As Mets Get Closer To Spring Training, How’s Your Enthusiasm?

terry collins spring training

How are you feeling about the Mets these days, are you excited about the moves we’ve made so far? Are you looking forward to the start of Spring Training and are you pumped for the new season?

I asked our staff what their enthusiasm was like as we get closer and closer to pitchers and catchers reporting in four weeks. Here’s what some of them had to say:

Peter K. – I have been so jaded over the failures big free agent signings by the Mets over the years that I am so scared of Curtis Granderson turning into Jason Bay. I really hope I am wrong, and there are indications to believe that his contract will play out better than Bay’s, if only for the first two years. I have read a lot of analysis regarding the Bartolo Colon signing and I can only conclude that 2 years and $20 Million was the going rate for a pitcher of his pedigree, even at the ripe old age of 41.

Tommy R. – This offseason has been about other money coming off the books and the Wilpons deciding not to try to stuff every last penny into their drained pockets. But I am very excited about the new additions. Our team looks pretty good, although it would look much nicer if our ace weren’t out for the year.

Zack – Enthusiasm is high. It has been a huge relief to see the Mets go out there and make some legitimate moves to improve the team. It doesn’t make them automatic contenders, but it’s nice to see them heading in the right direction.

Jessep – I think any Mets fan who is at least not excited for Opening Day is missing the point. Do I think over the last few weeks the Mets became a title contender? No. But I do think they are heading toward legitimacy, and competitive late season baseball. The teams that try to become an overnight title contender normally fail. They are using free agency in the way it’s currently intended to be used. They still have work to do, but anybody who doubted the Mets intentions this off-season by saying they wouldn’t spend money and wouldn’t bring anybody in has been proven wrong.

Barry – Definitely more excited, but if the Mets are to contend, it will take not only good years from the new additions but major contributions from players like Travis d’Arnaud, Zack Wheeler, Juan Lagares, and a couple of the young relievers as well as upgrades on the bench.

John G. – Overall I am pretty excited to see if it is going to pay off or not. As far as the players that have signed on here I have to say that Granderson excites me the most. There is so much he brings to the table in terms of clubhouse and leadership but will it all translate well on the field? I am not sure if he will be able to belt 40 homers but he will certainly have his fair share of extra-base hits which is exciting in their own right. As we have heard over the years there was money to spend after some contracts came off the books and it is good to see that they are spending it.

Joe S. – Alderson like most GM’s, plays everything close to the vest. Why tell everyone you have cash to spend? It’s like announcing you keep your doors unlocked at night – you’re bound to have someone try to rake you over the coals – that means you Bronson Arroyo. I’m perfectly fine with the deals that have been offered so far. Alderson isn’t offering the moon but is offering slightly more than market value. Spending just to say you’ve spent is as foolish as not spending at all. Sometimes you have to pull the trigger and so far he’s doing that.

Matt B. – I am guardedly enthused. it’s tough to buy into enthusiasm after the past few seasons, but I really like Chris Young and Grandy added to our outfield.

TexasGusCC – Enthusiasm is much greater, about two times greater, and I will give the Chris Young signing a chance. However, I’m still not excited with the shortstop situation or happy with the same cast of characters still being our first base options.

Andrew – I’m very enthused. Three weeks ago there was such a doom and gloom atmosphere around the team, and Sandy’s purported $30 million budget for this offseason seemed like a faraway fantasy we would never reach. Three free agents later, we’ve passed $30 million (7.5 for Young + 13 for Granderson + 10 for Colon = $30.5 million added to the 2013 payroll) and Sandy doesn’t appear done. We have an exciting outfield with both offensive and defensive upside, a recent Cy Young candidate, and the potential to make additional acquisitions via trade (either directly in exchange Davis, or indirectly by signing someone with the cap space freed by his departure). Of course there’s a risk – there always is – but for the first time in years I feel like there’s a not-outlandish chance we could compete for a playoff spot if we get a few lucky breaks. Some will say a payroll south of $90 million is unacceptable in New York, and we may not agree about whether Sandy’s done enough to field a winner. But I think most of us will agree he’s done more than we expected him to.

