Amazin’ Hypotheticals: A 3-Team Trade Between Mets/Rangers/D-Backs

Earlier today I was reading a post on MetsBlog about possible trade rumors that we could hear this offseason. In the comments section I noticed a trade idea that Dan Wexler proposed.

The trade involved the Texas Rangers and the Arizona Diamondbacks. The deal would send Justin Upton to Texas and Elvis Andrus to Arizona. Obviously this deal would be broadened to included at least one other player going Arizona’s way should it ever come to fruition. It would work though since Texas could lose Josh Hamilton in free agency and Upton could take over in right field for them in 2013.

Why would the Rangers want to deal Andrus? They have arguably the top position prospect in baseball in Jurickson Profar who happens to play shortstop.

So my thought is – What if Texas keeps Hamilton? Could a similar deal still be accomplished?

Last December, the Rangers were said to be interested in Ike Davis. Obviously nothing came out of those rumors since Davis is still the Mets first baseman. However I’m sure that if they had interest in him then, they might still have some interest now since they have yet to find an answer at the position. Mike Olt could end up being the answer, but he is a third baseman by trade.

Arizona dealt shortstop Stephen Drew to the Athletics at the deadline and will certainly be looking for a replacement come the offseason. Elvis Andrus could be a perfect fit. The Mets are starved in the outfield at pretty much all three positions. Not to mention if they moved Davis they would need power even more than they already do. This makes Justin Upton a great fit for the Mets. Arizona was said to be discussing moving him around the deadline and could definitely revisit the idea after the season.

The three-team trade I propose…

  • Mets get Justin Upton.

  • Rangers get Ike Davis.

  • Diamondbacks get Elvis Andrus & a second piece from the Mets.

This second piece could be of a wide variety of players. Names that could work off the top of my head are Jordany Valdespin, Colin McHugh, Kirk Nieuwenhuis and Bobby Parnell.

This trade could work for all parties involved… It fills major needs of each organization all in one trade. These types of trades are very rare in MLB.

For the Mets in particular they could then move Lucas Duda to first base for 2013, and could possibly find himself on the block following the end of next season if Wilmer Flores continues to progress in the minors. I’ve been clamoring for the Mets to consider him as a future first baseman candidate for a while now.