Cerrone: To Acquire Stanton, We’d Have To Offer Harvey

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In discussing the Rangers acquisition of Matt Garza, which you can read about here, Matt Cerrone dropped an interesting line in his post about whether the Mets could get Stanton or not..

I’ve been told by people in baseball that, to get Stanton today, a team like the Mets would need to give them Matt Harvey.

Cerrone goes on to discuss that the mindset is that the Marlins are looking for an equal value trade in younger players — rather than a package of young prospects — because they are encouraged by the success of their youth group. So, they’d be more interested in acquiring a player that they can control for multiple years. Obviously, this would not bode well for the Mets, as they are attempting to build around their young ace in Matt Harvey. The Mets’ only chance to acquire Stanton would be to trade them a group of prospects like Flores, Montero, d’Arnaud, etc…

This is really weird news to me because as long as Loria is the man behind the scenes in Miami, I wouldn’t trust that they want to take on payroll and really make a push to succeed. What I’ve heard personally is that the Marlins will make a last-ditch pitch to Stanton in the offseason, and offer him a huge extension. If he refuses the extension, then they will try to deal him. That’s what I’ll roll with for now, until I hear otherwise…

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