Nickeas Has More RBI Than Thole

An article by posted on July 13, 2012

The Mets need more production from the catchers spot. Josh Thole does a nice job managing the pitching staff, and that is really important and oftentimes overlooked.  However, that does not excuse him from being a run producer in any way, shape or form.

It’s one thing to be a singles hitter with very little pop, but to do that you need to contribute in other ways. You need to drive in runs when you have the chance and you need to get on base consistently.

Josh hit for a very high average in the minors but he had no power to speak of. For Thole to continue being the Mets everyday catcher he needs to be a .300 hitter. But so far he just simply isn’t getting the job done in the batters box.

Last season his numbers were fairly good for the amount he played. He drove in 40 runs with 3 homers hitting just .268 in 340 Ab’s. That was ok because we had a viable right handed back up in Ronny Paulino.

This season, his inability to produce in the first half became a glaring weakness in the Mets lineup especially since Mike Nickeas is not a Major League caliber catcher. So far this year Thole has just 1 home run and 10 RBI hitting just .264.

You just can’t have two light-hitting catchers in your lineup. We have gotten by thus far, but they need to find a way to contribute in the second half.  Right now we have virtually two easy outs in the 8th and 9th spots of our batting order.

You have heard a lot of rumors about the Mets adding a veteran right handed catcher recently. I suspect that those rumors of  acquiring Ramon Hernandez, Miguel Olivo and Kelly Shoppach will only intensify in the coming weeks leading up to the deadline. But don’t bank on it happening. These teams know the Mets are in the market and may have higher demands that Sandy is willing to pay.

I’m not married to Thole and I don’t think the Mets brass is either. I was excited when I heard the Mets drafted catcher Kevin Plawecki in the first round this season because it shows they are very well aware of what areas are in need of improvement.

Adding a veteran right handed bat with some pop would be a great addition to this roster.  At this point I would take virtually anyone over Mike Nickeas. As for Thole, he needs to find his stroke and find a way to make an impact offensively.

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