Tom W. – The team is marginally better, though clearly improved. All three signings are the kind of guys you add to a strong core, which the Mets do not possess. Can this get them to .500? Maybe.

Gerry – My enthusiasm has definitely been given a boost by the recent acquisitions which I hope are indicative of greater financial health on the part of the organization. Although work remains to be done in terms of fortifying the bullpen, the infield, and the bench, I no longer am of the mindset that the team will be continually sifting through the bargain bin for spare parts. Hope it works and hope it lasts.

Big Mets Fan – I’m not sold by any means on the Chris Young, but I’m very optimistic about the Granderson and Colon acquisitions. Grandy gives protection to David Wright in the lineup, and while he doesn’t hit for a high average, he generates runs and knows how to win. Colon at two years isn’t a huge risk and gives the Mets a solid 4 starters without having to rely on one of the young guys to have to come through right away.

Xtreem – This is a team on the rise. Grandy will help anchor the lineup for a while while Young and Colon on short, low risk deals will bridge to some of the highly touted prospects. It’s a better team now, for sure. That said, all FAs come with risks and there’s a chance these guys get hurt. In the present time, they are all good signings.

Jacob R. – Sandy has done his job and convinced me that this team is headed in the right direction. I am looking forward to seeing two power bats in the outfield and a proven All-Star in the rotation. LGM 2014.

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  • Justin Anthony

    My enthusiasm is always high heading into Spring Training. Then it tends to dwindle down by the second week of March, as there’s only so much of meaningless baseball that I can take. The last few days before Opening Day is when I really start to get excited again

  • Dave Rosenbluth

    Moderately high for me. I believe if the new guys play to the back of their baseball cards then that will be an improvement. To me, to achieve a bigger step forward, even with Harvey, the following guys have to make moves forward: Niese, Lagares, D’Arnaud. If they make good progress they can be at/around 500.

  • Bill Buckner

    I’m just excited to be able to watch baseball again – so in that regard my enthusiasm is very high. In the regard of what I expect from the Mets in wins and losses, I’d say .500 is a decent expectation for this team…so I’m moderately enthusiastic.

  • Charley’s Twin

    I love watching Lucas Duda strike out looking.

  • Benny

    Excited for Baseball to start again, but without another signing or two to improve our ball club, I believe we aren’t going to be that much of an improvement over last year’s team, especially with Harvey’s absence.

  • greg b

    Im very excited about spring training this yr because of all of the young players from the minors. This is the best group of young players in spring training this spring then we have had in many years.

  • Agee’s Catch

    Hope springs eternal. I always look forward to spring training. Everybody starts 0-0. Anything can happen. We could start hot and turn a few heads. Dreams of a post season in NY dance through my head…

    Where I hedge my bets: I don’t think Sandy is done yet. He has at least one more significant move up his sleeve. Up the middle defense is weak. Pitching is young and still developing. New ingredients rarely mix well together. Terry will have to find the right chemistry in the batting order. He’ll botch the whole Davsi/Duda/Satin thing. Give me 82-83 wins, just enough to make 2015 a possibility.

  • Any Mets baseball is better than no Mets baseball. Besides, there are surprises every year and one year it might be the Mets.

  • Biggle Boy

    I’m not as enthusiastic as Grandy is, and has to be (LOL), in his TV commercial. But if the Mets hold onto Murph, add Drew’s bat, and Travis and Lagares hit – then the offense will make me smile like the GrandyMan can.

  • Alex68 (Ch)

    Answer the question…..
    As Mets Get Closer To Spring Training, How’s Your Enthusiasm?

  • AJF

    I am excited to have the warm weather and baseball back and of course the Mets but after the first month the excitement for the Mets probably start wearing off

  • Alex68 (Ch)

    My level of enthusiasm is at .469 which is the mets winning pct i have predicted for the 2014 Mets

  • Taskmaster4450

    Yes there are lots of reasons for enthusiasm entering this season. While everyone wants to focus upon the recent acquisitions, that is missing the point. There are lot of other things that will start to emerge. To start, look at the younger players and the impact they will be making. Lagares, Wheeler, TdA, Flores, and Montero are all guys who are in or will be right at the door of the big leagues. A number of them will have meaningful impacts on the 2014 Mets. Seeing their progress and development is exciting.

