Wheeler, Harvey Crack BA’s Top 100 Prospects

An article by posted on February 21, 2012

Baseball America finally released its top 100 prospect list today and it featured Zack Wheeler coming in at No. 35 and Matt Harvey at No. 54.

Brando Nimmo and Jeurys Familia was left off of the list.

35Zack  Wheelerrhp, MetsAge: 21.ETA: 2013.
Will have to pay Paul DePodesta to dress up like Dick Tidrow now that he’s a Met.
54Matt  Harveyrhp, MetsAge: 23.ETA: 2012.
He has the stuff to outperform recent Tar Heels alumni in a major league rotation, with the bullpen a good fallback option.

If you are interested, Jim Callis will be chatting about the list at 2 p.m.

Unfortunately I will be taking a test at that time and cannot ask my question. If I could I would want to know why Dellin Betances is all the way up at No. 63 while Familia was left off completely.

Betances is ahead of Familia in his development, but comes with similar concerns and has more worrisome command. I’m not suggesting that Familia is a better prospect, just that they are similar prospects and the gap between them should not be that big. Then again BA did have Nimmo ahead of Familia so they must be pretty low on the flamethrower (or very high on Nimmo).

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