marks on the team as there are still to this day? Man….

  • DrDooby

    Oakland´s homepark also happens to be the worst of possible parks to hit in for an extreme flyball hitter like Young. A lot of popflies that turn into souveniers elsewhere (including Citifield) are easy outs in those dimensions with large foul territory.

  • Matt Mosher

    Sandys gig is up. This is his team now. No more excuses.

    Unfortunately for him, this ownership/financial situation is going to continue to limit spending. The only way they win will be with kids….very unlikely.

  • DrDooby

    Unless the Mets are well below .500 in late July, I do not expect any sort of “now for later” trade this summer. Besides a looming 40-man roster crunch this fall that will make upper level prospects a lot less attractive anyway, I´m pretty sure that both ownership & the FO realize the importance of a solid season as a stepping stone towards a true playoff run in 2015.

    Now, maybe Young still gets moved to clear a spot for Cesar Puello or because Eric Young jr. / Juan Lagares prove worthy of playing every day. But that´d be similar to moving Dillon Gee for an immediate return – such as a SS – while also opening space for Montero or Syndergaard.

  • DrDooby

    If Lagares performs and shows better pitch selection than at times in 2013, I expect him to start in CF. If he needs more refining, I wouldn´t be surprised to see him go to AAA with Nieuwenhuis & Brown being backups for the two Youngs & Granderson for a couple of months until Lagares returns mid-summer.

  • TexasGusCC

    Alex, originally I had the traditional lineup, Murphy #2, then Wright, Grandy, CY, Davis/Duda, TDA… But, I had two problems:

    The first is who leads off, Lagares? Second, to have Grandy, CY, and Davis in a row means that Wright’s OBP will be .500 because these guys all hit .240 or less with the occasional moon shot. So, why pitch to Wright? This problem needed to be broken up.

  • TexasGusCC

    Hi Carl, I responded in part to Alex below. But to add to that, the CY signing was the biggest F-up I ever saw. After that promise and then adding Granderson, you have too many low average high strikeout guys in this lineup. If they aren’t broken up throughout, Wright will never see a strike. It really was hard to find a good balance resulting in a decent lineup and not having too many similar hitting types in a row.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    Everyone automatically assumes our best option to leadoff is Eric Young, but honestly he wasnt that good. Nor was he much better than Lagares whom everyone is down on offensively.

    E.Young jr: .251AVG,.318OBP,.329SLG,.647OPS
    J. Lagares: .242AVG,.281OBP,.352SLG,.633OPS

    The only PLUS thing E.Young Jr. brought to the table was “Stolen bases”…THATS IT…And we arent desperate for speed as were in 2012 & 2013 with the way the lineup is currently formulated…We have average to great speed at EVERY POSITION except C, 1B & SS.

    I say all of that to say, “Id be fine with Tejada batting leadoff and/or alternating with Murph out of the 2 spot” I watched countless teams like the Cardinals, Braves cope without a speedy leadoff man. Jose Reyes has Mets fans SPOILED

    2012 Tejada Leadoff: 293AVG,.334OBP,.358SLG,.692OPS

    Tejada can handle the bat he doesnt strike out much…If youre a SABR geek you can see in 2013 his BABip was at an all time low .228 which is poor. Im 2011 he had a .331BABip, and in 2012 a .339BABip…thats a .100+ dropoff from his norms so if you follow that line of thinking surely those numbers have to come up. Which is why I think he should leadoff #SABRLIFE #STATSCITY 😉

    My opening Day Lineup

    1.Tejada, SS(Aside from last year he’s always got On Base & doesnt K)
    2.Murphy, 2B(Ideal spot,also can leadoff; interchangeable with Tejada)
    3.Wright, 3B(Perfect 3-hole hitter)
    4.Granderson, LF(Not ideal only)
    5.C.Young, RF
    6.Davis, 1B
    7.d’Arnaud, C(7spot is the holy grail for all hitters,Pitchers throw strikes)
    8.Lagares, CF(Perfect spot for Lagares to work on stuff)
    9. Starting Pitcher

    I understand the need to want to stretch the lineup, but Id rather ensure my best hitters get the most at bats every game. Which is why Wright has to bat in the #3hole, and everyone behind him moved up.

