Mets Hitting Up Other Teams For Starting Pitching

An article by posted on May 3, 2012

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What a shocking turn of events in Houston… The Mets were riding high after the Colorado series and came into town all decked out in their wild, wild, west attire. As I said on Twitter they came in looking like Wyatt Earp and Jesse James, and were run out of town looking like Calamity Jane.

There’s something to be said about Karma… All I know is that we haven’t won yet with Kirk Nieuwenhuis in left field. I’m not blaming anybody, I’m simply pointing that out.

I got a few questions emailed to me about Chris Schwinden. I believe that Manny Acosta and Chris Schwinden are both as good as gone. Jeremy Hefner and DJ Carrasco will get recalled and replace them.

If the Mets decide to cut bait with Miguel Batista as well, look for Jack Egbert or Fernando Cabrera to get called up from Buffalo. Both are pitching well and could be significant improvements over Batista.

As I mentioned in one of our comment threads yesterday, the Mets cannot afford to fall below .500 this early in May. Changes will be coming, but they wont be in the form of Matt Harvey or Jeurys Familia. Forget those names until September no matter what you hear or read elsewhere. There is a new organizational philosophy in place. Nobody in the front office is focused on a brass ring in 2012. They are looking at 2014 and they will not jeopardize the maturation and development of a top prospect for any potential short term gain especially when there is no guarantee that it would even provide the rotation with the lift they need. Harvey, Familia and let me add Zack Wheeler, are simply not ready.

You will see guys like Dylan Owen, Jeremy Hefner, Garrett Olson and Schwinny make their way here, but forget the notion that any of our prized pitching prospects will follow suit.

Last night, I read on another Mets blog that Adam Loewen needs to be called up ASAP by the Mets. I just don’t understand why some try to cover the Mets Minors when they haven’t a clue what’s going on.  Loewen hasn’t played since April 20, and is still on the disabled list recovering from a stress fracture in his right foot.  Another blog wanted to know why Jordanny Valdespin is still on this team? The short answer is because Ronny Cedeno isn’t back yet, he’s here as backup until Cedeno returns which he will as soon as he is eligible from what I’ve been told.

Getting back to the starting pitching, the Mets are hitting the phone lines hard today and they are looking to trade for a starter as we speak from what I’ve been told. Don’t expect anything significant that would require moving a top prospect, but a number four type starter would certainly be on their radar (Further evidence the kids will be safe in Buffalo).

That said, I think they’re a little too late or too early to be looking for a trade partner in the first week of May, that ship sailed back in January, but you never know. If that fails they will sift through some unsigned free agents and grab someone off of the scrap heap. Don’t rule out Roy Oswalt who could be ready to pitch in as little as 3-4 weeks. I’ll have more on that later.

Have a great morning!

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