Baseball Shoots Themselves In The Foot Again

An article by posted on November 22, 2011

I wonder what my fellow Mets fans think of this Luxury Tax and Penalties that the new CBA will institute for the Amateur Draft and International Free Agent spending. NBC Sports has a an excerpt I want you yo read:

Specifically, the tax on amateur draft bonus seems downright punitive. If teams exceed the bonus limit set by Major League Baseball by more than 5%, they get hit with a 75% tax. If they exceed it by between 5 and 10%, they get a 75% tax and they lose a first round pick the next year.  If you’re 10-15% over, it’s a 100% tax and the loss of a first and second round pick. Fifteen percent or higher a  is 100% tax and the loss of two first-round picks.

I think this is absolutely terrible and will ultimately hurt the Mets in the short and long term. I don’t see how this new provision will serve as an incentive for the best amateur athletes to choose baseball over football and basketball. Especially high school players. MLB just shot themselves in the foot as far as I’m concerned.

I just don’t see the benefit here, this will now weaken the available talent pool on draft day significantly.

Also, it looks like the MLBPA sold out big time. Shame on them, and I’m shocked that player agents didn’t try to stop this from happening.

Maybe I’m overreacting, I don’t know, what are your thoughts?

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