    The same holds true for “lesser” guys who arent necessarily slated has occupying major positions on the team but will help. Look at Satin, German, and EY. These guys all can make significant contributions if they continue to progress.

    One of the most exciting aspects of the players the Mets have, believe it or not, are the bounceback guys. There are many who were affected by injury and/or poor performance in 2013. Some of these guys will step up. Look at the list of Tejada, Ike, Duda, Mejia, Familia, and Niese. Some of these guys will surprise with their impact on the 2014 Mets.

    And finally, for those who are into prospect watching, Noah and Puello are going to be fun to watch throughout their time in Vegas. The clock is ticking until they appear in Flushing. They both had superb 2013 seasons and a strong follow up to that in 2014 will really change the complexion of the organization going forward. Adding a guy with ace stuff and a 5 tool player in Flushing will really change things going forward.

  • Taskmaster4450

    Werent you the guy who predicted 66 wins last year?

  • Alex68 (Ch)

    yeah….. 69 top be exact. the sad part about it was people were celebrating the fact that i was wrong on my prediction and we won 5 more games than 69 smh…

  • Benny

    Agreed, the amount of young players getting invites in our system is something to be very “enthusiastic” about.

  • Taskmaster4450

    Good news here:

    Adam Rubin ✔


    Pedro Lopez, hitting coach Luis Natera and pitching coach Glenn Abbott returning to Double-A Binghamton #Mets for 2014 season.

  • tacknaf

    I’m fairly confident that we’ll be competitive. Having a clueless manager and no Harvey will keep us from contending, but I think we can string together some wins and keep things interesting for a while.
    I’m reasonably high on the rotation and staff, so a LOT will depend on the lineup. Can Young (the new, terrible one we signed) hit? Will TDA break out? Will Davis or Duda give us anything? Can Lagares progress? These are the questions.
    Ultimately I still see us as a 74-78 win team.

  • SRT

    Can’t wait for ST. It signals the end of no baseball and the beginning of what will be the 2014 season.
    Looking forward to getting my first live look at some of the young invitees this year.

  • HawkZon


  • I just did. I am excited the season is starting soon.
    That being said as I told you if Ike and Ruben are starting opening day then I will consider the offseason a failure. Still wouldn’t mean I wasn’t excited for the start of the season.

  • Yup seeing Thor and Montero…

  • When the Mets released the list of non roster invitees and you saw the names Montero & Syndergaard I don’t know how one could not be enthusiastic about Spring Training just with those 2 names alone. There are still some things that need to be settled but with good health and some luck I can’t wait to see how the season unfolds.

  • El_Verdadero_Presidente

    I’m just happy there’s some interesting new faces we have no reason to hate. Yet. Plenty of time for that if Curtis starts K’ing 15 times a week and Bartolo suddenly acts older than Shea stadium. Right now I’m pretty good.

  • mad met

    I would be more excited if they played the players most deserving of the position in stead of who is getting the bigger paycheck at this point… and they still need a cleanup hitter and ss. Lugars and ey both need to be in line up..and florez should be given time either at 1rst or second and keep murthy in the spot florez is not playing ..ike and duda should not be here

  • RyanF55

    I think most your could substitute ‘excitement’ for ‘grounded enthusiasm’ for me. I think realistically and think this team could, if everything goes their way, compete for a wild card spot which I would be thrilled about. A successful season for me is seeing Thor mow down hitters towards the end of summer, see d’Arnaud get comfortable at and behind the plate, see Lagares grow into an all around solid ballplayer, etc. I want to see our young guys start to make their impact this year. It’s time for these acquisitions to pay dividends and if they do, I’ll consider that a major win.

