What Was Bobby Ojeda Talking About?

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After the game ended, I quickly switched over from WPIX to SNY to catch the post game. Bobby Ojeda was in the middle of raving over Ruben Tejada which was cool, but then he started saying some things that sounded a bit over the top…

“Ruben Tejada is an exceptional two-strike hitter, it’s one of the things you have to love about him.”

“I think Ruben is batting over 400 in 3-2 counts.”

“Tejada is one the team’s best two strike hitters.”

“Tejada is a tough out with two strikes, he’s a thinking man.”

Anyway, after I wrote the recap, I immediately pulled up Tejada’s splits on Baseball Reference to see if there was any truth to these accolades of greatness and clutchness.

I’m Roger Grimsby. Here now the news…

 Ruben Tejada 2012 Splits

  1. 0-2 Count: 34 AB, 4 H, 14 K, .118/.143/.118

  2. 1-2 Count: 54 AB, 8 H, 26 K, .148/.148/.145

  3. 2-2 Count: 57 AB, 12 H, 16 K, .211/.211/.228

  4. 3-2 Count: 43 AB, 17 H, 13 K, .395/.600/.488

  5. Two Strikes: 188 AB, 41 H, 69 K, .218/.302/.255

  6. RISP: 75 AB, 14 H, 17 K, .227/.302/.267

  7. Late & Close: 59 AB, 10 H, 14 K, .169/ .258/.237

Okay, so Bobby-O was almost right on one thing, the 3-2 comment. He was still wrong, but close enough……

Look, it was a great game by Ruben Tejada on Sunday afternoon…

It was a nice moment for him and the team…

I’m happy for him and I’m happy for us…

But lets not get crazy here…

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