Mets Minors: Organizational Leaders In Pitching

Earned Run Average

Ever since he was signed by the New York Mets as an International free agent in 2008 at the ripe old age of 17, Robles has done nothing, but impress every step of the way. Now in his fourth season as a pro, Robles has taken his performance to a whole other level as he continues to pick up some velocity on his fastball while refining his secondary pitches which includes a plus slider. The young right-hander didn’t just lead the Mets with his performance this season, he led all starting pitchers in the league in ERA and WHIP.

  1. Hansel Robles, Brooklyn, 1.11
  2. Gabriel Ynoa, Brooklyn, 2.23
  3. Tyler Pill, St. Lucie, 2.31
  4. Rafael Montero, St. Lucie, 2.36
  5. Jacob deGrom, St. Lucie, 2.43
  6. Luis Mateo, Brooklyn, 2.45
  7. Luis Cessa, Brooklyn, 2.49
  8. Rainy Lara, Brooklyn, 2.91
  9. Collin McHugh, Buffalo, 2.91
  10. Zack Wheeler, Buffalo, 3.26


I don’t know about you, but it looks like something good might be in the water in Brooklyn. Or it could be we should be taking a closer look at what pitching coach Marc Valdes has been up to this season. Or maybe these Cyclones pitchers have been flying under the radar and are as special as the numbers would indicate. It’s probably a combination of all those things.

  1. Hansel Robles, Brooklyn, 0.78
  2. Luis Mateo, Brooklyn, 0.90
  3. Gabe Ynoa, Brooklyn, 0.93
  4. Rafael Montero, St. Lucie, 0.94
  5. Rainy Lara, Brooklyn, 0.96


Wins dont really say a whole heck of a lot about a pitcher, but nevertheless here are the organizational leaders in wins this season.

  1. Zack Wheeler, Buffalo, 12
  2. Gonzalez Germen, Binghamton, 12
  3. Rafael Montero, St. Lucie, 11
  4. Cory Mazzoni, Binghamton, 10
  5. Jacob DeGrom, St. Lucie, 9


Fernando Cabrera, 30, isn’t really a prospect these days and unless he is re-signed he may not even be back next season. Despite leading the organization in saves, Cabrera had a very rough season overall and is the classic example of why you don’t look at saves to know how good a pitcher is, as his 4.10 ERA and a 1.544 WHIP will attest. Adam Kolarek and his 11.1 strikeout rate is the real guy to watch here.

  1. Fernando Cabrera, Buffalo, 22
  2. T.J. Chism, St. Lucie, 19
  3. Adam Kolarek, St. Lucie, 19
  4. Adrian Rosario, St. Lucie, 14
  5. Tyler Vanderheiden, Brooklyn, 12


Zack Wheeler may have had the most strikeouts, but honestly Matt Harvey would have topped this list had he not gotten called up. Harvey had a 9.2 K9 compared to Wheeler’s 8.2 this season. Matt Harvey also had a better walk rate and K/BB rate.

  1. Zack Wheeler, Buffalo, 148
  2. Collin McHugh, Buffalo, 135
  3. Jeurys Familia, Buffalo, 128
  4. Gonzalez Germen, Binghamton, 121
  5. Darin Gorski, Binghamton, 118

There you have it, the 2012 Mets Organizational Leaders in Pitching. In case you missed it, here are the Batting Leaders which I posted yesterday.