Mets Announce They Have Re-signed Omar Quintanilla

Omar- Quintanilla

The Mets officially announced they have re-signed shortstop Omar Quintanilla to a minor league deal with an invite to spring training. The club had non-tendered Quintanilla earlier this offseason.

Quintanilla played the majority of games at shortstop after claiming the job from Ruben Tejada once he was injured, and then ended up staying the starting shortstop for the Mets after Tejada was demoted to Triple-A.

In 95 games for the Mets he batted .222/.306/.283 with two home runs and 21 RBI in 359 plate appearances. I’ve never seen a slugging percentage that low in quite some time. Wow…

Quintanilla will likely give Tejada some competition in camp with a chance to make the team as a backup over Wilfredo Tovar.

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  • This move just makes me feel all dirty inside.

  • SRT

    ‘Quintanilla will likely give Tejada some competition in camp’…

    This is just sad. All the more reason to sign Drew, IMO.

  • Joanie Yan

    I don’t understand why they waste time with these players. Sign Drew, let Tejada be the backup SS/2B and call it a day. We’re entitled to a major league team.

  • DrDooby

    So who had all of Duda, Davis, Tejada and Quintanilla likely headed to spring training 2014 with the Mets in the pool ?
    And as of today, all 4 would probably be on the 25-man roster to open the season…

    To be fair, beyond Peralta and Drew there weren’t (and aren’t) any truely better SS available than Q in free agency this winter. Still, a new name would have been more exciting than the known hack returning.

  • Charley’s Twin

    Oh yes, please enlighten me on what a flawed player Stephen Drew is. Let’s bring back Quintanilla and Tejada just to be safe.

  • Joe D, other than the direct link, the archives under your name and the Mets news & notes link above this post is not displaying for me if I go to the main site url page.

  • KennyandtheMets

    We are so lucky that Q was still available!!

  • coyote521

    It just wouldn’t quite feel like january if there wasn’t a quintanilla signing by the great alderson.
    This year it took a little longer; the last two times sandy signed omar q it was the first week of the year. I don’t know what held things up this year. Maybe Alderson wanted to wait until after the HOF results were in, and the A-rod case was settled in order to get maximum coverage.

    But who cares?
    The main thing is Omar’s back and we’ve got him.
    The replacement player is in place.

  • BCleveland3381

    The funny thing is some people here really think we are going to go after one of the big name free agents next season and that’s why we didn’t go after Drew. The only reason Drew isn’t a Met right now is because we can’t even support a 90 million dollar payroll.

  • El_Verdadero_Presidente

    I don’t know why everybody gets down on Q so much. Was he exposed last year – absolutely. But in a pinch, strictly as a backup? At least he looks like a SS out there, unlike, say, Carrot Top.

  • Rocky Thompson

    Good thing the season does not start today. Still believe either Davis or Duda gets moved. Have not heard much about Aledmys Diaz and the Mets, but have to believe the Mets will make a play for him.

  • Alex68 (Ch)

    Boy, this championship team for 2014 we were promised back in oct 2010 is coming together quite nicely….

  • Alex68 (Ch)

    Lmao, what????

  • Metropolitan

    Quintanilla -Tejada platoon………..

  • Rocky Thompson

    Signing Q to a minor league contract has nothing to do with the Mets not signing Stephen Drew. There are several reasons the Mets will not sign Drew: 1) Drew wants to play for the Red Sox; and 2) the Mets do not think he is not worth the years or money it would require to sign him.
    IMO the Mets will to acquire a SS in a trade. Unfortunately, this will not happen this off season. By mid season or next off season, the Mets should have enough talented, young, major league pitching to trade for a talented young shortstop.
    In the mean time, I would like the Mets to take a flier on Aledmys Diaz.

  • Alex68 (Ch)

    SRT, haven’t heard your prediction for 2014 as of yet.. any comments? You were full on board with the “Let’s wait for 2014” camp. well, now it’s here, I’d love to hear what you think about the team and out chances to win the WS… since, that was what the sandy lovers and defenders were saying since Oct 2010
    Patient my ass…

  • jshapps

    Either way, Fred doesn’t give a damn what you think you’re entitled too!

  • Rob

    There is your 2014 starting SS

  • Alex68 (Ch)

    There is your 2014 starting SS for the 76-86 New York Mets….

  • The post is now showing up on the site’s main page Joe D.

  • Bail4Nails

    AGREE 100%! Aledmys Diaz is the best option available!

  • Justin Anthony

    Good depth signing. I have no problem with it

  • Hitmanᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ✔

    “Quintanilla will likely give Tejada some competition in camp with a chance to make the team as a backup over Wilfredo Tovar.”

    Competition? I hope that was sarcasm.

  • mr1313

    Terry Collins will be pleased. I hope this guy is not on the mlb roster he just flat out sucks and he is not better than Tejada.

  • Daniel Bonilla

    Signing Diaz would definitely be a good idea and give the Mets another viable option at shortstop. Another scenario deal that would be hood for Mets IMO is attempting to trade for Asdrubal Cabrera during spring training or mid way through season.

  • Adam

    Just sign Drew. We have no shot at any of Next years available SS.

  • Adam

    This is going to be the worst Met team since 1962. 55 wins max.

  • metFAN660

    Sad to see so-called fans out bashing this guy. Omar is obviously no Jose Reyes, but he’s done a real nice job whenever the Mets have needed him. Obviously, the trolls on here are only happy to root for superstars…or the sure-to-under-deliver FAs, (like Drew), that they howl over.

  • Guest


  • CJM

    Quintanilla didn’t do a nice job. Ideally he will be in AAA.

  • CJM

    Do you want to bet on that?