  • Ditto…

  • Just_Da_damaja

    im actually gonna be in vegas for a couple of weeks this year. In between all the partying I might be able to swing a visit there.


    I have to be honest with you. This time of year I always expect the best from my team. I think everyone who sucked before is going to be great and those that are great will remain great. The signings will all work out and the pitching is amazing. Unfortunately every year April comes around and I’m jerked back to reality. On that note I do think that the pitching maybe special this year if we can keep people healthy. The lineup has a lot of things to break right though to be a really special year.

  • MetsFAN660

    Thrilled to see continued growth of what could be a really special pitching staff. Confident that d’Arnaud is the real deal. Hopeful that Ike and Tejada can regain their prior form. Interested to see what the three FAs bring to the table. This is the 4th year of the Alderson rebuild. While it’s hard to compare it with Cashen’s rebuild, we should all be happy if by the end of the season we see the promise of great days ahead like we did in ’84. This team could surprise, but this year is not about the playoffs…it’s about the next step forward. LGM!

  • Edward

    For me, I’m excited to see D’arnaud and Wheeler take big steps forward. I’m also pumped to see Mejia, Syndargaard and Montero contribute on the big stage. I think the success of these players not only is critical for the 2014 season, but also for what we’re trying to accomplish as a ballclub going forward.

  • Bail4Nails

    Team needs a spark plug! Get me a good leadoff hitter and shortstop, and I’ll be enthused. Get Flores in the lineup instead of Duda/Davis, and I’ll buy tickets!

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    My enthusiasm is MEH! at best

  • Bail4Nails

    Let’s Go Meh’s?

  • Joey D.

    Hi Peter,

    “I am so scared of Curtis Granderson turning into Jason Bay”
    Better quantify that statement – we have our own Jason Bay here at MMO, remember? LOL

  • gameball

    . . . Followed by a slow, steady downturn beginning in May.

  • Hitmanᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ✔

    Excited to see how guys like Wheeler, d’Arnaud, Lagares, Flores, and Murphy (who I predict will have a career year) will do. The few holes they have at the moment and the question mark at 1st base (which shouldn’t even be a question to begin with) are the only things are keeping me a little uneasy.

  • Mike Lloyd

    I always try to be optimistic for spring. I think our younger players like Lagares, Flores, Syndergaard, Montero, Wheeler, d’Arnaud (although I believe Plawlecki is the future at C)
    Is what has me excited.
    I like Grandersons bat in the OF, but abhor the Colon and Chris Young signings. I’ll root for them, but they didn’t cause me to rush to the box office.
    It’s the younger guys for me.

  • Joey D.

    Hi Joe D.,

    Though everyone knows my feelings about us not making enough moves to address the holes that our minor league system is not yet ready to address thus leaving this still a very incomplete ball club now and for the next few years, there is also the opposite side which even us doubting cynics cannot ignore going into spring training. So I hope my own personal cynicism is proven wrong based on:

    Hitting: In addition to Murphy and Wright we also find Davis rebounding, Tejada rebounding as well, CYJ resembling his 2010 form (when he hit 27 home runs and actually batted .257), that d’Arnaud comes through with his bat and that Granderson continues being the player he was with the Yankees. That is going to be some nice lineup even though we lack a speedy lead off hitter. The only weak link would be Lagares (see next) and that is more than workable.

    Fielding: Lagares is going to more than make up for his lack of hitting with his centerfield play that is going to save a lot of runs. And that overall outfield defense is going to be tight. Murphy is becoming adequate at second.

    Pitching: We have to hope that Colon doesn’t get caught with PEDs and with that we still have a very good rotation (with Syndergard expected to be called up mid-season). Our bullpen showed that it was overused but nevertheless did have some very good arms leading to Parnell and we do have Vic Black taking over the role from Hawkins.