  • peter

    You write for a Met Blog, you should know the players better. Hey Joe can I get a chance to write for this blog? It was a dream of mine to write for my favorite team for the past 28 years. I can not read articles that says Colon still throws 97.

  • TexasGusCC

    Ok, and I bet this is the lineup they DO use. However, I feel Lagares has the ability to improve and will help more at #2 and stretching the lineup more than he would at #8 (my original thought, too) and getting sliders in the dirt all day. Plus, I hate the Grandy, CY, Davis order in that DW will never see a strike. Why should he? These guys all bat .240 behind him. But, I can see that.

  • TexasGusCC

    I already won one bet. You want to try for two? Yes, he did last year. His last pitch in his last start was 95.6.

  • Benny

    “If Lagares performs and shows better pitch selection…”

    In Spring Training?

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    If Wright saw strikes with Buck, Byrd, Ike and Duda behind him in 2013. He WILL see strikes behind Grandy, CY & Davis.

    Pitchers dont fear guys who hit for average as much as they fear a guy who can change the game with 1 swing by knocking one out of the park.

    You dont want to put any baserunner on for a power hitter so Wright will get pitches. Besides you have no other better options on the team…these are the guys that Sandy signed.

    Im not criticizing your lineup just giving my opinion. Im sure by the end of the year meddling Collins will have played 150 – 162 different starting lineups.

    By the end of Spring training we should have a better grasp of who goes where

  • Captain America

    C’mon Alex share with us your predictions

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    LOL@ “The bullpen SHOULD be better than at any point since 2006 under normal circumstances, regardless of who still gets added. –Dooby”

    Yeah, We heard that in

    2011 With Carrasco, Buchholz, Izzy, Beato & Byrdak

    2012 When we got Frank Frank, Rauch, Ramirez & Edgin

    2013 With Lyon, Atchison, Hawk, Aardsma

    The results were terrible each year

    SHOULD is WISHFUL THINKING, no confidence

  • omar minayass

    i didn’t say i would rather have nothing. you have to complement your prospects with major league-level talent. something this front office has no idea how to do. now, whether they have the financial capabilities is up for debate, but yes i am sick of hearing about prospects when i see the free agent pool dry up in front of our eyes.

  • omar minayass

    and just to clarify, im not talking about starters here, yeah they got young & granderson, but LOOK AT THAT BENCH

  • Andrew Herbst

    I actually would like to see Colon start opening day and have EY play over Chris Young.

  • Alex68

    Joe D?? anything on this?? No?

  • omar minayass

    it’s a definite possibility. i’m just not sold on parnell being 100%. if that’s the case & we are not bringing any veterans in, that is an awful big gamble

  • Alex68

    68 – 76 Wins
    There’s nothing special about this team…

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    Youre preaching to the choir.

    If they are unsure you dont go after the Top closers on the market(Balfour, Rodney).

    You go after relievers whom have had closer experience in the past and can take the reigns in case something isnt right with Parnell like Bailey, Hanrahan, Gregg, Myers, Madson or a K-Rod.

  • CyYout

    As much as I like saying THIS is the lineup, the truth is that with the current roster, you will probably see alot of different looks. If Terry is smart, he will sit C. Young against tough righties, Ike against lefties, and Murphy against lefties sometimes. So Satin will get some looks, as will EYJ. That puts the order in alot of flux, which is fine by me — the Rays have moved their pieces around the field and in the lineup and been successful — as long long as we have a shrewd manager who is able to see and maximize players’ different strengths. Despite the lack of star power — some might say talent — at every position except 3rd base, I think alot of these players complement each other well, and if the rotation and bullpen take a step forward collectively, the Mets could hang around for a while in the summer.

  • Erin_II

    Try some of that on your ass, where you feel the most butt hurt, you whining little troll.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    Im tired of hearing about EY jr…..HE SUCKS!!!!!

