MMO Fantasy Brief: The Mets at the All-Star Break

An article by posted on July 10, 2012

The first half of the 2012 season is over and much to the pleasure of fans everywhere, the Mets are six games above .500 and surpassing most of the expectations set for them this season. However, it’s not just in the standings that the Mets are making headlines, but in fantasy leagues across the world wide web. Here are the top performers thus far, fantasy wise, as well as predictions for the second half and who you may want to look at from the Mets to help your team (or in some cases get off your team).

First Half Fantasy Studs:

David Wright: After 2011, Wright’s fantasy value dropped so much so that he went from being a typical second round draft pick to being around in the 5th or 6th. This year Wright has completely returned to fantasy prominence, considered by many to be the best fantasy players at his position. In fact, ESPN has him ranked as the best fantasy 3B in the game. If you have have him, thank your lucky stars as his value will only get higher if Ike Davis stays hot or if the Mets can add another bat to the lineup. Expect the same numbers as the first half, with maybe a small drop in average but a little bit more from the power and run producing side.

R.A. Dickey: Dickey has been a reliable fantasy pitcher the past few seasons since he began his time with the Mets. but this season, he has vaulted himself into the upper echelons of fantasy starters. He is near the tops in all categories, including wins, ERA, and strikeouts and those lines should get better as the summer goes on. However, be wary of Dickey around September due to the fact that the changing weather could turn his un-hittable knuckler into batting practice lobs, as we saw in Atlanta a few months ago.

Time to Lose ‘Em:

Kirk Nieuwenhuis: A little over a month ago, Captain Kirk as he is known by some looked to be a viable fantasy option going forward. My how the times of changed, as Kirk has recently looked every bit like a rookie that he is. He can barely hit lefties (and barely is being generous) and his playing time will continue to suffer until he proves he can get back to what he was. Do not be surprised if a demotion is looming, especially the way Matt Den Dekker is playing in Buffalo. If you have him, best to drop him and move on.

Second Half Options:

Daniel Murphy: After one of the worst, and perhaps only, slump of his career, Murph has rebounded nicely and regained his hitting prowess. His ability to be plugged into several postions makes him a perfect compliment on a team where you could use a ton of hits, high average, and even the occasional stolen base. As of now, Murphy is owned in a shade over 94% of ESPN leagues, but consider that it was only in the 60% range a mere two weeks ago. If you can, grab him as I expect him to continue to perform at the level he is at now.

Jenrry Mejia: It should be relatively soon that Mejia rejoins the Mets from Buffalo. If he does and you are in a league that has depth and rewards you for holds, Mejia might be a good option. Mejia’s electric stuff means plenty of strikeouts and he could even provide some length in close games, maybe even giving owners the occasional win here or there. He is owned by virtually no one, so stash him if you can or at least keep an eye on him after he is called up.

Ruben Tejada: Right now Tejada is batting .325 and has shown a discipline at the plate that few imagined he would have at this point. While he won’t give you much in the power department, he has shown some extra base pop and should score a bunch of runs batting in front of Wright and Davis. He is owned in only 15% of leagues, so Tejada could be a pleasant surprise for those owners who play in NL only leagues or those who have been hit by injuries to starters like Dee Gordon or Troy Tulowitzki.

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