R.A. Dickey Grateful For The Wilpon’s Generous Donation, Understood Their Concern

R.A. Dickey returns to his family after climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro

R.A. Dickey is back from his climb up Mount Kilimanjaro and there’s a great article in the NY Times today that is well worth reading.

Dickey said the group surpassed their goal of $100,000 with the help of a gift from Jeff Wilpon, the chief operating officer of the Mets. Before the climb, Wilpon and the Mets had publicly objected to the endeavor out of fear that Dickey might be injured.

After he made it safely down, Dickey said one of the first texts he received was from Wilpon.

“He offered his congratulations and made a generous contribution,” Dickey said. “I understood their concerns, and I thought it was a great gesture on their part to help out in the end.”

Here is a video courtesy of CNN where R.A. Dickey was a guest on Thursday.