    The ONLY thing he did better than Lagares last year was steal bases….he is a BUM…He couldnt even hit an earn a spot in COLORADO!!!!

    And i tired of hearing about Satin….He is a bench bat just like EYjr.

    NO GOOD TEAM goes into a season talking about they want to get their BENCH PLAYERS playing time unless its to say we want to get them reps so they are ready…not rusty… when we need them to pinch hit etc.

    THEY ARE BENCH PLAYERS…..THATS IT…If they are getting significant playing time once the season starts, GUESS WHAT????


    P.S. Im not screaming at you 😉 just venting

  • Benny

    Chris Young did not get $7.25 mil to sit on the bench. Colon would probably get the Opening Day nod though…

  • CyYout

    I’m high on Lagares, but that’s a 37 point difference in OBP with EYJ. It’s significant. And I don’t know who the best option is, but seems to me out of all the things Lagares does well, getting on base is not one of them. I think Tejada, EYJ, C. Young, and Murphy will all see more leadoff time than Lagares, unless he has somehow transformed himself over the offseason.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    Which is why I dont have Lagares in the leadoff spot, I have him 8th.

    But one season doesnt make a player nor is it a sign of whats to come. Since 2011 Lagares has carried a solid OBP, I expect it to translate to the majors at some point.

    EYJ is who he is a bench player, Coors field couldnt even give his offense a boost

  • Anthony

    I appreciate your optimism but I see a similar result to last season

  • Captain America

    Teams rotate players to maximize opportunities / matchups all the time.

    A’s mixed 4/5 guys into OF and DH.

    Dodgers have 4 starting OF

    Rays always move around players

  • DrDooby

    The difference is that instead of cheap patchwork scrap heap signings in most cases, the 2014 bullpen should feature several hard-throwing young arms that have nothing left to prove in the minors, backed up by more hard-throwing young arms who won´t need a lot of time in the minors either if needed.

    If the Mets were to sign Kevin Gregg, Fernando Rodney, Pedro Feliciano and Mitch Boggs tomorrow, I would feel exactly the same way I do now. I wouldn´t mind bringing in any of these “proven” veterans. But except for elite closers, relievers are unpredictable anyway.

    And usually, younger hard-throwers with an idea of where it´s going are better bets than veterans with abused arms hoping to hang on.

  • TexasGusCC

    My humble apologies Alex. I thought it was you. Don’t know why I thought I saw your name, other than I wasn’t paying attention.

    I was even thinking about this all morning and came back to explain, and saw it wasn’t even you. Ooops! Sorry again.

  • TexasGusCC

    I was shocked too to see he could hit 96, and I read somewhere 97. But, man was I not expecting that from a 41 year old.

  • TexasGusCC

    I’m not saying you don’t have merits and you can say your thoughts also. I can see your point and have no problem with it. Just hate seeing Lagares batting eighth because he won’t grow that way, but, Sandy or Terry haven’t called to ask me my take.

  • mad met

    Well if we are losing but colon young or ike is playing well we should have some real nice pieces to trade for prospects or if you see something we can really help us for 2015 we can sweeten the pot with a prospect to get back something very good

  • mad met

    I like a kot of comments you make. But im out on this one ey is a very good fourth of . Speed is good .. his defence is pretty good not great. But if a guy goes down he is a nice back up… yes satin is no stud but gives you a quality at bat…i hate this front office and dont understand most of what they do like chris young or going after rodneyand balfour …

  • beers22

    Well done overview: at this point I don’t have any major disagreements. Some thoughts:

    Starting Rotation: I think you can make a case for any 1-4 combo, but I’d put Niese 2 or 3 given his track record and the fact that he’s the lone lefty.

    I’d rather have Brown’s bat than Den Dekker’s glove off the bench

    Hopefully we can sign another reliever, so that either Germen or Familia starts the season in AAA and gets the call when necessary. If that happens and we get a consistently good Edgin, the ‘pen could be a strength this year.

