Where Are Our Stud Players?

An article by posted on August 19, 2011

After watching the Mets get smoked in Arizona this past week, one of the only bright spots during the games was watching Justin Upton. The guy is a flat out baseball player and will likely be an MVP candidate for the foreseeable future. Then over the last home stand, there was the Marlins Mike Stanton, a kid barely old enough to buy a beer showing perhaps some of the most raw power I have seen in a long time and leaving me just waiting for him to turn every pitch into a moon shot. Seeing these players, not to mention Freddy Freeman, Gabby Sanchez, and Jason Heyward makes me wonder:

Where in the world are the Mets can’t miss studs? These guys are some of the most young and exciting players in the game, and yet the Mets have nothing along those lines.

I know everyone is going to say Ike Davis and I think he will be a solid player for a long time, when he gets back on the field. However I look at Ike as a piece of the puzzle not the solution. People want to see Justin Upton and Mike Stanton play. These are players you build the future on and are the backbone of a team for the next decade.

Who do we have? Fernando Martinez? The man can’t stay healthy in and is bordering on becoming a bust. Jenrry Mejia? Who knows what he will be capable of after Tommy John surgery. Reese Havens, Jordany Valdespin, Brad Holt, the list goes on and on but none truly are that impact player, at least not from what we have seen.

There may however be some light at the end of the tunnel. Matt Harvey seems like the real deal and signs indicate that Zack Wheeler and Wilmer Flores have the potential, but they could be years away and aren’t any current help to a desperate fan base that wants to win now. Maybe Brandon Nimmo could join them as well, seeing as he is finally on board, but again, no help to the Mets now.

So as the season goes on and as teams come and go, so will the frustration of the top young players in baseball being met by the Josh Tholes and Justin Turners of the Mets. Nice, young players with some potential but nothing truly to write home about.

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