    Unlike last season, our pitching will benefit from that better hitting and much improved outfield defense.
    But that is a lot of “ifs”. “If’s” are in the form of EYJ, Davis, Tejada, and d’Arnaud which then makes the status of Lagares more hazy because that could mean as much as six holes in the lineup (pitcher included). Even should half those “ifs” come through, there will remain four holes in the lineup. And because this team strikes out so much, it will be hard to even scratch out some runs by not putting the ball in play with the runners they do put on base.
    Not worried too much about the pitching or the fielding, even if we wind up with the other Young in left. It all comes down to those “ifs” that we have in the lineup. If our lineup is still full of holes, imagine what that means about our bench strength. And as far as the future, it’s again a matter of our farm system not having those pieces we need most ready at this time. Good fielding, little hitting.
    Also, it’s not like one is expecting a contender to be built over-night. This is the fourth “over-night” with Sandy and his baseball people, not the first or second.

  • Jamie

    Im stoked. Theres still some stuff to sort out. I think 2015 we will be as talented as any team in the NL so for me its about getting ready for 2015. We need to find 5 starters out of about 8 or 9. The bullpen is uber talented but needs to develop. We need to sort out the 1st base situation. D’Arnaud needs to grow. Montero and Thor need to come up and go through a few growing pains. Lagares, Flores, and Puello needs to get some playing time. Its all about 2015. Next year Harvey, Wheeler, and Thor are locks according to just about everything Sandy has said. If Mejia pitches a 150 top of the rotation healthy innings what would he be worth in the offseason? If Neise is healthy what would he be worth? We already know GMS would have offered more than we got back for Dickey had HE been available. Same for Gee if he puts together a 200 inning solid season. Colon could have value. Montero as well if he silences the critics. Next offseason we are going to have some MAJOR chips. Guys like Stanton and Cargo actually could be brought in then. Mejia could be a young ace for some team for years. Go with Harvey, Wheeler, Thor, Montero, and Gee. Trade Neise, Mejia, and Colon. Sick rotation for years and we bring back some major additions. Maybe Davis bounces back. Maybe he doesn’t. It should all come together by 2015 and this year should be exciting as well.

  • Wrightstuf

    I just can’t wait for baseball to start back up again. Also, with baseball comes warmer weather :)! I would just really like us to get a new shortstop, whether that is through a trade, signing Drew for a few years or getting Aledmys Diaz from Cuba. I don’t feel comfortable at all with Tejada being named the starter 🙁

  • jason bay

    Agree 100% Jamie.

    Well done.

  • jason bay

    Mets are a .500 team.

  • Jamie

    Another thing to note. I think people want to reenact the 2006 mets lineup which may have been one of the best lineups in Mets history. Look around the NL. Most teams have a couple hitters in their lineup and thats it. Your not going to find 1-8 solid lineups in the NL outside of maybe the Dodgers. The Giants won 2 WS with their pitching and like 2 guys hitting. The Mets will have an outstanding starting rotation even this year and I think the bullpen and team defense will be fantastic as well. It might not be exciting but you can win with that formula.

  • RS

    Colon is getting 9 mil this season, fwiw.

  • ThatGuyWhoLeavesComments

    I’m enthusiastic because I love baseball and the Mets, not because I think anything more than a .500 (maybe) season is happening.

  • Humberto

    Any offseason in which Ruben Tejada is a starter, with no backup or top prospect on the horizon within 3 years, is a complete and utter failure. At best the team has gotten back to last year’s record. The depth is non-existant, and it’s the same terrible medical staff. I truly hope I’m wrong, but this is shaping up to be a boring season of mediocrity, and after Syndergaard and Montero, the farm system has no reinforcements on the way. I really expected to be much farther along in the rebuild by now.

  • Hitmanᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ✔

    Ditto. So many guys to keep your eye on among the levels.

  • Humberto

    Sounds like a lot of Mets fans here are deluding themselves in to thinking Tejada is anything more than a AAAA backup. Did you not watch him last year? When you lose your job to Omar freaking Quintanilla, the definition of replacement player, then you are not a good player. At minimum they needed to bring in somebody to compete with Tejada at camp. Even if he stays healthy he has such a severe downside that it threatens the development of the young pitching staff.

  • Humberto

    And that’s supposed to be a good thing?

