Hits & Misses: Ridiculously Amazin’ Dickey, Ike’s Back, Where Are The Fans?

Jessep texted me a great question last night, right around the seventh inning. “I can’t understand why Dickey’s games aren’t sell-outs?”  That’s an easy one to answer. There was a lot of brainwashing going on in the offseason. Something about silly protests and not putting any money in Fred Wilpon’s pockets. Then you still have a bunch of fans who haven’t bought into this season yet, the non-believers… I wouldn’t worry too much about that group, Those fans will jump on the bandwagon if the Mets are still in it come August… They always do.

Dickey has been remarkable, incredible, unbelievable… So what the hell is Sandy Alderson waiting for to sign him to an extension? Someone oughta tell him that Dickey’s price will triple if he wins a Cy Young. I bet four years and $50 million will get it done. By the way, if you read yesterday’s game preview you’d know why I referred to Dickey as the Stopper. And if there’s anymore question in your mind as to who the ace of this team is, last night should have put all those questions to bed. All I can say is this…

If you haven’t figured it out yet, first baseman Ike Davis is back… He’s our MMO Player of the Week and it’s well deserved and the first of many.

It was nice to see the Brooklyn Cyclones open their season with a win over the Staten Island Yankees. Maybe it’s because the ‘Clones actually play in NYC and are just a dozen subway stops from Citi Field, but I just enjoy following them more than the other affiliates. I love their ballpark and the atmosphere is pure baseball like it oughta be. Did I mention the $5 tickets?

Roger Clemens beat the system. He may have been found not guilty of lying to congress, but he’ll be forever guilty in the court of public opinion. And these days that’s the only court that really counts. It goes to show you that as long as you have $5 million dollars for your defense team, you could get away with murder. Maybe he’ll tell us how his DNA got into those syringes, swabs and bandages in his new tell-almost-all book.

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