Santana On Strict Pitch Count, Excited To Face Strasburg

An article by posted on April 11, 2012

Yesterday, Terry Collins said Johan Santana will likely be on a strict pitch count of 95 pitches max when he opposes Stephen Strasburg this afternoon in the series finale. Additionally, Santana will pitch on an extra day of rest for the next six starts, including today, because of the way team days off fall.

“It will still be monitored very closely,” Collins said. “One of the reasons we tried to get him to be the Opening Day starter is so that the extra day’s rest will keep him on track — not so that we could go any farther with him, but so he has the proper amount of rest to bounce back.”

In his opening day start, Santana threw 83 pitches so it’s good to see them building him up. Johan is still not a sure thing to start this afternoon because the Mets may not want to have him pitch in inclement weather.

Nevertheless, Santana is excited about pitching against Nationals phenom Stephen Strasburg and hopes the Mets give him the okay to pitch.

I think it’ll happen and it should be quite a show.

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