Brewers GM Gets K-Rod To Waive Option

An article by posted on July 15, 2011

Francisco Rodriguez has agreed to waive the vesting option on his contract, according to ESPN’s Buster Olney. The option stipulated that he’d make $17.5 million if he finished 55 games this year.

The vesting option for 55 games finished still in place — but now it’s a mutual option, which means both sides have to agree to it for it to be exercised, which is highly unlikely. At $17.5 million, K-Rod would have the highest salary for any reliever in history. Rodriguez (and Boras) could prefer to have the closer become a free agent after this year.

The Brewers can now use K-Rod as a closer without worrying about his 55 games finished and he got the Mets to foot the majority of his salary, and didn’t give up any top prospects.

Quite the coup…

Brewers GM Doug Melvin said, ”we are trying to be a championship team.”

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