  • Matt Franco

    Say it ain’t so… I’m having trouble with depth signings like this. Q had his chance and proved he’s below average with the stick and the glove. Mets cannot welcome players like this back in the clubhouse. It’s accepting mediocrity… I’d have sent Davis off for a bullpen arm too. Sign Drew and Morales! Farm talent is years away. No way we’ll have a shot a Hardy or Lowrie next year.

  • Bail4Nails

    According to, “SS Aledmys Diaz has received interest from the Braves, Cardinals, Dodgers, Giants, Orioles, Rays, Red Sox and Yankees.” A couple of these teams want to make him into a second baseman, but not all of them. And this list has some pretty damn good teams on it. If you haven’t looked at Diaz’ offensive stats (great for Leadoff), reports on his improved defense (average for SS), then at least pay attention to the number of good baseball teams interested in this guy! He is exactly what the Mets need, without losing draft picks, or trading prospects. Sign Aledmys Diaz.

  • Adam

    Last place NL east 51-111. Second worst to only the Astros.

  • jshapps

    I would have preferred a new name with the same skill-set. Variety is the spice of life and all. But this move affects nothing. Tovar can get some time in AAA, so he can work on being a younger, cheaper version of Q for next year.

    When Harvey went down our realistic chances of being ready to compete in 2014 went out the window. The end result is probably a good thing. The means, heartbreaking. Even with a healthy Harvey and an extra bat, we’re still not on Washington or Atlanta’s level yet. Our talent hasn’t matured to that point. If you subscribe to that line of thinking, then there’s no reason not to give Ike/Duda/Tejada another shot to see if they have any value. There’s nothing to lose. If any of them we’re worth anything of value to another team, they’d be gone already. Worst case, Ike and Tejada repeat their 2013 starts and we cut bait. We didn’t lose anything, cause they weren’t worth anything and we already conceded that making a run in 2014 was unlikely. Best case, they continue on their pre-2013 projections and we no longer need to invest our precious $$ in a 1B or SS. There’s no reason to throw $$ at a veteran, slightly above-average SS (Drew), when we may have one on our roster for much cheaper. Same thing goes for a Kendry Morales type. It’s not nearly enough to get us to the promised land, and it would hamper our ability to get a final verdict on some cheap offensive “talent” and eat up salary that could be needed to acquire a bat that could actually make a difference going forward.

    We enter 2015 with a Harvey/Wheeler/Thor Top 3. This gives Niese, Gee, Mejia, Montero, deGrom, Matz, Puello, Nimmo, Smith, Dlison etc all of 2014 to progress and improve and raise their trade value. Improvement from Plawecki and Flores could make deArnaud and Murph expendable…more trade chips. If we get solid seasons out of Colon and CY, that’s a few more trade chips. We’re set to have $$ available and a lot of high value trade chips next offseason. That should be when we’re ready to step forward. Nobody wants to wait. Everyone’s patience has been worn thin. But we’ve waited this long already and things are headed in the right direction. Jumping the gun in the pursuit of a .500 record in 2014 will do nothing but set us back.

  • DrDooby

    If someone hijacks David Wright, Daniel Murphy, Curtis Granderson, Zack Wheeler, Jon Niese, Bartolo Colon and Travis d’Arnaud for the entire season, you may be onto something here…

  • DrDooby

    Well Drew certainly is the best option available.
    But Diaz may be the most affordable option for the frugal Mets….

  • jshapps

    There is not a lot of money left in the Mets budget for 2014. Drew and Morales cost money. We may also have younger, cheaper versions of theses players on our 25 man roster already. With Drew and Morales, we are still not a playoff team.

  • DrDooby

    Actually a nice tidbit. Q now is the only player that Alderson has signed 3 times as a free agent in seperate winters. Before that, Q had been tied with Hairston, Byrdak and the “other” Chris Young with two.
    That already makes it a worthwhile move.
    Besides, Q is a perfectly fine Quadruple A middle infielder who can cover SS alright for a week or two if needed…

  • Hitmanᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ✔


  • Bail4Nails

    My only problem with Drew is that we will be having this same discussion 2 years from now. If Cecchini or Rosario were only 2 years away, it’s a no-brainer (other than losing another draft pick, which I hate doing). At best, Diaz could be our next franchise shortstop. At worst, he provides competition to Tejada, and takes over SS from midseason until 2017-2018.

  • DrDooby

    They were expecting a WS title by 2014 ?
    I thought a turnaround & contention in 2014 was part of “the

    But wouldn’t it be fun if Quintanilla is facing Joe Nathan in the bottom of the 10th inning of Game 7 of the 2014 WS and drives in the winning runs, say, Eric & Chris Young …?

  • Hitmanᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ✔

    They should, but they won’t. Just expect a sorry excuse on why they couldn’t.

  • Joey D.

    Hi Adam,

    Don’t look at it that way. 55 wins would only make them the fourth worst Met team since 1962.

    The ’63 squad won only 51 games, 53 were won by the ’64 team that initial year at Shea and then they slipped backwards to just 50 in 1965.

    Feeling better now? 🙂

  • Flatbush0460

    The pitching is simply way too good for that. Get real son!

  • Matt Franco

    I know the Mets only a have a few million left in the budget so signing Drew & Morales won’t happen. We have younger, cheaper versions of these players, but unfort their ceilings are too low to have any shot of making the ball club 500. With Drew & Morales, yes, most likely we are not a playoff team, but at least the fresh faces could change the culture in the clubhouse and bring out the best in our youngsters. Q signing suggests we’re accepting mediocrity, so young guys won’t step up because they know they have a long leash. I want proven guys starting or youngsters with talent. From a fan perspective, signing Drew and Morales would make me believe we’d have a shot at the playoffs, just a fine small shot, but a shot (It could happen…). I’d buy some tix… As of today, considering everything Sandy hasn’t done this offseason, like he promised us, forces me to hold from buying expensive fix & $10 brews.

