MMO Fair or Foul: The Hair Of The Dog That Bit The Mets


I totally loved digging into the first half of this reaction post by Bill Price of the Daily News, after learning that the Mets balked at Scott Hairston’s two year contract demand.

Just who the heck does Scott Hairston think he is? According to reports, he has the nerve of asking the Mets for a 2-year, $8 million contract? If my math is right, that’s $4 million a year. Who does he think he is, Albert Pujols or something?

Atlanta Braves v New York MetsThis ridiculous request comes just weeks after R.A. Dickey had the gall to look for almost $13 million a year. What’s next, Ike Davis wanting his own parking spot? I mean the nerve of these guys.

Hairston has to know the Mets are all set in the outfield with Baxter, Kirky and Duda, and spending that kind of money on a guy who hit 20 home runs (some of them big ones at that) and drove in 57 runs in under 400 at-bats is just crazy. And who needs veteran leadership in the clubhouse, we have John Buck for goodness sakes

Now, the Mets must know that Hairston is just dying to come back to the Mets. I mean what free agent wouldn’t want to come here, knowing once 2014 rolls around, the Mets will be the greatest team on the face of the earth?

Who cares that the Nats – after adding Rafael Soriano – are loaded with young talent, or that the Phillies still have some big-time players and pitchers or that the Braves always seem to compete? None of that will matter next year once the Mets spend like a college kid with a credit card on free agents and bring up 30-game winner Zack Wheeler. I’m shocked guys don’t offer to play for free just to be part of the next baseball dynasty.

You can read the rest of this bitter pill from Bitter Bill right here. Actually he wraps it up quite nicely…

The Mets are only offering $2 million for one year as opposed to Hairston’s two year demand worth $8 million dollars. I don’t see how either side can bridge a $6 million dollar gap without one side completely conceding.

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