You Know You Miss Baseball When…

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This is a funny time of year. The previous baseball season is now well in the books and fading fast in the rear-view mirror while next season is still too far of for even the earliest of prognostics to hit the scene. It’s a kind of baseball limbo where there is little but a frosty nip in the air and spring seems like an eternity away. I’ve often found myself searching frantically for some connection to our great pastime that may tide me over until the next tidbit of hot stove news reaches me, or until there is some hope of a thaw in the weather. I thought I’d put together a brief list of some of my more desperate attempts to connect to my summer pastime. Feel free to add your own in the comments section.

You know you miss baseball when you catch yourself mimicking the crack of a bat and a cheering crowd with a pencil in a dentist’s waiting room.

You know you miss baseball when you find yourself replaying old David Wright interviews counting how many times he says the word “obviously.

You know you miss baseball when you devote an entire day to the 1986 boxed set with your bobblehead collection (and your little toy parachute guy) displayed on your coffee table.

You know you miss baseball when you imagine the weather report as told by Vin Scully,

“Yes folks, this particular blizzard as a young low pressure system attended Texas A & M and was known to be quite the prankster.”

You know you miss baseball when you spend an hour in your attic going through old boxes looking for your Roger Clemens voodoo doll.

You know you miss baseball when you can’t get the SNY opening credits theme out of your head as you shovel the walk …

You know you miss baseball when you find yourself reciting Gary Cohen’s opening monologue out loud in a Denny’s.

You know you miss baseball when your browser history shows 28 compulsive hits on in the space of a half an hour.

You know you miss baseball when you devote a day to washing your baseball caps in the dishwasher (top rack).

You know you miss baseball when you start to feel the A-Rod / Selig spat was quaint in its own way.

You know you miss baseball if you clear out a 40 yard straight shot from one side of your basement to the other free of furniture or breakables so you can play catch with your kid

You know you miss baseball when 4:30 to 5:00 on weekdays is devoted to arguing various points on the Metsmerized Online comments threads.

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