This Week In Mets Madness: Arencibia To The Mets’ Rescue?

JP Arencibia

J.P. To The Mets’ Rescue?

Here we go again…

It’s a new week in the Mets Hot Stove, and with it comes a new flurry of the same old nonsense to keep your hearts aglow with this myth of a coming magical offseason that will usher in a run of sustainable championship caliber Mets baseball beginning in 2014.

The Blue Jays are shopping J.P. Arencibia, so why don’t we remind Met fans that once upon a time, Sandy Alderson said he wanted a veteran backup catcher.

Then we’ll connect the dots and say 1+1=2 and insinuate the Mets are interested in Arencibia.

Maybe in a day or two we’ll read something like, “the baseball people I spoke to, told me the Mets are very interested in Arencibia if the price is right.”

Maybe a day after that, another so-called report will surface that says, “a source told me the Mets are very concerned with D’Arnaud and more than few people in the organization are down on him.”

This is getting too freaking old. Aren’t you sick and tired of the Wilpon propaganda machine churning out the same irrelevant rumors that have absolutely no basis in truth? Haven’t you had enough?

As long as you keep eating this garbage, they’ll keep feeding it to you. You see, some of these cable media driven blog networks have become the trolls…

The truth of the matter is that Sandy Alderson emphatically backed off his comment on WFAN that a veteran backup catcher was on his wish list.

Not once, but on three different and separate occasions he downplayed what he said, adding that he was content with the state of the Mets catching corps and the quality of depth in the minors.

He has been adamant that he is prepared to go into the 2014 season with Travis d’Arnaud and Anthony Recker as his catching tandem, with Juan Centeno as the backup plan in Las Vegas and Kevin Plawecki not too far behind as well.

“First of all, we like Anthony Recker as a backup,” Alderson said. “The thought of getting a more veteran guy, would was partly out of concern that if d’Arnaud gets hurt.”

“However, the nice thing is we have a guy like Bob Geren on our staff, who had been very good at that himself. So the backup veteran backup catcher is not really a high priority for us. I mean, it’s nice to have. We’ve got some other need-to-have holes to fill.”

“Ultimately if we have to go with Recker and d’Arnaud, we’re happy with that,” Alderson said.

You think this flat-broke franchise is going to squander money on a veteran backup when they have so many more urgent needs to tend to?

Come on people, this isn’t rocket science…

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