What Will Mets Do With Wright and Dickey?

I used to love checking out those polls they frequently conduct at MetsBlog and always enjoyed reading the results. But in the last two years, the majority vote seems to mirror the same opinions of the MetsBlog team. I find their poll results being too¬†predictable now, and I think it’s because readers have more choices with new Mets sites sprouting up all the time. We love to visit the sites we like and mostly agree with, and we avoid the ones we don’t agree with. Eventually each site develops their own unique followings that take on the views and opinions of that site’s writers. Then there’s MMO where nobody ever agrees on anything, everyone engages in their daily battles, and where warring factions spend days, weeks and months arguing issues to death. ūüôā

Anyway, getting back to reader polls, MLB Trade Rumors have taken a particular interest in our dilemma over the uncertainty of the futures of David Wright and R.A. Dickey remaining with the Mets. I was excited to see them running a poll because I know the results would be a great indication of a broader base of fans and their opinions. I took a quick screenshot to share here with you. Check it out:

For the longest time I’ve been pretty firm that both Wright and Dickey would be getting extension deals, but only recently have I started to feel less confident about that. I now find myself leaning toward Joe D.’s position which has been that Wright will get a sizable deal and that Dickey gets traded.

MLBTR summarizes that majority view quite nicely:

CBS Sports’ Jon Heyman¬†observed that while Wright and the Mets weren’t making much progress, “there’s always been a feeling something will get done,” as the Mets seem committed to keeping Wright as the face of their franchise for the rest of his career. Last month¬†we heard¬†the team was willing to offer Wright a deal worth around $100MM, so it would seem that length, not money, is the issue.

As for Dickey, his situation is much more complicated, befitting his unique status as a late-blooming Cy Young winner.¬† Dickey has broken out as a star during his three years in New York, though at age 38, the Mets have concerns about how long Dickey will be able to continue his knuckleballing magic.¬† The Mets have at least floated Dickey’s name¬†in trade talks¬†to see what he could bring back in a deal, as Dickey’s $5MM salary makes him a very attractive target for teams looking for immediate pitching help.

Now that I’m coming to grips with one or both potentially being dealt, I hope we at least get players back that will immediately help the team rather than prospects that are 3-4 years away. I don’t think this fan base can survive waiting until 2017 to get back to relevancy on the field.