Pie In The Face Was A Cheap Shot, Valdespin’s Teammates Owe Him An Apology

What was supposed to be a thrilling night after a dramatic walk-off win courtesy of a Jordany Valdespin grand slam has turned into an evening of anger and confusion.

What the hell was the deal with that pie to the face by John Buck?

Check out this GIF courtesy of @MetsKevin11 on Twiitter:

That was messed up.

It was a tasteless act and in my opinion Buck needs to be fined or disciplined.

I want to know who else was behind this and also why Buck delivered the pie rather than the usual Justin Turner who had this to say about it:

This saddens me and I wonder if the reactions would be totally different if it were Matt Harvey who had been the recipient of that?

I bet there would be a lot more outrage… A lot more….

I’m sorry, but this is not how teammates are supposed to act.

Hey Captain, step up to the plate and find out what’s going on in your clubhouse.

What if he had gotten a broken nose or fractured face or eye socket? Did you see the force behind it?

Collins hasn’t help matters because it seems like Valdespin has been in his doghouse since the day he reported to Spring Training. All Spin did was out-produce every single player on this roster in camp. His reward? A bench spot.

Valdespin is currently batting .286 to lead all Mets outfielders. His reward? Getting cold-cocked in the face.

Here is what some of our commenters on MMO had to say about it:

Mike Lloyd – Buck ‘s pie to the face almost looks angry …I don’t care how anyone tries ‘Spinning’ that. WTF?

Return of the King – I actually didn’t think his teammates hated him at all. . . until I saw that. What was that about?

Matt Balasis – Seriously what was the deal with Buck’s pie in the face? I’ve seen him get on Jordany a couple of times and now he almost decapitates him with a pie

Mike Lloyd – Joe D. I keep watching it. That’s just wrong. Somebody needs to ask Buck WTF he was thinking …

Gary S. – The pie to the face is bush to begin with and imho has no place after winning a game in april.What Buck did was a disgrace.Could have busted his nose or messed up an eye with that move.I just don’t get it.

Ray Sadecki – And what about the spanking at home plate? that was totally uncalled for and unprofessional, and they spanked him too hard, Much too hard, He might have gotten injured. Yes, I think there should be an investigation right away.

Jordany Valdespin deserved better than this from his teammates. They owe him an apology.

What happened on that field after the win was not fun or funny. It was sad and pathetic. What should have been a memorable Mets moment was tainted in my opinion.

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