Small-Market, Here We Come

An article by posted on September 6, 2011

For anyone out there who doesn’t think it is in all Mets fans best interests, to drive out the cancer known as the Wilpon family, check out what Joel Sherman wrote in his latest post:

“Regardless of who — if anyone — joins the Wilpons in ownership between now and the offseason, the Mets’ payroll is going down. Way down…..And actually for the first time this week, a top Mets official said to me what none had been willing to before, either for the record or for background: That one serious discussion being had at the upper reaches of the franchise is whether it would be wise to cut back greatly next year and make 2012 a rebuilding season in which club officials do not go through the annual game of trying to convince fans, if everything breaks right, they can be a playoff team.”

Oh, so they’re going to stop spending money AND stop bullshi**ing the fans? Really? Marvelous! Does that mean the Mets will be competitive by 2013? 2014? Can’t wait!

Here’s Sherman’s article in it’s entirety.


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