Jason Bay’s Grand Slam – The Shot Heard ‘Round SNY

Jason Bay’s Grand Slam – The Shot Heard ‘Round SNY

It was great to see the Mets complete the sweep of the Miami Marlins after their 5-1 victory on Saturday, but what was with that over-the-top, public display of affection for Jason Bay on SNY afterward?

Did any of you happen to catch that or are you among those that change the channel immediately after the last out of a Mets game is recorded?

Seriously, I thought one of them was going move in on him and give him a big sloppy kiss. I’m glad Bay hit the homer, but for Gary Cohen to call it one of the feel good moments of the season was a bit much…

Even on MetsBlog, I believe I saw four of their last six posts were about Jason Bay this morning – I mean his face is being plastered everywhere… EVERYWHERE…

Are we supposed to forget Jason Bay’s three years of failure all because he hit a home run in an un-meaningful game in September?

I wonder if they will be selling souvenir photos of that Jason Bay Grand Slam in the Mets Club Shop for $149.99 or a replica ticket for that road game for only $79.99.

I guess everyone within the Wilpon realm are all in on it… Jason Bay will be definitely be coming back in 2013 as Sandy Alderson professed in his interview with Mike Francesa last week. Don’t forget I’ve been telling you Bay will be back next season all along… “He still has great value to the team”.

Speaking of SNY, I have a little problem with these post game interviews with Terry Collins or with any of the players in the clubhouse after each game. I remember during the first few years of SNY, the beat writers were the ones who asked the questions, with the great Jay Horwitz being on hand to manage the tempo, point to each writer, and eliminate any confusion or prevent a feeding frenzy.

Gradually this all started to change and Kevin Burkhardt started playing a more expanded role – always asking the first two questions before punting to the beat writers. Eventually, KB began asking most of the questions with maybe one or two at the end for any beat writers who were still around, but usually they would cut right back to the post game show after Kevin is done.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know SNY is Fred Wilpons’ property and if he wants only the people on his payroll directing the conversation, there’s not much anyone can do about it. And I also want to point out that I don’t have a problem with Kevin Burkhardt. It’s just strange how the communication is being so tightly controlled, especially in these last two seasons.

Most of the writers who appear to be shutout are full-fledged members of the BBWAA and have been covering the game at an intimate level for most of their working lives.

They have more insights and are better equipped and experienced and for years have done their jobs well. They also yield great power in the voting process for baseball related awards and the Hall of Fame voting at the end of each season. Why silence them?

Are the Wilpon’s so afraid that their front office, manager or players might be asked the wrong question, that they are now ensuring there will be no silver bullets fired during these interviews by controlling the line of questioning? It seems a bit odd to me and I thought I’d see what you fine folks thought about it.

Another thing…

Does every single play in the game have to be sponsored by someone?

  • “That sacrifice bunt was was sponsored by State Farm, the good hands people.”
  • “That stolen base was sponsored by Fedex, when it absolutely has to get there.”
  • “That home run was sponsored by Con Edison, providing power for all of New York.”
  • “The in-game boxscore is sponsored by Xerox, the document company.”
  • “That play at the hot corner was brought to you by Cholulah Hot Sauce.”

There are literally dozens more, but you get the picture err I mean the promo… Listening to a Mets game has become like listening to a three hour commercial… God love GKR, but they never shut up for even a second…

I guess I just miss the real sounds of the game… Remember how it used to be in the seventies? Those wonderful sounds of the game…

Sell the team…

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