  • Why would anyone down vote this?

    LOL People are funny. 🙂

    I’ll give you an up vote to smooth things out….

  • Lotus1209

    You’re an idiot if you think that. At least 75 wins.

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    OH BOY……..Not this guy again

  • I would have preferred Ronny Cedeno instead of Q… As a backup he would have been better IMO…

  • Taskmaster4450

    If the Mets are a 51 won team, why would you sign Drew? Would he suddenly at 25 wins. If the team is one going to win 51, no point in signing anyone else.

  • Joey D.

    Hi Rocky,

    We already have enough talented, young, major league pitching and minor league prospects to use in a trade right now, for back in the Fall of 2012 Sandy said the over abundance of young arms throughout our organization gave him the “bargaining chips” he didn’t have previously which he then said could be used to get us at that time the power hitting outfielder he was seeking – and that was before he got Syndergard.

    But we have yet to see any one of those “bargaining chips” used in a trade in the two off-seasons since Sandy made that statement. We still have such chips for even with Matt’s injury, Sandy was confident enough that Colon could patch up that hole that he spent $20 million to get him.

  • Matt Franco

    Agreed Alex. Signing Q sends the wrong message around the clubhouse that the team is accepting of mediocrity. Our youngsters cannot be around AAAA players like this or they’ll believe they have a long leash and can flounder for a couple seasons. At least bring in some fresh faces for depth. Also, it’s not for depth, Terry loves starting Q. He’ll be out there all August until we bring up Tovar in September. Horse manure…

  • Come on Adam, tell me you’re joking… This team is slightly better than last year, and significantly better on paper… How things end up is all in the hands of fate, but 55 wins? No way, no how. The 2014 Mets win at least 80 games and probably 85 if D’Arnaud, Lagares and Wheeler have solid sophomore campaigns..

  • SRT

    No, I never predicted any year was going to be ‘our’ year.
    I don’t make predictions that far out – ever.

    I also don’t make any predictions until the season starts. I like to get a look at least at what the 25 man roster is going to look like. Still too early.

    – Are we going to get an upgrade at SS?
    – Is Ike going to be traded – who’s playing 1st base?

    – What’s the OD pen and rotation going to look like?

    As far as us winning the WS in 2014….I like to dream as much as the next Met fan but I won’t be holding my breath. Think we’d really have to be that Cinderella team for that to happen.

  • Alex, where did all your friends go? 🙂 Don’t worry, I’m still your friend…

  • Matt Franco

    At least bring in someone else. A fresh face… It’s not like football where you need to learn the offense. Q sucks all around and Terry loves starting him.

  • Biggle Boy

    I don’t expect Tovar to win the SS job in ST. I’d then expect them to have Tovar play every day at AAA instead of ride the bench as a backup to Tejada, the likely starter. So, once again, I think Q is on the team. Oh boy!

  • SRT

    For me, it’s not so much Q as a potential backup.
    It’s Ruben as the everyday SS and Q as the MI backup.

    Same as last year and that’s no improvement at all.

    If he can be had on the right deal, I’d much prefer Drew as the OD ss and Ruben as the MI backup.

  • Rocky Thompson

    The Mets have an abundance of minor league pitching talent, but at the major league level the Mets have only Niese, Gee, Wheeler and Mejia with Montero soon to be ready. That is why the Mets signed Colon. By next season, Harvey (back from injury), Montero, Syndergaard and possible de Grom will be in the mix for the rotation. At that time the Mets will be able to trade a Niese or a Gee for a young shortstop.

  • SRT

    Is Diaz available yet? I can’t find anything current on him.

  • BCleveland3381

    This is a punt on the season in my mind. We aren’t going to be terrible, but we aren’t contenders. Tejada, Lagares, Chris Young, and d’Arnaud are all pretty big question marks offensively. Our overall defense should be ok, and actually pretty good in the OF. But we are a strikeout factory on offense. I think we’re all going to see a lot of issues with strikeouts killing our rallies. We need a lot to go right for us to be a .500 team. We’re probably a 75-77 win team this year and that’s counting on at least one or two of our question marks improving for the season.

  • Bail4Nails

    I have to agree with Rocky. Any valuable SS would cost us more than one pitcher in a trade (assuming we don’t trade Thor). Colon is old, Mejia is injury-prone, Wheeler had shoulder tightness before his innings limit next year, and you never know with Niese. If ARI is willing to give us Owings for DeGrom (never happening) that would be great. But they’re going to want Montero and den Dekker, at least.

  • Peter S

    Q will be starting on opening day.

  • HawkZon

    And now we’re playoff bound !!
    Thanks, Mets front office !

  • BCleveland3381

    Im no Tejada fan, but his upside is way higher than Q’s.

  • Taskmaster4450

    The problem Joey is the abundance might not be as deep as everyone thinks.

    We all know injuries can pile up especially with pitchers. A team needs 7 or 8 starters minimum to get through the season. Lets look at the names.

    Noah-not ready
    DeGrom-probably ready
    Mazzoni-most likely BP
    Mejia-health a major question mark

    Verrett and Goeddell might eventually be BP arms but arent ready regardless.

    So you have a major league staff right now with a young arm (Wheeler), one guy with health issues repeatedly (Niese) and a guy who is 41 (Colon).

    Probably the only reliable arm in that rotation is Gee in terms of writing in 30 starts.

    At this point I think it too much of a risk to trade any of the arms because they may well be needed. It will take another 1/2 to determine if there is an overabundance of pitching depth at or near the majors. Yes there are more arms down below but we all know that A level guys simply havent shown enough to headline deals. Get a few of them successful at AA this season, coupled with some of the guys I mentioned answering the questions about them and, then, you will see a great deal of depth.