  • Peter McEntee

    Good piece, but let me ask you this, you don’t think Syndergaard gets a spot? I think he has a good shot

  • Alex68

    Texas, it’s fine, i was rather surprised myself when i saw it too.. man…
    Either way, the avg fastball for Colon i think was 91.2 or so… we shouldn’t have signed that FAT cheating PO’s, but then again, Sandy is the same genius who signed Marcum, FF, Rauch, Carrasco so i expect no less..

  • Alex68

    #StayClassy ERIN…

  • Hodges14

    And Arizona’s ballpark is one of the best hitter’s parks in the league.

  • Hodges14

    Worst scenario is both Youngs playing in the outfield and Lagares on the bench or in Vegas.

  • Hodges14

    From the way it seems to be shaping up I hope Lagares does have an outstanding spring training and forces his way into the everyday CF job.

  • Andrew Herbst

    Yep. I think Chris Young will start since we are paying him 7.25 mil. And Colon start opening day.

  • Hodges14

    They are going to hold him back in the minors until after the Super2 deadline. He won’t be given a fair shot to make the team for opening day. This is the new Mets reality. Worry about costs years down the road rather than winning today.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    I agree with you he is a Good BENCH BAT….Guys are talking about finding him a spot in the everyday lineup so he can leadoff…smh

    He barely hit better than Lagares last year and everyone is saying Lagares needs to improve to keep his job on CF.

    I also like Satin but as a bench bat I dont want to hear trying to get him in the starting lineup. If someone goes down for a while as a temporary fill in, yes…but thats about it

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    Thats why almost everyone in that A’s outfield had a brutal season.

    The Dodgers have 4 Outfielders than are talented enough to start on most if not every other team in the MLB….EYjr is no where close to any of them. And they only play 3 OF the 4th guy plays when there is an injury.

    When Myers was called up him an Jennings were in the lineup everyday.

    Joyce is a platoon hitter who has a .100 something avg vs LHP

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    IMO batting 8th is far better than batting in Vegas or rotting on the bench.

    In that 8 hole he will get the opportunity to work on patience since pitchers will nibble since the pitcher is behind him.

  • Peter McEntee

    It’s true. I’m familiar with that all too well, as I also am a big Islanders fan, hahaha.

  • somedude718

    My impression was that C Young was added, in part, for his pop. Wouldn’t that be wasted at the top of this order? We’re already pretty bare on MLB proven HR power, wouldn’t we be better suited dropping CY somewhere in the middle of the lineup? Tejada, other than his terrible last year, was a decent OBP guy. Or we can go with lagares, who may be an avg-heavy OBP guy as he develops. This may create more internal competition. Winner of Lagares/Tejada gets the 1-spot, loser gets the 8.

    I don’t like Murphy at the 3-spot. He’s not comfortable there. The 3-hitter is, traditionally, the best overall hitter in your lineup. This fact would not escape Murphy, and he would try to do too much. We don’t have a traditional cleanup hitter. I think Grandy understands that, and won’t try to tailor his swing for power alone; we don’t expect his yankee days HR totals.

  • Captain America

    My guesstimate:
    Grandy 145 games
    CY 120 games
    Lagares 120 games
    EYJ 120 games (20 at 2b – little rest for murph and murph DH in the al games)

  • Bail4Nails

    You do realize you just posted in another thread, chiding us for being fair weather fans for calling players “bums”.
    Hey Pot, it’s us, Kettle!
    Unless you are being paid by MMO to troll us for more responses. In which case, Kudos! Well played sir!

  • Captain America

    How did the A’s, Dodgers and Rays fare last year?

  • mad met

    The way I look at satin is he is a tough at bat and makes great contact . Guys need days off to stay fresh. I see josh getting time in line up to break up some of the high strikeout we are going to encounter this season..we can’t have Ike wright grandly young all in same line up against a pitcher that racks up tons of k’s . It will be a real fast game night..and he can come in as a nice pinch hitter

  • TexasGusCC

    Thank you for the kind words.

  • BigAl831

    Very well written piece.

