Jose Reyes Loves New York, Says It’s Perfect Town For Him

An article by posted on May 29, 2011

Steve Serby of the NY Post intreviews Jose Reyes for his Serby’s Sunday series. Here are just a few of the questions asked, but check out the full three page interview here.

Q: Carl Crawford signed a seven-year, $142 million deal with the Red Sox. Does it have to be seven years for you? Could it be less?

A: Right now I don’t think about that. I’m not a free agent yet (laughs). It’s gonna be after this year, so I don’t put that kind of thought in my mind. I’m just gonna continue to put up good numbers and help this team to win a lot of ballgames.

Q: Why do you love playing in New York so much?

A: I feel like I’m playing home here, because you’re going to have fans from everywhere. A lot of Dominican people live here around New York. It’s made me comfortable. I love the fans here because they’re going to be in the stadium with a lot of energy.

Q: Do you think the best of Jose Reyes is yet to come?

A: I think I’m still getting better. The injuries slowed me down a little bit, but now I’m feeling good. I feel 100 percent. I think I’m still getting better because I’m still 27 years old.

Q: Mets fans call the radio stations and talk about not wanting you to leave.

A: They just want me here, because they know I play the game the right way, and I try to give you everything that I have to this team, and to put a good show on the field. I’m the guy who plays hard every single day so I think the fans like that. When you give 100 percent every day, everybody’s going to like that. They see me healthy now. . . . This year they see the real Jose Reyes.

Q: Does your wife (Katherine) want you to stay a Met?

A: Yeah, she don’t want me to go nowhere. We live here for a long time.

Q: Do you think Jose Reyes and New York are a perfect marriage?

A: (Laughs) Probably yes.

Q: Because?

A: Everybody wants to be here in New York, no doubt. This is a perfect town for me right now. But I don’t know if it’s going to be like that in the future. For now, yes.

Q: A message from you to all the Mets fans who want you to stay here.

A; (Laughs). That I don’t have that decision, but I love to stay here. I continue to contribute to this team and to put on a good show for the fans.

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