  • CJM

    Mets win 90+ and the NL East. Take it to the bank.

  • Isn’t it obvious? Two individuals that are not fans of MMO and hate the idea of someone giving you a heads up of a temporary glitch.

  • Captain America

    And now John Lannan

  • Justin Anthony

    3 signings in one day. Nice to see Sandy working hard at the office

  • mad met

    Its not real about tovar winning the job .. q has no offence he is ok on D. Tovar has little offence but is a stud on D.. tovar will be at AAA for more seasoning

  • mad met

    What would make you say that ? Young with 150 wright with 150 granderson with 160 + ike with 180 this team is looking at 1200+ team strikeouts just kill me

  • mad met

    I would have prefered a lot of new names and they did not start with curtis or chris

  • DrDooby

    That’s actually a pretty solid flyer.
    Lannan has had a few seasons of 180+ IP and pretty decent numbers. Won’t stand in the way of any youngsters and should provide decent enough pitching if needed.

  • R04

    Adam, your comments are mind numbing.

  • Dave_in_Spain

    John Lannan?? I´d rather have DiceK.

  • Rocky Thompson

    He can be signed February 19th.

  • Just_Da_damaja


  • jshapps

    Agreed. But in the end are we even talking about a 1 game difference?

  • mad met

    How on earth is this team any better than last years team other than the fact that everyone is praying travis and juan become stars.. young will strike out 160 times switching leagues as will granderson. Ike is still here so add another strike out king .your ss had to go to fat camp cause hes a loser that does not care about his teammates or the fans . And u have a 40 year fat man on steriods replacing your stud pitcher in harvey. Can i buy my playoff tickets now or should i wait

  • Biggle Boy

    I hear you Mad Met. I guess there’s still a (small) chance the Mets get Drew. But if not, I gotta say that Q being on the team again is not a big surprise to me, at this point.

  • Just_Da_damaja

    on PS4 or the new XBox ?

    Last time I played the Show, I played as the mets, and after playing 162 games and spring training, we beat the Yankees in 7 games on a game-winning grand-slam by Carlos Beltran.

  • I appreciate people like you, Salty, Gus and like 20 others who always alert me.

    I’m not always on top of the site issues because I’m so involved with writing and reading.

    I was actually considering adding a “Report an Issue” button just so readers have an outlet.

    I just want everything to be enjoyable for everyone without any problems or glitches.

    It’s hard enough being a Met fan. 🙂

  • jshapps

    You’re probably right, but I don’t see any realistic fix that could have got us to 90 wins in 2014. Better off rolling the dice on one year contracts and improvement from young players on the roster this season. Then get ready for a push when Harvey’s back, Wheeler’s got more polish and Thor’s in the rotation.

  • Nope, lol, we’re just pinching pennies….

  • I knew you guys were still scoping things out. 🙂

  • You don’t think C. Young is better than Cowgill, and Granderson better than Nieuwenhuis? Last year’s opening day outfield?

    You don’t think Colon is better than Shaun Marcum?

    Is Black better than Lyon?

    I’s a full year of D’Arnaud better than Buck?

    What about a full year of Wheeler, do you think he’ll do better than Jeremy Hefner?

    I see a lot of reasons why this team will be better.

  • By the way, I’m not trying to be a shill, you know me better than that. I’ll rip this team and the front office from here to Sunday when I need to.

    I’m not saying there’s still not a lot of work to be done. I’m just saying this team should be a little better.

    Mass is ended go in peace… 🙂

  • Joey D.

    Hi Rocky,

    Was looking at it based on the logic expressed behind the trading of an established player like Murphy (one of the few good hitters we have on a team with little hitting as it is) and handing his position to a yet unproven Flores.

    Torres made nine starts for us last season so could be considered a possibility to take over an open spot left in the rotation if either Niese or Gee is traded. That would still give us Colon, Niese/Gee, Wheeler, Mejia and Torres with Syndergaard being the mid-season call-up and taking on the role of Flores to Murphy. So in theory, there would be no reason to wait to next season if trade talks involving Gee/Niese among others for a shortstop (we felt would of good value for us in the future) developed, especially considering that 2014 is viewed by many as a step-up to 2015 and we don’t know what the value of either Gee or Niese might be this coming winter – could be more, but could also be less.

    For myself, I see 2014 as chance to make some real noise without taking a backwards approach regarding going forward. Again, I think we can deal with Q, Tejada and even a possible late season call-up of Tovar at short if we had resolved our first base and left field problems (if Davis can turn things around, that would be a real shot in the arm but with CYJ in left and d’Arnaud still needing to prove himself, along with Lagares’ weak bat and that problem at short, Ike’s return would not be enough). Free agency allows one to obtain those missing pieces without having to give up anything more than an unknown draft selection.

    Hey, I’m only going by what Sandy told us last year

  • SRT


  • Joey D.

    Hi Task,

    The problem as that even with an abundance, you are correct that in itself has it’s potential problems. But then, every team has to deal with that possibility as well – so what do they do in similar situations?

    If they are a stronger, more well balanced team, they can go ahead with the trade anyway. Unfortunately, that is something we are still striving to become at this time. So as I just mentioned to Rocky, that’s what free agency is for – adding without subtracting other than a draft pick. That’s one of the required steps in “re-building” and why our’s is not getting too far off the ground.

    Besides, I wasn’t the one who said we had an abundance of “bargaining chips” to use in young pitching about 16 months ago which was BS (before Syndergaard LOL) – it was Sandy Alderson – and I’m only going on by his analysis of the situation and nothing more.

  • mad met

    Mcann and gardner would have been better choices along with garza .. and use gee or neise with a prospect for a real ss … u get a leadoff hitter a cleanup hitter and a starter not on roids or fat or 40

  • jshapps

    I said realistic. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a fantasyland where some billionaire hedge-fund owner bought the Mets and can support an actual large-market payroll.

