David Wright Is NOT Available!

An article by posted on May 7, 2011

Yesterday on MLBTR, they linked to a report in the Detroit News, that the Detroit Tigers were interested in David Wright.

“David Wright looks as if he will be available and the Tigers almost certainly will be among those clubs inquiring. The New York Mets third baseman is only 28 and has the bat, as well as the glove, to make third base an All-Star position in Detroit.”

I was actually going to comment on this yesterday, but thought it was so baseless I decided to pass on it. I felt better about my decision as the day went on and I noticed that all of the other MMO bloggers passed on the report as well.

With that said, now I see that this ridiculous and speculative report is running rampant on Twitter and has infiltrated the Mets blogosphere. I had to step in and inject some sanity and become the voice of reason. Sanity and reasoning are still good things, right?

Let me begin by saying that Sandy Alderson or any other member of the front office has never said they are looking to divest themselves of David Wright. There are no quotes, no audio, no video, just some mindless speculation generated by a would-be writer from a mid-western newspaper. I use the word “writer” rather loosely.

The only thing that the Mets front office has ever said, was the sound and logic reasoning that they would listen to any offers, but that didn’t mean any specific players were available. That is the same stance you would hear from about 29 of the other 29 front offices in baseball.

When this writer says, “David Wright looks as if he would be available”, what he is really saying is “I got nothing, and I need to feed the wife and kids, so I’m gonna run a story on Wright because the Mets owners are in some turmoil which must mean a fire sale is now on.”

Looking at this from another perspective, what MLB team wouldn’t want to get their hands on David Wright?

Are the Tigers the only team that would be interested in Wright?

What team couldn’t use a 27-year old star third baseman with a lifetime .385 OBP and .900 OPS?  

Reality Check!

Does anyone really  believe that this new front office is going to take over a team that was in shambles, and make their first order of business trading David Wright – the team’s best player by far when you consider the statistics that matter most?

Short of Troy Tulowitzki, Tim Lincecum, Albert Pujols, and a few others, Wright has maybe a dozen or so equals in terms of value in a one-for-one swap. And to trade wright as this writer suggest for a package of prospects, is just about the most ridiculous idea I’ve ever heard. Someone should take away his keyboard.

Let’s be real, shall we? 

David Wright is going nowhere. He is under Mets control until the end of the 2013 season and there is no rush and no push to trade him. In fact, I would bet that the new minority owner, whomever it will be, will sit back and watch his new investment get rid of their number one marketing chip. If Sandy Alderson did that, even I who absolutely endorsed him as GM, would be the first one to sign a petition to oust him.

You don’t build a team from within and then trade the best thing ever to come out of your farm system in a quarter-century. You just don’t do it.

I could understand and even tolerate all the talk about trading Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes because they are each in their walk years and are obviously very available as any players in their position would be.

But can we please can all the “David Wright is on the block” talk for now?

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