YES and MSG Networks Trump SNY In 2012 Viewership

An article by posted on January 17, 2013

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According to Multichannel News, it was another huge year in 2012 for the YES Network as they celebrated their 10th anniversary by finishing as the most-watched regional sports network in the country for a 10th straight year.

In the New York regional viewing area, YES trumps SNY by nearly 75% more viewers.

Yankees’ telecasts on YES averaged 290,000 households in the New York DMA last year, 74% more than SNY’s Mets’ telecasts, which averaged 167,000 households. All told, 67 Bronx Bombers’ telecasts drew a 4.0 rating or better in the 2012 season, compared with just three Mets’ games on SNY, according to Nielsen data. Demo deliveries for Yankees’ games on YES increased by 11% among males 18 to 49.

That wasn’t very surprising, but what was is that MSG also had a higher viewership than SNY:

During 2012, YES’s combined total-day average of 32,000 households in the three metered markets of New York, Buffalo and Hartford-New Haven within its footprint was more than MSG (16,000) and SNY (14,000) combined. In primetime, YES notched 78,000 households, versus 54,000 for MSG and 41,000 for SNY.

The article doesn’t mention whether the numbers were up, down or similar to 2011. I’ll try and do some digging and see what I can find. If a reader beats me to it, leave the info in the comments and I’ll be sure to add it to the post.

SNY was launched in 2005 after the Mets severed their relationship with MSG. They currently own two-thirds of the network with the remaining third owned jointly by Time-Warner and Comcast.

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