  • mad met

    Why dont u pick the spring training invites on this list of garbage .. lets be fair here …. granderson if were luck will equall bryds prodution not as good avg maybe more xt base hits. Juan in center with his defence i would take in a min. Ey over chris young … ey is my choice in our park.This guy is an auto out . And now add ike again how many strike outs can this team handle …so yeah this team sucks at this point .you have players now blocked nothing to do with florez ey ..what was wrong with going after mccann and gardner or heavin for bid cano…
    gardner / for florez+degrom

  • mad met

    And i did not even go the harvey vrs 40 year old steriod fat man

  • Rocky Thompson

    Most of Sandy’s moves come without a lot of noise in the media before it happens. All the talk was about Dice-K and then they sign Lannan. Maybe I am wrong and the Mets make a trade for a young SS or sign Drew. But IMO, if a move is made at SS, it will be the signing of Aledmys Diaz.
    As for Torres, he did a surprisingly good job last season. And while he could fill as spot, his best role for the team is long reliever and spot starter. The other player I like for that role is Hefner, but he is out for the season. Some of the younger pitchers may eventually be in that role, but it is best suited for a veteran.

  • mad met

    Thats funny cause mcann got 17 a year gardner make 6 .. granderson got 15 and young got 7…. mlb gave the mets 28 mil and we lost forty off last years pay roll .. and we may still sign drew so money is there its the years

  • skyhappysal

    As minor league insurance this is fine. If Tejeda needs to be demoted again then we need a better player of course. Q was originally picked up mas insurance and ended up getting way more run than they ever intended. Hopefully things go more to plan this time around.

  • Pike Miazza


  • Pike Miazza

    Hudson, Napoli, & Peralta…..No outfield signings…

  • Pike Miazza


  • Sweet, all of our Shortstop questions are answered!
    Now for 1st base. Mo Vaughn anyone?

  • RyanF55

    Its looking more and more like Ruben will be at SS on 3/31.

  • Waz0787

    Noooooooo. He sucks. He is worse than Tejada. Why couldn’t the mets find another scrub to take his place.

  • Joey D.

    Hi Rocky,

    I was thinking more in terms of not having enough pitching talent to make a trade now and having to wait until at least mid-season to do so more than whether or not a trade would be advisable at this time. I have to agree with what Sandy said and after that time he actually reinforced his options by replacing Dickey with a Syndergaard who could be with the team much, much longer.

    I personally feel that if the Mets are going to part with either Gee or Niese, though I do not know whom they might be able to get in return, shortstop is one position they should not be looking to fill because of their more pressing needs for a hard hitting outfielder and possible first baseman if Ike does not come back.

    From what I’ve been reading of late, the Mets are not one of the teams expressing interest in Diaz and to be honest, they do not have the money to sign him in any case. If they did, they would also be in pursuit of Drew.

    That is what we all have to remember – they don’t have the money to pursue Diaz or Drew. They haven’t had the money to focus on much anything other than their debts the past few years. If they did, we might very well would not be having this problem or conversation to begin with for our homegrown shortstop might have still been with us.

  • pastline63

    I know where you are coming from, it’s the effort to prove they want to change the team, and the big part of that is the culture. They should improve with those names you mention and not win but it’s the principle of effort.

  • Hotstreak

    Alex give them hell, and stop the POS’s,

  • Hotstreak

    Joe D.

    The down votes are here. You made that decision. I will give you an up vote to smooth things over. 🙂

    P.S. I tell it the way I see it. 🙂

  • Tommy Med

    If He is on the MLB roster at any point in the season I’m gonna vomit

  • Just_Da_damaja

    except that we spent 27 million on Bartolo Colon and Chris Young..

    than when the kids from Cuba come up, we cry poverty…

  • Just_Da_damaja

    as a matter of fact…

    had the mets ONLY signed Byrd, promoted Montero…

    they would’ve spent 9 million on RF + 1 SP rather than 32 mil on RF + 1SP + 1 platoon player.

    that 23 million they wouldve saved could’ve gone towards Abreau + Diaz + Hawkins.

    Abreau will get about 11 mil this year. Hawkins will get about 1.5 mil..

    thats 12.5 mil..

    leaving 11.5 mil to spend to get a Diaz ( who will likely cost ALOT LESS )

    Improving 1B, SS, and a relief spot.

    This front office sux

  • Peter S

    I agree but Q will beat him out if given a fair shake. I hope not though.

  • mad met

    With all these huge moves we made what did u guys expect. Lol below 500 like i said

  • Bail4Nails

    1) Cano would’ve completely destroyed the budget, and we wouldn’t be able to keep our great pitching staff in a few years.
    2) You don’t know Davis is still going to be here come Opening Day. At worst, he’s in a platoon with Satin until Flores is ready for First Base (he needs reps in AAA).
    3) There is still time to sign a SS/Leadoff Hitter (hopefully Diaz or Drew).
    4) EY will still get a lot of playing time this season. I see a very likely platoon w C Young, especially if he has a very slow start. But, Sandy loves the long ball.
    5) C Granderson could go either way, but people shouldn’t assume that Byrd will replicate his numbers from last year. That’s a big question mark we wouldn’t want, when Grandy’s history is a little more reassuring.
    If none of this happens, I will be as angry as you. I’m not ready to call it a season just yet though.

  • ColoradoMetsFan

    In Carrot Top’s absence, hopefully no one picks up the pie mantle…

  • Alex68 (Ch)

    You changed them for this new crew…. All (well, not all 95% of them sandy lovers)
    I am still here though… smh… Good job…

  • Alex68 (Ch)

    ??? Ohh so now you’re backing up your prediction??? Shocker…. Just like Sandy you keep pushing the year for us to be competitive…

  • Super T

    I would prefer Ruben Tejeda with Stephen Drew starting.

