Baseball Musings: Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

An article by posted on July 21, 2011

I would hate to be in Carlos Beltran’s shoes, or better yet, cleats right now - or any other baseball player’s for that matter who are in the same situation as No. 15 is.

It seems to me as though the player has very little to say about his career for the most part. For instance, does Beltran really want to uproot his entire family, take his kids out of school, sell the old house, find a new house, etc. etc. just to play with another team who he never wanted to sign with in the first place? And most of he times not even see a penny more for his trouble? I say he’s losing money and family time – and of course the kids don’t want to leave their friends or the neighborhood or their school.

Does MLB really mess around with players like this and not realize what they are doing to the family? Or, don’t they care as long as their needs are met?

No wonder players like Jeter stay single – it’s a rare player who doesn’t get moved during their whole playing career. Some players will play with as many as five or more teams scattered all over the country and even Canada.

Oh, but Jeter’s special, you say – no he’s not and he would be the first to tell you – that Brian Cashman asked him to ‘look around’ if he didn’t like his new contract offer.

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On the flip-side, do any well known players ever just hang them up before they start to decline in their ability, sometimes drastically so - or do they stay around even if then have to be propped up just so they can grab the final penny?

Sounds to me like the old system of the feudal lords… and we are supposed to be way past that, living in the USA.

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