    I would think about leading off Tejada though if he shows he can get on base with some regularity again. I like your idea of Lagares in the two hole and Murphy in the three hole. Maybe it takes a few AB’s away from Wright but It does lengthen the lineup.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    I answered you below stop asking the same questions over and over…

    The A’s Outfield SUCKED last year trying to spread at bats…Thats why almost everyone in that A’s outfield had a brutal season. Everyone of those guys had a down season except for Crisp who had a surprising power season

    Cespedes- Down year

    Smith- Down Year

    Young- Down year

    Reddick- Down Ike Davis type year

    The Dodgers have 4 Outfielders than are talented enough to start on most if not every other team in the MLB….EYjr is no where close to any of them. And they only play 3 OF the 4th guy plays when there is an injury.





    All a billion times better then EYjr wel that whole OF is better than what we have.

    When Myers was called up him an Jennings were in the lineup everyday.

    Joyce is a platoon hitter who has a .100 something avg vs LHP

    The Dodgers are actually trying to part with one of their OF’s…The A’s got rid of 2 of those OF’s

    So your argument is BS and has no legs…

  • anthony G. Decesare

    I still think the SS Drew ends up with the mets on a 2 yr deal, I think the 1b Morales ends up with the Pirates and Nelson Cruz ends up with…..the Astros…they have a hitter’s park and money to spend, someone has to take their money.

  • Captain America

    Oakland 96 wins
    Tampa 92 wins
    Dodgers 92 wins


  • anthony G. Decesare

    I still believe Terry Collins loves Eric Young enough that he will be the mets LF come opening day and leadoff hitter.

  • Bail4Nails

    I agree with your lineup, nice work! I think it points out how desperately we need a leadoff hitter (please Sandy). Maybe Chris Young surprises everyone, but his numbers from the last 2 seasons aren’t very reassuring.
    The other question I had was about Ike. I noticed you didn’t put Satin next to him. Is this platoon thing something we all made up, or something management is actually considering? As a Flores fan, I’m just hoping someone holds the fort until he’s ready. I seriously think Flores could have a big impact on this lineup.

  • oleosmirf

    I think that is the exact lineup the Mets use when EY is not starting, however, I do believe the Mets plan on starting Young about half the games so when he is in the lineup, I except him to leadoff.

  • butlerbMMO

    I sorta think that the Mets will get Stephen Drew…. Could be wrong on that but I think thats what will happen. Boston isn’t really interested much these days and really, we haven’t heard anything about the Yankees other than they were mulling it. If they are interested, we’d hear about it (if not soon). Plus, they have more than enough guys who can fill that 2nd base position (Brian Roberts, Brendan Ryan, etc).

  • Erin_II

    #StayTrollin, ALEX – PO’s

  • Destry

    I don’t see any way S. Drew isn’t in our lineup and leading off. He has a .377 OBP vs RHP last year

  • Destry

    Unfortunately, I think you are correct. I think we will see EY2-LF, Granderson in CF, & CYoung RF. Collins would rather forfeit a game than go with a rookie over a veteran. Thank goodness we didn’t retain Buck. TDA would’ve never played.

  • Destry

    If fairness Leroy, Cespedes, Reddick, Crisp & Young all spent a good amount of time on the DL last season. I think that had something to do with their down years, and Cespedes is a free swinger that the league figured out a bit, so you know he wasn’t gonna have the same type year as he did the year before. You think Puig’s gonna have the same number next season?

  • Destry

    That’s the way I see it, but I think the Mets end up with Drew, and Tejada get 20 or so games at 2B

  • Captain America

    Havens results speak for themselves

  • Benny

    Due to injuries.

  • TexasGusCC

    Thank you Kenny. I’m good with your plan also

  • Bail4Nails

    At the end of the season, this the only stat that counts.

  • KennyandtheMets

    I understand your rational for all your moves, even though I would do things a bit different. My fear is that Collins will try to play EY2 more than he should, given his speed at the top of the order. That would probably leave Lagares as the 4th OFer, which I don’t like at all. I think Lagares will be much better with the bat, if given regular time.