How Is Familia Doing and What Is His Role Moving Forward?

Jeurys Familia

Brandon asks…

I always was a big fan of Jeurys Familia and I was wondering how he was doing health wise and if he still will play a significant role with the Mets either as a starter or reliever? Thanks.

Teddy replies...

Jeurys Familia is doing fine (5.0 IP, 7 K, 7.20 ERA), and is pitching in the Arizona Fall League alongside some of our other prospects. He isn’t doing rather well at the moment, pitching to a rather harsh tune in a small handful of appearances, but he is getting his bearings back after having surgery and that’s why he’s really in the AFL.

As for his role, it will be as a reliever, he just doesn’t have the control to be a starter. The only question will be how effective Familia will be at the Major League Level.

The 23-year old’s fastball-slider combination in terms of stuff is off the charts, especially with his fastball reaching triple digits. But his control is hindering him completely.

That said, no team will give up on a young reliever with as much potential as Familia at this early stage of his career.

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