  • Joe Valenti

    To be honest, I think a lot of people want the Mets to change SS and 1B. If you are only offering Drew 1-2 years, then he clearly isn’t your long term solution. Why not give Tejada the chance to solve your problem at close to the league minimum, and if he fails there are good free agent options in the 2015 offseason? Same with 1B. It’s a toss up between Duda and Davis. Keeping both might be redundant but 2 in house options increases your chances of having an in house solution. Trading Davis does nothing but decrease those options and make it so that you are all in with Duda.

    At this point I think they need to go to what was their bread and butter and try to get bottom of the barrel guys to fill the roster. Maybe a MI and a backup catcher as insurance for Tejada and d’Arnaud, respectively. I would also like to see them get a back-end reliever with closing experience that they could possibly trade at the deadline. Madson, Myers, Bailey, and Hanrahan could probably be had for cheap. If they have extra money they could even go for Gregg, K-Rod, or if he has exhausted his market, even Fernando Rodney.

  • Hitmanᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ✔

    I can’t wait to see how Dom Smith does. I hope they do the right thing and put him in Savannah.

  • Gerald

    There is no way I can be excited about the Mets until a few of our position prospects show they can be difference makers in the next few years. To this point, Nimmo and Cecchini have been wasted picks. Dom Smith is 4-5 years away (I still think they should have drafted DJ Peterson, the same hitter with a much shorter timetable). Plawecki plays the same position as d’Arnaud and neither of them will be all-stars from their bats alone. I’m really stunned at the lack of talent in the organization. This many years after Delgado retired and still no solution at first. We let Reyes walk for nothing and we still have no viable option. Take out the pump-and-dump trades and Alderson has brought almost no talent at all in to the organization. Not a single international free agent worth mentioning until you get to 17 year old Amed Rosario. This team is simply not built to contend for another 4-5 years, and that’s being generous.

  • Alex68 (Ch)

    Gotta love MMO.. where else can a guy who DEFENDED RYAN THE CHEATING BRAUN can come back and write an article blaming the drug dealers instead of the players? i mean, it’s amazing…
    and of course, my comment gets deleted because MMO doesn’t want me to remind people how that guy who wrote the article telling others not to assume about PED was assuming Ryan Braun was clean.
    not only that, that same guy wants people to root for “mets players” yet, on the verge of winning the NY METS first batting title, he openly admitted he wanted before the game Braun to go 4-4 to win the batting title because Reyes “disrespected” the game with a bunt in his last game. he could’ve sat down, but he played, bunted. went 7-11 to overtake Braun the last 3 games, but he disrespected the game with that bunt, yet he ASSUMED Braun was clean and rooted, defended him to the end and now he’s telling others not to assume and let’s blame the drug dealers.. amazing…

  • Jamie

    Tejada hit .280 for two consecutive years and he’s our worst player. Your not going to have studs at every position. Where is this team lacking depth? SS? ok. We have a ton of depth however. Montero, Degrom, mazzoni, and Thor all need spots. Guys like Walters and leathersich will needs spots in the bullpen at some point. The outfield is set and Puello should be beating down the door. Flores should be looking to break in at 2nd or 1st. We have like 4 guys competing for 1st base. We have two stud catching prospects. What do you want dude? Seems like we do have talent on the verge of major league ready.

  • Chris

    He broke his leg in September. He lost his job by being terrible at all phases of the game. Not just bad, terrible. Harvey looked he wanted to murder him every time he misplayed a ball.

  • Jamie

    We all know SS is the weakest position at the moment. No teams have question marks at any positions? lol. You want to focus on Tejada over and over again and say the team sucks and ignore all the young talent bursting all over the roster that many teams would kill for, be my guest. Not me.

  • Hitmanᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ✔

    That’s a pet peeve of mine with this organization. There’s no point of Smith going through EVERY level with his skill set.

