Cone, Leiter, Gooden Weigh In On Reyes

An article by posted on November 2, 2011

“There are better fits, places that give him a better chance to win, probably. If he really loves playing for the Mets, maybe he’ll give them a discount, so to speak, or work with them. Bit it’s his first go-round. It’s gonna be hard for him to take less money.”  ~  David Cone

“Whenever a star player says, ‘Let’s wait till November,’ that’s code red for, I wanna see what other teams are not only offering, but what options you have. Any time you have a great cornerstone player and let them become a free agent, that’s the risk you take. To me, it’s a red flag.”  ~  Al Leiter

“I think he’s gone. t’s a situation where if I was the GM I’d try to lock up my core players before they got in this position. And now you’re in a situation where you’ve got the agents trying to get what’s best for themselves.”  ~  Dwight Gooden

All three former Mets were on hand for John Franco’s Charity Bowling Tournament in Manhattan on Tuesday night. It’s interesting to hear their takes and it’s so obvious how tuned into the situation they are.

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