2014 Mets Top Prospects: No. 25 Wilfredo Tovar, SS

Top 25 Prospects Tovar

25. Wilfredo Tovar

Height: 5’6”
Weight: 160 lbs.
Age: 22
Bats/Throws: Right/Right

Mets fans got a small taste of Wilfredo Tovar last season when he came up for 7 games, going 3-for-15 with 2 RBI’s, 1 SB, 1 BB, and 3 K’s. He is not a toolsy shortstop in any light. With virtually non-existent power and below average speed he will never hit more than a handful of home runs or steal more than a few bases per season. Tovar will forever be a singles hitter who will most likely struggle to stand up against major league pitching so his hit tool isn’t much to be excited about.

Where Tovar excels is defensively and instinctively. He is a great defensive minded player with a quick first step, soft hands, and a solid arm. Although, he’ll never be at the top of the league defensively due to lack of tools, he knows what he’s doing out there for sure.

Outlook: Wilfredo Tovar will probably never put up numbers that will justify him in a starting role for any team. With Justin Turner being non-tendered, there is every chance Tovar makes the team out of spring training where he should have good value as a backup utility infielder. With the ability to play above average defense at shortstop and second base, he is the kind of player that all winning teams seem to have on the bench. A player that could come in late in the game or in extra innings for defense to lock up a win. He could probably be a somewhat sufficient starter at the bottom of the order if a player were to go down with an injury but there’s no doubt he’s best suited as a backup. Think of an Omar Quintanilla type with more range.


  • DrDooby

    The SF Giants SS Brandon Crawford probably is Tovar´s upside, albeit from the right side hitting wise. Well above average defense to go with a fluctuating BA in the .230 to .270 per season range and an OPS in the .600 to .650 range.

    That´s certainly a lot better than the horrible combo of 2013 that hit less and fielded worse. But it´s probably not the upside of a 1st division starter but more of a solid stopgap complementary piece who at least stabilizes the defense if you can make up for the lack of offense elsewhere.

    Still, a nice prospect to have.

    Since the Mets have well over 25 valid prospects, it´ll be interesting who won´t be on this list…

  • Biggle Boy

    I don’t think the Mets will make Tovar a bench player with the big club this year. Young positional players almost always are given the chance to play every day in the minors rather than sit and watch at the ML level.

    And his limited bat probably doesn’t rank him as the SS answer. IMO our future SS will be a minor league prospect we trade for on some other team.

  • oleosmirf

    The only way Tovar makes the team is as an injury replacement. The Mets will be acquiring a SS (even if its someone like Omar Q or Cliff Pennington) to be the backup should Tejada be anointed the starter.

  • TexasGusCC

    Seriously, this player is the 25th best prospect since it is clearly stated he has NO upside? I respectfully disagree.

  • BehindTheBag

    5’6, 160, playing professional baseball? What is this, 1920?

  • I’d sign up for Tovar as Brandon Crawford.

  • Let him play half a season getting everyday at-bats in Vegas; then, we’ll know a little more what we have in him. The glove is fine. And MLB SS in general can’t hit. So if he can hit a little, he’d be an improvement over what we’ve had recently, and even league average.

  • alan friedman

    Sometimes…waiting for the right deal pays off! I just read an article about an injury and subsequent surgery to the Rangers, # 2 pitcher, Derek Holland that could shelve him for half the season. If that is so, maybe Sandy Alderson can swing a deal now for Elvis Andrus that would solve our needs. Despite the injury to Matt Harvey we still have a surplus of pitching depth. and it is time to use it along with a Lucas Duda or even a Wilmer Flores if necessary!