Baseball Helps to Heal the Pain

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As we try and get our minds back to the normal activities, it is hard to not think about these tragedies and how so many people are affected.  You kind of feel selfish to think that you are one of the lucky ones that are not affected by this event.  But being a father of two young boys ages 7 and 3, it tears my heart apart to know that not only were there adults injured and maimed, but a young innocent boy was killed and other children fighting for their lives.

The news stations will inundate us with different views and images of the tragedies and eventually you just need to look away and get away.  I thank God for sports in our country and around the world, because even in the face of such a tragedy, we have games that we can turn to that for a moment that will take us away from all the violent that is in our world.

After 9/11 happened,  I was living in New York and every single day all I watched was the news of how the planes hit the buildings and all the people that were loss and it became too much to bear.  Baseball was not playing for a few days and there wasn’t a way to relieve the pain and anger, but then the games began again and even though it didn’t feel right, it was needed.  And the Mets, after the tears and feeling helpless, went out and played a game to remember and it helped a bit with the healing.  Things didn’t go back to normal right away, but baseball helped me to forget for a moment what had happened to my city.

So even now when my mind is just racing with images of such a senseless act, I welcome the games, I need to feel hope again, and I know with baseball that for a couple of hours, I can get lost in the game and do not think about the horror.  But even though it is reality what has happened, you never forget, but for a few hours of a game, you will be able to deal with it a bit better.

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