Curtis Granderson Is About To Join An Exclusive Club

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I am on board with Curtis Granderson becoming an outfielder for the Mets over the next four seasons.  But not everyone is.  So I decided to generate a chart that lists all the players in baseball history who have produced 200 doubles, 200 homers, 80 triples and 100 stolen bases in their respective careers.

For the record, Curtis Granderson’s first double for the Mets will be the 200th in his career.  When he gets it, he will join this group of players in the 200 double, 200 homer, 80 triple, 100 steal club.  See if you recognize any of the names listed below.


1Hank Aaron32981236421753771624987552297239.305.374.555.929
2Willie Mays299210881206032835231406601903336.302.384.557.942
3Dave Winfield29731100316693110540884651833223.283.353.475.827
4Robin Yount285611008163231425831262511406271.285.342.430.772
5George Brett270710349158331546651373171596201.305.369.487.857
6Paul Molitor268310835178233196051142341307504.306.369.448.817
7Joe Morgan2649927716502517449962681133689.271.392.427.819
8Andre Dawson2627992713732774503984381591314.279.323.482.806
9Steve Finley25839397144325484491243041167320.271.332.442.775
10Johnny Damon24909736166827695221092351139408.284.352.433.785
11Vada Pinson24709644136527574851272561169305.286.327.442.769
12Babe Ruth24578297215628424951357102193123.343.475.6911.167
13Roberto Alomar2379907315082724504802101134474.300.371.443.814
14Goose Goslin22878658148227355001732481619175.316.387.500.887
15Rogers Hornsby22418115157429165391693011460135.359.435.5791.014
16Lou Gehrig21648000188827215341634931997102.340.448.6331.080
17Curtis Granderson11874438780115719980217606122.261.340.488.828
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Thirteen of the players listed above are in the Hall of Fame.  Three others (Steve Finley, Johnny Damon, Vada Pinson) had outstanding careers that warranted Hall of Fame consideration.  The 17th member of that group – once he legs out his first two-bagger for the Mets – is Curtis Granderson.  And if he gets that double before his 13th game with the team, he will have joined that exclusive club before playing in his 1,200th career game.  Everyone else on the list played in at least 2,164 games.

Granderson already has as many triples and just seven fewer homers than Roberto Alomar, who is one of the players on the list.  In addition, Granderson’s on-base percentage, slugging percentage and OPS (.340/.488/.828) are all higher than the numbers put up by Hall of Famer Andre Dawson (.323/.482/.806). And his .488 slugging percentage is higher than ten of the 16 other players on the list.

Many home run hitters can produce doubles.  But they don’t usually don’t have the speed to leg out triples or steal bases.  Similarly, great triples hitters who also steal bases aren’t usually among the league’s best power hitters.  That’s why only 16 players have ever produced 200 doubles, 200 homers, 80 triples and 100 stolen bases in their careers.  That’s also why all but three of those players have their plaques hanging in Cooperstown.

Curtis Granderson is about to become the 17th player to reach those career marks.  And now he has four years to add to those numbers as a member of the New York Mets.  Get used to it, Mets fans.  Come March 31st, you’ll be cheering for a very special player.

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