NY Times: Mets Could Go From Bad to Dreadful

An article by posted on November 10, 2011

Tyler Kepner of the New York Times posted a gloomy outlook for the Mets who he sees as the cellar-dwellers of the National League East moving forward.

He goes on to say that while the Mets remain in a holding pattern, the Phillies have won the division five years in a row, the Braves have a stable of young, major league-ready starters, the Nationals are packed with young talent and ready to spend, and the Florida Marlins are aggressively courting free agents as they move to a new ballpark.

Among the reasons he says the Mets will go from bad to dreadful he cites starting pitching:

Their rotation appears set, with Santana, R. A. Dickey, Dillon Gee, Jon Niese and Mike Pelfrey. Trouble is, with tighter outfield dimensions at Citi Field, Gee, Niese and Pelfrey could be different pitchers. Statistically, all three benefited greatly from the previous configuration, each with an earned run average of 3.54 or better at home last season. On the road, all three had a much higher E.R.A. — 5.33 for Niese, 5.49 for Pelfrey, 5.74 for Gee.

I’m actually wondering if Santana will even be ready to start the season. He has already been shutdown for two months and won’t throw a pitch from the mound until spring training. I agree with the concerns about the new dimensions.

The one thing that was a bit surprising was how another official from a rival team characterized Sandy Alderson:

“Sandy’s not afraid to say, If we’re not going to finish first, it doesn’t matter if we’re last.”

Finally, Kepner suggests that the Mets should just forget about Reyes and use the comp picks wisely.

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