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An article by posted on June 6, 2012

Thought I would share with you all a funny tidbit from Monday’s series finale against the Cardinals that I was in attendance for.

So me and four of my friends piled into a car and headed out to Citi Field on a rainy Monday morning. We had been trying to plan a day to all go together for awhile now, but fresh off of graduation from our high school, we finally found a day to go.

Since it was still raining, batting practice did not occur on the field so we had some time to walk around the ballpark. When we got to the shop with all the game used items, we thought it’d be a good idea to poke around.

One of my friends, an avid Jordany Valdespin fan, conveniently found a game used jersey of the Mets prospect. Using a chunk of his graduation present money, he bought the cream-colored, pinstriped jersey on the spot for $200 bucks and wore it proudly for the game.

After finding our way to our seats above the Mo Zone, the five of us enjoyed the game and after seeing the Mets tie it up twice, we were on our feet with rally caps on for the bottom of the ninth.

Sure enough, Duda flys out and Murphy goes down swinging, and who but Valdespin comes on up to the plate. We all look at each other, acknowledging the irony of this occurrence and waited for something amazing to happen.

Instead, in Casey At The Bat-like fashion, ‘Spin goes down swinging on three pitches to end the ballgame, failing to live up to our expectations of him in that moment. There was no joy in Mudville as my Valdespin jersey-wearing friend made a beeline for the Amazin’ memorabilia shop and proceeded to go to return the game used jersey and get himself a Gary Carter jersey in it’s place. An emotionally driven, yet smart and hilarious move.

After last night’s awful loss highlighted by Valdespin’s two pitiful errors, it was for the best that he purged that jersey ASAP. If I learned one thing from all that, it was that one should make his purchases at the ballpark AFTER the ballgame, not before.

Hope You Enjoyed!

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