Who Would Play Second Base If Mets Traded Daniel Murphy?

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Craig (Squidoo) asks…

I keep reading that Daniel Murphy is likely to be traded. Who will play second base if we trade Murphy? Apparently Wilmer Flores doesn’t have the range. Or does he? If not then does that mean we’ll be looking for a second baseman and a shortstop this offseason? What second basemen are available that would be a good fit? I heard the Angels want to move Howie Kendrick, do we match up? Appreciate your thoughts!

Tommy Rothman replies…

Good question, Craig.

First of all, I haven’t seen any team source say that Daniel Murphy is “likely” to be traded, so I’m not sure where you “keep reading” this. But Murphy, along with nearly every player in the organization, is a candidate to be moved if the right trade presents itself.

If Murphy were to be traded and the Mets did not get a second baseman in return (or break the bank for Robinson Cano), it would definitely create a void at second base. Flores might be able to fill that hole – remember that Murphy wasn’t exactly the best second baseman in the world when he started playing there, either.

The Mets could also make a trade (Kendrick might work) or stick Eric Young at 2nd base (he has played a lot of 2nd base in his career).

But I don’t see Murphy being traded. Again, I wouldn’t rule it out, but if the Mets trade Murphy, it would most likely be a part of a package deal for a very established hitter (think Carlos Gonzalez).

The Mets know how starved they are for quality bats, and they aren’t going to trade one of their only good hitters unless they get an offer they can’t refuse. Flores, on the other hand, is an excellent candidate to be traded, although I’m not sure exactly how high his value would be…

Joe D. replies…

I think the better question would be whether the Mets should sign Murphy to a 2-3 year deal while he’s still affordable and to avoid two more years of arbitration. This team has plenty of problems, but second and third base ain’t one of them…

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