  • Mike Lloyd

    I think this move here is a stinker. No offense to the player intended, but you can’t tell me there wasn’t a more intriguing guy than Q. Ugh… familiarity breeds contempt. I feel contempt with this move lol.

  • Mike Lloyd

    But Mad, Sandy’s not worried about strike outs. Lol

  • DrDooby

    I believe Tulowitzki would have been a better choice here instead of Quintanilla. And David Price instead of Colon for the rotation. At leadoff, I´d have preferred Ellsbury or Choo instead of Chris Young. Fielder at 1b would have been much better than Duda & Ike too.
    Imagine that lineup:
    1) Choo, rf
    2) Murphy, 2b
    3) Tulowitzki, ss
    4) Fielder, 1b
    5) Wright, 3b
    6) Granderson, lf
    7) d´Arnaud, c
    8) Lagares, cf
    9) Price, sp
    Now, that´s a great opening day lineup.
    And I´d also prefer a flat tax of 10 %, health insurance for everyone and lower ticket prices.

  • DrDooby

    There really isn´t much of a difference between Cedeno and Quintanilla. Both have proven that they can´t be major league starting SS but are fringe backups instead. Both get overexposed when they play more than once or twice a week. Both are typical “replacement” level players who had a – 0.7 fWAR (Cedeno) and – 0.3 fWAR (Q) respectively in 2013. Both play solid / fringe average SS defense.
    And unfortunately, Ruben Tejada may not be more than a younger version of these two with slightly better contact / OB skills.

  • DrDooby

    Getting a veteran rotation anchor was an absolute “must” with a fragile staff of young guys on IP limits and the two proven pitchers pitching through a partially torn labrum (Gee) and partially torn rotator cuff (Niese). Whether it was going to be Colon, Arroyo, Nolasco or Feldman is debatable. Colon has been the best of the four for the past 3 years overall but also is the oldest (and probably least expensive once Arroyo signs). In any case, it was going to cost 10+ million per year. And there´s really no way that Byrd can repeat his out-of-nowhere 2013 showing, so letting someone go when he´s almost certain to regress is much smarter than banking on a repeat miracle.
    I agree that the Mets still have to do something about SS where Tejada / Quintanilla just doesn´t cut it. Whether it´s Diaz or Arruebarruena or Drew. The Mets need other options and likely better options – at least defensively and in Drew´s case offensively too.

  • Kabeetz

    I suppose this is the official not peralta, not drew, not anyone other than Tejada signing. Oh well.

  • Just_Da_damaja

    by the time u get to your IP limits, its August / Sept, thats when the Dice K’s of the world come in.

    spending 20 mil on Colon was an absolute waste if we were going to neglect 4/5 of the infield….

    same way resigning Wright is a waste unless u surround him with All-stars in the lineup.

    the core defensive elements of the team, the mets have shown a complete and utter ignorance fo.

    The 4 most important defensive positions on the diamond, they have done absolutely nothing about.

    SS – do we even need to go there?

    C – first Ronnie Paulino, another PED retread, then nothing in 2012, then John Buck, who was forced to be thrown in a trade to even out salary for Dickey, now you have a poor defensive Travis D’anard who has no veteran backup catcher to mentor him. No one who knows hitter tendencies, umpire tendencies, and someone who has handled a pitching staff before… you wanna talk about bob geren? did the cardinals rely on their bullpen catcher to mentor Yadi ? NOPE. Matheny was the starting catcher while Yadi learned under him in 2004. did tihe giants rely on their bullpen catcher to mentor Posey ? NOPE ! Bengie Molina was the starting catcher while Posey learned under him.

    2B – first attempt was Eamus, then settled for Murphy, the worst defensive 2B in baseball in 2012

    CF – Lagares was literally treated as a last option,

    You build a great team by getting the core elements of your team built first.

    Pitching, then the core 4, then you can surround that core 4 with offensive pieces. Your lineup does not need to look like murderer’s row. But your defense has to be solid in order for you to WIN.

  • oleosmirf

    Exactly, and given that Quintanilla bats LH, we can use his platoon splits to our advantage since Tejada bats RH.

    I’m not advocating a platoon, but all things being equal having a LH hitter is better.

  • Just_Da_damaja


    for me, getting reyes back, moving tejada over to 2B, letting 1B either go to Ike, Flores, Murphy, or sign Abreau…

    Leaving Lagares alone is fine.

    Leaving Eric Young Jr is fine

    So many options to sign for RF, I wanted Beltran, but Granderson is fine..

    Signing Jose Molina to mentor our young catchers

    if the mets made THESE moves, I might buy a ticket.

    why? our lineup and defense would look like this.

    1 – Reyes – SS – a true leadoff hitter

    2 – Eric Young JR. – LF – a backup leadoff hitter

    3 – David Wright – 3B

    4 – Curtis Granderson – RF

    5 – Travis D’anard – C

    6 – Ike Davis or Murphy – 1B

    7 – Juan Lagares – CF

    8 – Ruben Tejada – 2B

    Now if Travis gets hurt…

    1 – Reyes – SS – a true leadoff hitter

    2 – Eric Young JR. – LF – a backup leadoff hitter

    3 – David Wright – 3B

    4 – Curtis Granderson – RF

    5 – Ike Davis or Murphy – 1B

    6 – Juan Lagares – CF

    7 – Ruben Tejada – 2B

    8 – Juan Centeno – C

    Your 6-8 hitter actually make good contact rates and/or are patient.hitters and all are plus defensive players at those respective positions.

    Your 1/2 hitters are speed demons who can get to scoring position.

