Alderson Sets Things Straight, Focused On Winning In 2013

Sandy Alderson

Two days ago we had a post that was contrasting the difference between what the Washington Nationals are doing and what the Mets are doing.

As luck would have it, here is a quote from GM Sandy Alderson, who was a guest of Mike Francesa on WFAN today. that happened to address the same issue.

“The Nationals are in a slightly different position from ours. I’ve been in that position before. They’re filling a niche. They’re not reconstructing, they’re not having to add major pieces. They’re fine tuning. We need to be in a position where we are fine tuning. We will get there. But we are not in the fine tuning business right now.”

Perfectly stated.

Among other things, Alderson said the following:

  • Free agent reliever Brian Wilson only threw 20 pitches in his private workout for the Mets and his velocity was not where it needed to be. It doesn’t look like anything will happen here.
  • When Alderson was asked to described his bullpen, he said he was “uneasy” about it. He is still trying to get a quality arm and said there were still some good options out there. He is also very high on several of the Mets young arms like Josh Edgin.
  • Alderson admitted that he wished he could upgrade all three outfield spots, but that things didn’t work out that way. Still, he believes there could be a quality addition before spring training rolls around. He is very excited about what Collin Cowgill brings to the table.
  • Alderson spoke glowingly about Travis d’Arnaud and said he sees him as a potential 5 or 6 hitter in the lineup that could hit 20 homers a season and play a premium position, catcher. He is not worried about the knee or the back injury and is mostly concerned with getting him some playing time after a long layoff.
  • He said he wasn’t surprised that R.A. Dickey was disgruntled and said some things at the end and that he pretty much expected him to react that way because of the circumstances. He was not at all frustrated by the process of trading him while negotiating his extension.
  • Alderson said he’s not looking toward 2014 to start winning, he’s looking at 2013 and so is everyone else connected with the team. He is not finished building this team and expects there will be additions before Spring Training starts.

Finally in his closing remarks:

“My focus is on 2013. I know that doesn’t really corroborate with what we’ve done this off-season. But, let’s see – when everything is said and done – where we are. I can assure you that where we are right now is not where we want to be opening Spring Training. It’s conceivable we could be in the same position, but it’s not where we want to be.”

Thoughts from Joe D.

I will be posting a full response to this interview in the morning. I’m going to sit and stew on it for this evening otherwise I may end up saying something I might regret.