Mets Eye Candy: The Premier Edition

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Sometimes I’ll find myself doing a Google search to find some info on a particular player for a blog post I’m working on and I get sidetracked and end up stumbling onto something else instead. Does that ever happen to you? I’m a sucker for Mets oddball stuff and I’m hoping you are to. There’s so much great Mets oddball stuff floating around the web that I thought I’d start a new feature called Mets Eye Candy, and share some cool images with you each week. I hope you enjoy it.

 This Metsmerized Edition of a Diecast 1969 Ford Mustang can be found at the Mets Museum at Citi Field. You can almost here it roar!

The heck with the Air Jordan’s I want me a pair of these!

Hey Kid, this one’s for you. We’re all pulling for you.

This easel-back desk calendar is from 1971. Why don’t they giveaway stuff like this anymore!

Now here’s a page out of Popular Science – April, 1964 edition. It features a brand new, state of the art stadium we all lovingly refer to as Big Shea.

See you next Friday, with some more Mets Eye Candy. Until then, Lets Go Mets!

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