    Your 3-5 hitters have power and or can drive in runs

    and we have young depth in Dykstra, Flores, Tovar, Puello.

  • Just_Da_damaja

    cano would not have destroyed the budget. thats just BS.

    Cano is getting 24 mil a year for the next 10 years.

    we just got a deal where we were making an extra 25 mil in TV money.

    Thats why Seattle was able to afford Cano, they just used all their free money on 1 guy..

    tell me…

    if the mets did not get the 25 mil this year, every team got…

    do u think we spend 32 mil on Colon, Granderson and Chris Young?

    this is really a debate on how to spend.

    u can spend 32 mil on say…

    Cano and Byrd…

    or 32 mil on Granderson, Young and Colon.

    a lineup with Cano and Byrd for the next 2 years is exponentially better than anything we put on 2B + Granderson.for the next 4.

  • oleosmirf

    The problem with Diaz seems to be that he will need to play 2B in the MLB, a position the Mets possibly have the most depth with Murphy, Flores, Herrera and lesser guys like Muno and Rivera. If Diaz is viewed as a 2B, he simply does not have much value to the Mets at least.

    Obviously, I know nothing about him, but the Mets put a premium on defense and are probably not going to throw money at an unknown player who may or may not be able to play SS at the MLB level.

  • mikeb

    As others have suggested, this is not good. Yes, it shows no Drew coming, which I don’t mind, but also that SA thinks Q is better backup plan than Tovar, and that’s depressing. If he’s on the team at any time during the season, I also see a sub .500 season once again.

  • mikeb

    Me too, but don’t think this negates that happening.

  • Bail4Nails

    Do we get 25 mil in TV money every year for the next 10 years? Cano is one of those long term contracts that can backfire with injury, and really set a team back a couple of years (think Pujols).
    Also, if Byrd has better numbers than Granderson this year, I’ll come on here and sing “I’m a Little Teapot” (or I’ll type them, at least). I liked Byrd a lot, but I think Granderson is going to be more productive.

  • Just_Da_damaja

    its an 8 year deal…

    And yes, A Cano contract can backfire and set the team back…but if you made the playoffs, made extra revenue in ticket sales and such, you have to be able to say it off-set future losses.

    The mets broke attendance records in 4 of Omar’s first 5 years at Citifield and were still going underslot in the draft through those years, still ranked almost dead last in IFA spending.

    What Omar did was a miracle and it would’ve been considered the best GM jobs in Met history if Beltran hits that CB over the wall….

    almost every high priced free-agent he got was replaced by someone his team found in IFA or the draft ( even WITH the restraints the Wilpons placed on him )

    Delgado – Ike
    Castillo – Murphy
    Beltran – Lagares
    Bay – Puello
    K-Rod – Parnell
    Pedro/Johan – Harvey/Niese/Mejia/Montero

    No other GM in baseball would’ve gotten us that far, that quick and found serviceable players in the draft and IFA with 1 hand tied behind his back

  • skyking26

    It’s pathetic when Tejada makes over $1M but it’s more pathetic when Quintanilla is picked up for the 3rd consecutive year. Sad but true Quintanilla will see more appearances at ss than their overpaid Tejada and just slightly show a little production over Tejada if none while Tejada rides the pine. It’s no secret Terry Collins doesn’t like Tejada and all Tejada has to do fall quickly into his doghouse. Neither Tejada or Quintanilla should of been brought back.

  • Metsopotamia

    Very disappointed in the lack of imagination here. Its just a depth signing for SS, but they couldn’t think of anyone else out there for SS depth to sign for a minors deal? come on this is lazy and foolish. We all know what Omar has got, why not go a different direction then bringing back the same players we know will never get better? Its hard to find lightning in a bottle when you see the bottle is empty

  • Bail4Nails

    I agree with you. I’m not a Minaya hater at all. He made us contenders. As for Sandy, he’s trying to build the team through the farm system, which takes forever and is frustrating for fans. The offseason signings basically replaced last year’s offensive numbers, while improving outfield defense. Before the season starts, Sandy needs to show:
    1) For once, SOME interest in the International market by making a bid on Aledmys Diaz. If this doesn’t work out, he needs to:
    2) Show the ability to trade the right prospects for good, ML talent (SS/Leadoff). He’s been really good at doing the opposite of this (Wheeler,TDA,Thor, Black, Herrera). But, he needs to try the former here. You are right, though. Even if he is trying to slowly rebuild from the farm, he needs to put butts in the seat. You need a leadoff hitter, and consistent run production to do that. He hasn’t done it yet, but he still has time. It’s not April yet, thank God.

  • joeyd1966

    League average is over 1200 strikeouts so that’s not an unrealistic number. Four playoff teams were in the top ten for most strikeouts including the WS Champion Redsox at 1283. All teams strikeout like crazy nowadays that’s just the way the game is played today.

  • Captain America

    No other GM? Really?

  • Captain America

    Only if they held all the pitching prospects to make the deals for Tulo and Prince 🙂

  • mad met

    Yeah he ‘s counting on less double plays lol

  • mad met

    Yes and most teams dont make the playoffs ..i would actually like to see some met playoff games this year. And god forbid win some playoff games .so how many of those teams with 1200 plus stike outs make a world series. ZERO

  • mad met

    Could have lived with peralta. And granderson ..

  • mad met

    You say that like these things were not obtainable … mcann is a true cleanup hitter. You could make a trade for gardner starting with florez and a pitcher not named thor or montero.. or even one of the catchers travis d maybe .. garza maybe a stretch but there was a lot money in colon and young ..its more about commitment of years

  • mad met

    I am hoping just like you. Im also hoping to win the lottery…. maybe i should have a better retirement plan than hope and poke

  • Bail4Nails

    Haha! If you do win the lottery, can you do us all a favor and buy the Mets?