  • BigAl831

    Do you guys remember for awhile we got to watch Harvey, Wheeler, Mejia, Gee and Niese all pitch one after the other? It was honestly the most excited I’ve been as a Mets fan in a long time. I looked forward to watching each guy pitch and felt we would be in every game. Obviously Harvey and Mejia went down early and Niese missed some time but how can you not be excited at the thought of seeing this rotation play itself out. To answer your question, I have never been this excited for a pitching staff in my entire Mets life. I think 2014 could be our very own 2005. Maybe even better.

  • Humberto

    I personally would like better than mediocrity. or even building towards better than mediocrity. Tejada offers negative value in everything except defense. His .280 years, his OPS was still under .700. There is no depth among position players. Flores can’t play defense at any position, and his 20 HRs aren’t good enough to be a long term solution at first. Puello is not considered more than a 4th outfielder outside of the Mets echo chamber. So lets see, we have 4 replacement level players at first, a clunky singles hitter at second, an utter void at shortstop, our one all-star hitter at third (praying he can stay healthy this time), Granderson in the OF is a big question mark at this point but I’m hoping he will stay healthy and hit 25 HRs, Lagares, who I love, can maybe hit .260 with great defense, and Chris Young is a waste of money that could have been spent better. Look through your rose colored glasses on this team all you want, but if everything breaks exactly right this is still a .500 team at best. And with the Mets medical and training staff, you know there will be considerable injuries testing what little depth there is.

  • Humberto

    Ask people outside of the Mets echo chamber about all the ‘talent’ on the diamond this year. Nobody in the league wants Ike, Duda, Satin, Flores, Murphy, or Tejada. Chris Young hasn’t been productive in years and Granderson is on the wrong side of the aging curve. I’m sorry, but bursting? Real front offices are only bursting with laughter.

  • Humberto


  • jason bay

    It’s a step.

    Teams aren’t built in one off season and even if they could be they wouldn’t last very long. What it means is we have bottomed out and started an ascent and that is better than where we were last year and during the prior few years.

    It takes time and there are no short cuts. The Mariners took all kinds of short cuts and traded away Varitek, Lowe, Ortiz, Adam Jones, Jeff Nelson, Tino, Omar Vizquel, Choo, Fister, Winn, Asdrubal Cabrera, Brian Fuentes, Mike Hampton and Rafael Soriano among others.

    What if they just sat tight and got some bookmarks and patiently added to the bottom of the farm system? signed a couple of ELITE FA pitchers when everything else was already in place. they would have had a great team for years upon years.

    Had we signed Hamilton and Bourn last year how happy would you be this offseason? How about if we signed Ross and Ludwick? Hairston and Melky? Broxton? Burnett? Gomes? Blanton? Edwin Jackson?

    The secret to renewing this team is not found in the FA market, it’s found in building up the farm system from the very lowest levels all the way through AAA so we can trade for any player in baseball rather than just selecting from those in the FA market.

  • jason bay

    Smith only had 6 AB’s in Kingsport, 4 hits all doubles, 2 BB’s, 0 K’s but that’s not enough time for a HS kid. Brooklyn I could see way easier than Savannah and not having had any ST in professional baseball I don’t see how he wouldn’t benefit from an extended one to start 2014.

  • jason bay

    A first basemen with his skill set should fly through the minors but that doesn’t mean we should expect it.

    Start him off slowly and let him force the issue.

  • jason bay

    LOL Humberto,

    You make your point well. I think most of those players will benefit from a full year and we will have more to go on in making decisions and hopefully some will raise their value. Tejada for one I believe and Murphy probably has been asked for a lot, teams just weren’t willing to give up enough. Flores needs to get a position and hit and his value will zoom.

    As for Young, Granderson and colon, they are nothing but a higher grade of bookmark. This team is still in it’s infancy and patience will unfortunately be required while short cuts will just get us 2002-2004 all over again.

  • Jimbo

    I’m a Mets fan, therefore its in my DNA to be eternally optimistic about a Cinderella year!

    Then of course, there’s this:

  • Anthony

    It’s lacking

  • mikefer

    I once said I would be very disappointed if we start the season with Tejada as our ss, but after reading these post there are many mets fans that will be just as disappointed.