  • mad met

    Bingo bingo bingo bingo

  • mad met


  • Andrew Herbst

    I’d rather see Tovar over Quintanilla.

  • Guest

    after Tejada bombs out by mid may, there’s your starting SS..Sandy is a joke

  • Alex68 (Ch)

    Ohhh, so it’s a done deal now?? Thank god this was finalized, now I can buy my playoffs tickets and my sandy is a genius shirt

  • trevordunn

    there’s your starting SS after Tejada bombs out by early May

  • Benny

    No press conference?

  • Rocky Thompson

    Maybe just wishful thinking, but hopefully Quintanilla is backing up Wilfredo Tovar in Las Vegas this season.

  • BCleveland3381

    Tejada had the starting job last season. It was his job. Then he came into camp fat and was terrible in every facet of the game. He deserved to get sent to AAA and didn’t do anything while there to earn his job back.

    Hopefully, we can chalk it all up to him being young and stupid, taking a starting gig in the majors for granted. Hopefully he comes into camp this season renewed and ready to prove himself. If we don’t get Drew, Tejada will have every opportunity to be the starting SS again.

    But lets not act like Tejada was the victim of a Terry Collins conspiracy theory not to play him. Tejada deserved to lose his job last year.

  • metFAN660

    Now that was funny, Benny.

  • Bail4Nails

    Do you think the Front Office knows how badly the fans want a new shortstop? It’s almost insane to ignore this fact, and expect to sell tickets this season. There’s still time, but this is a bad sign.

  • R04

    You don’t read very well do you?

  • headedinthewrightdirection

    That last paragraph is probably the saddest thing I’ve ever read

  • headedinthewrightdirection

    I still love the Mets though 🙂

  • Tommy2cat

    So, we sign Chris Young over Steven Drew, basically.

    It’s not that our assets are limited, but that we squander what little assets we have (see —> Frank Francisco)

    Simply poor judgement.

  • mr. belvedere

    he should have signed David Newhan or Anderson Hernandez

  • Mike Lloyd

    I”ve tried not to be negative but after a 88 loss season and a couple more stinkeroo’s before that, can we please start to change some of the cast of charecters? If you are attempting to bring the fanbase back, at least let youth or a different 4 A player in.

  • I would’ve saved the little money spent and just went with Tovar or Serratelli as backup SS. That would’ve made some more sense. But hey, I am not the bright baseball mind everyone thinks Richie Alderson is.

  • DrDooby

    The difference being that Drew figures to cost at least 2-years, 22 million (and was apparently looking for 4-years, 52 million – thus Peralta money earlier in the off-season) and also costs a draft pick, plus the associated pool money whereas Young only costs 7.25 million for one year and nothing else. It´s a totally different pair of shoes. Young gets paid like a fringy regular / platoon type player, similar to what other underperformers of 2013 with some bounceback potential like OF David Murphy are getting.

    Plus, it´s not as if the outfield was very deep to begin with beyond Eric Young jr, Lagares and then newly signed Granderson.

    The much bigger shame would be an inability to sign Drew for financial reasons on top of the 86 or so million $ that has been comitted for now on the 2014 payroll. A team like the Mets should EASILY be able to handle a 95 to 100 million $ payroll. Even with all the issues surrounding ownership in the past and present. And just doing a small math exercise. The 2013 Mets supposedly lost 10 million $ as an isolated entity with a payroll in the 88 million $ range. Assuming all other costs remain the same, 27 million extra TV money gets flushed in, that means they would make a 17 million $ profit if everything else remains the same and the payroll is 88 million. If it´s 96 million instead of 86 million because of Drew, the Mets would still make a profit or have a buffer vs. another slight revenue decline. Which would be less likely with a better product on the field.

    And that´s not even mentioning what happens with the 60+ million $ of annual profits that SNY makes and can either send two thirds upwards towards Sterling Equities or use it to pay off debt. Which is a profit directly related to getting the Mets TV rights at a discount.

  • Given that the Mets were, so far, unable to address their self proclaimed “first priority” during the off season of acquiring an MLB ready SS and that Tejada continues to remain a question mark as a genuine MLB starting SS both on the field and off because he is prone to injury, this signing is a no brainer. What is interesting to me is that Quintanilla was still available. Does that apparently mean that all of the other 29 teams already have sufficient depth at the SS position making Quintanilla unnecessary for them but necessary for the Mets or is his lack of hitting viewed as so compellingly negligible that no other team actually wants him. Obviously, hindsight demonstrates that the Mets blew it two years ago for not resigning Reyes and apparently their scouting of MLB SS prospects or ability to sign them is seriously lacking. For a major market team like the Mets this obviously needs correcting if this team is going to seriously and consistently contend for a play off spot anytime soon. So, once again it is time to say that he proverbial ball remains in the owners and FO court of the NY Mets. Either show us what you have got or face the music and sell to an owner who wants to win and knows how to get it done. The fat lady has already done her encore. Lets Go Mets!

  • Alex68

    Maybe he should’ve signed Marcum and FF to strenghten the rotation and the bullpen. i hear both of them are available…

  • vigouge

    You should have told that to the Braves considering he was their 5th hitter last year.

  • vigouge

    Do you think the front office should make moves because of what a uneducated group wants?

  • CMM

    Omar’s not a “four-A” player, he’s a “three-and-a-half-A” player.

  • mad met

    And a clean up hitter and a leadoff hitter

  • mad met

    So you would rather granderson and young protect david ?

  • Bail4Nails

    You mean “AN uneducated group”? Some of these guys are pretty smart. They know all the stats, they’ve seen the prospects, and they’ve watched every game pretty closely. If for no other reason, management should listen to fans in order to sell jerseys and tickets. Isn’t that the point?