  • Jamie

    Puello, Flores, D’Arnaud, and Plawecki are real prospects by anyones standards and they are all close to major league ready. The 1st base situation clearly needs to sort itself but lets not act like Ike didn’t just club 32 home runs a year ago. We have 3 legit bats in Wright, Murphy, and Granderson and all this is just the position players. Its been said by many we have the most pitching depth of any team in baseball and I’d agree with it. Its at least top 5. You can’t focus on Tejada Tejada Tejada and leave out how awesome our rotation and bullpen is going to be in the very near future.

  • Jamie

    Flores is actually more a 3rd baseman and could certainly go to third if something happened to Wright like he did last year. Im still not convinced he can’t play 2nd at least as well as Murphy. We’ll see in spring training. The first base situation should sort itself out. They can’t all suck again. People are only down on Puello because of the PED cloud. News flash.. he wasn’t on PEDs last year. Biogenesis was closed in 2012. He crushed the ball last year and is 5 tool stud. Sleep on him all you want. I won’t. We should obviously be set at catcher. Cry about SS all you want. Your allowed. We could certainly use an upgrade but if Tejada comes into camp in shape he just might surprise. We will be able to trade all of our pitching depth for a better SS eventually anyway.

  • BCleveland3381

    With Harvey, I think this team would float around .500 most of the year and if things broke right, we could contend for a WC. Without Harvey, .500 is probably our ceiling and most likely we finish right around where we finished last year.

  • metFAN660

    Where’ve you been? Very happy to see another sensible voice on here!

  • I’m cautiously more optimistic than the last few seasons. Why???
    Addition through subtraction:
    Jay Bay, Johan (No-Play-Han), Frank-Frank, Old scrub pitchers, young scrub hitters.
    Additions to the roster:
    Granderson, Colon, (Not so much Chris Young)
    Young guys who “COULD” take a step forward:
    Wheeler, Lagares, Torres, Tovar
    Kids on the horizon:
    Syndergard, Montero, Mejia, and more

    Killing my buzz:
    Duda, Davis, Tejada, The Wilpons

  • jason bay

    Sally’s usually a little older Teddy. 21.5 compared to 21. The real difference though is the number of games and a much shorter ST for the full season league.

    Smith would be on the Major side in ST this year?

  • Name

    I disagree with your Flores comment. First of all, he’s not on the block. Why you ask, because he was great in the minors and was very good when he came up until an ankle injury ruined it. I absolutely believe in him.
    Satin’s not on the block either because he was a pretty decent backup.
    Teams do want Murphy (Baltimore among others) but Sandy’s asking price is very high, as it should be.
    Milwaukee, Baltimore, and Pittsburgh have all asked for Davis but he hasn’t left because as I said with Murphy, Sandy’s asking price is very high. If you saw the second half of a year ago you could see where his rationale comes from.
    I can see Young, Grandy, and Colon being used as trade bait in the near future and they all (even Young) have the potential to get a very good return.
    Can’t disagree with the other two at all. Luckily, Duda’s just a backup. Sandy could try to address the shortstop issue with an international prospect like Diaz or Arreubuenna.
    All in all, this team isn’t terrible and the majority of front offices are NOT laughing.

  • Victor

    Why do you waste your time writing these comments out? No one cares what inane crap you have to say.

  • Alwayzamazin

    Alot of us appreicate what alex has to say…If the truth is not YOUR cup of tea, just move on….you got plenty of company

  • Alwayzamazin

    Hi Teddy! it’s que sera sera…post the song again! 🙂

  • jason bay

    Did not know that Teddy

    Must be a big thrill for an 18 year old.


  • Alwayzamazin

    do you think that will make them major league ready sooner? Real question> is there a pre-camp that Terry is expecting guys to attend? ala tejada late but on time?

  • Alwayzamazin

    interesting! Didn’t see last night’s episode but I know you will not be swayed by public opinion!

  • All the optimism here leaves me to expecting the worse for 2014. The good news is we should improve on last year’s 74 wins. The bad news is, to do so we would need major improvements from just about everyone on the team. I got us at 75 wins, 80 max.